Wednesday, June 6, 2012

EVAN: The Caesium Fountain

Four,three, two, one, Mark.


I lost a few minutes. Damned Breguet! It's official now the Swiss don't make anything anymore except illusions of wealth, much like their cheese with holes throughout.

I've lost days here. I buried my sixteen year old Labrador Brandy last week and lost three days after that. Not to mention my back as well digging through rock and root. But I had a chance to view some holyrood alpha-beta trauma frequencies to see what the plebes are being assaulted with.  I laid up with the neighbors to rest my back and we and their kids attended a BluRay festival.

A real Faustian affair huh? What did you gather from that?

Several interesting revelations. "In Time" was a mark of the beast theme and metronome of time and money race to nowhere with a usual ridiculous happy ending of the Caananite variety. Quite apropos. It featured the time zones we have talked about and that was quite shocking but in hindsight it fits right into the Jubilee.

You don't think the prince was really taken ill, do you?

No. Likely the QE2 needs her own space as it comes to the point of financial collapse, austerity accelerated, panoptic measures and other looming Genesis transformations. Best we give the dims some bread and circus before the bad news and parade the new Diana, Kate like she was Aphrodite. That ugly satanic Phillip would have had a negative effect on the affair. So anyway back to the tetralogy film bleue we then moved onto the remake of "The Thing" from Monarch Master John Carpenter. It clues us to the Antarctic and committee NAZI bell project and UFO fraud. It also provides the epitome of zombie paranoia and biological transformation from my postings and discussions regard foreign protein and DNA replication. While sheeple eat, drink and breathe the chemtrails that are transforming their psychophysiology, we are watching the extreme versions in film.

You can't fly over the interference there, even in December. Strange frequencies I dare not tangle with.

I remember scientists having high cancer rates and recently a woman stranded there during the winter who needed medical treatment. It's the only remaining mystery on terra firma in my mind. I'd bet the truth would get a great shot in the arm if we were to open that box. Let's see now. The next film was "The Lady in Black" which provided a reminder that ghosts do exist and children die in numbers when the bitch wears black. Not bad for chills but another Harry Potter performance by this actor Daniel Radcliffe who sells the occult quite well. It was rumoured he was supposed to sing the opener for the Black Lady's 60th Jubilee, but did not make the cut. Must have been his scores on his finals in sorcery.

I'm not impressed.

Nor was I. But the recent zombie frequencies and cannibalism in the MSM streams had me perplexed. I wrote a post regarding it over a year ago that the zombie brain was making headway into the psyche and network from Harvard to the CDC to the Stanford Research Psychopaths and then it hit me, "The Chernobyl Diaries." Bingo! The Mutants. It's the bait and switch.

There's your atomic clock alarm going off. It's a microwave transformation for Caesium 137. Radical and unstable, it rings like an eight alarm fire. Now you know where I lost those minutes. While the masses were locked into Jubilee, Jitters and Juleps you were locking into the NASA clock. The time predator has been released. The Titans have been freed.

Well this get's interesting. I sent you the "Man eats face" Miami link. I know that soon there will be some linking and props emerging that CS 137 is the cause. Bath Salts? Please give me a break. Bad acid trip, almost as lame. MK-Ultra baby.  No doubt about it.  Just add Caesium salt to taste and let him loose under the eye of the stinking Miami Herald.

You told me twenty years ago that the Herald and Sun Sentinel were FBI offices.

I sent a dozen editorials regarding everything from Waco to the Challenger False Flag to 911 and they never printed, replied or offered anything except the visit to my home in West Palm Beach. That's when this dude decided to move out of Disneyland. Now I realize that the US of A is the mind control EPCOT for the mechanisms of war.

It's like the troposphere will soon become the largest microwave atomic clock in not only the chronicker sense but the apoplectic assault sense and a bombardment of the full spectrum.

You know the turnip don't you? You know the story? It's the clock in every way. Deposit the photo here. Sir Winston Churchills, Breguet. The Master Chronos. The Repka. You need to read the works of Sergey Sergeyev.

"The Turnip" Pho­to cour­tesy Win­ston S. Churchill

Oh no, my reading list is beyond manageable. Can't you give me the summaries?

No. That would be impossible. Read his poems and essays then move on to the transfiguration novels. There's only a dozen to read. If you are going to continue to be a futurist, then accuracy in historical data should be a prerequisite. Sergei was such a man. He shunned the consensus groupthink in academia and the writers circles. He was as critical as you are as well.

Thanks for that.

Well, you are what you are. Your course will change if you remain focused on the zero point. The article you wrote on Midnight, the 180th degree accurately describes Americas coming transformation in terms of the Soviet transition, but maybe now you can elaborate on the transfiguration aspect of 21st century technology that you know so well. The Chernobyl Diaries is another teen fright movie but the metaphors and clues are always lurking inside. Were there sickles or bears in this movie?

A bear.

Did it attack?

No it ran away.

Not a good sign for the revolution. COTO should look to the futurists like RAND and SRI for the clues but remember that they will continue to be sensationalized in fictional stories and visual concepts. If you look for the answer to the GOD question look far inside and leave them to their research outside the box. The fountain of EMR and IONS is probably too complex for the masses to conceive but not the illusions by the scalars of this world or the truth regarding the internal connection of the self to the universe. Einstein couldn't prove it outside the box so he had to have settled for the alternative. Had he had to deal with the added smog, distortions, assaults and interference provided to us since his transition, he may have gone insane. Not unlike Kaczynski.

Not unlike the zombies events being staged. It is a frightening scenario when the illusions of food, fuel and other resource shortages are introduced. Along with the massive smoke and mirrors campaigns and the assaults in this scheme, the longest war comes to the apex. Those trapped in the tentacles of the Markets are certainly afflicted. Manipulation by committee, the illusion of the nations at war when in fact they work together. China, Iran, Pakistan, India and of course the "Bear".

No Bull there Dunne. Just a cow manipulated by pigs. Expect the pension theft, an eighty year retirement mark to an austerity based diseased death as taught in a green re-education programme designed to convince you that you need to conform and produce in order to keep "In Time" with the universal Overlord and their Order.

While we know billions will fail to meet the criteria and succumb to the blue waves. Face eating zombies? More like "The Thing" where they scare you even more as minions under the psychopathic Borg of Agenda 21. It's of no consequence whether you have the guns, ammo and storable food. You'll need more for this multiplexing of frequencies that will converge at some numerical intersect.

Plant your seeds now. Take those kernels of truth you have and convert them to energy and power. Protect it like your house and family. Keep it as your secret garden. Never waste an ounce of energy that does not produce some value. Not even a dream. They are as real as your world when awake. The silent frequencies are those millions of others you never see or hear who are doing the same thing. The ruling force knows who they are and it's those they fear the most. While the Bitch in Black is celebrating, her sycophantic parasitic minions reign in ignorance unknowing of the coming games and it's forces for transformation. The Turnip is very large now and they have all the help they need to pull it out.

Came another leg, another leg of the leg, the leg of a bitch, bitch to her granddaughter, the granddaughter of his grandmother, the grandmother of grandad, grandad for the turnip, pull, pull, pull shaping can not! Came another leg, another leg of the leg, the leg of a bitch, bitch to her sheep, the lambs of his granddaughter, the grandmother of grandad, grandad for the turnip, pull, pull, pull shaping can not!

Until the fifth leg arrives. Well it has arrived. I saw the header Waiting for GOD and GABOR. Dennis Gabor's Inventing the Future in 1964 and being the father of the hologram said "The best way to predict the future is to invent it." and he was correct. The Brave New World is true. But don't let your pessimism overtake your mission. It's not of the de-industrialization or the technocratic green transformation to One World Order we need to worry about as they can be survived and they will both live on to some degree. There is a marriage agreed to both. The committee has always agreed to the synthesis of the viral  World Trade Organism and the World Environmental Organism. We have to accept the bloody transfusion of the bastard child of One World Order as it is a critical component of the transition. A major frequency in divide and conquer and a great theft of energy from the masses moving in the wrong trajectory. And as you always refer to, a great redistribution of wealth.

What blows my mind is that the sheeple don't know the carnage unreported worldwide of the slaughters, eugenics and forming genocides that like the Fukushima's and the China's and India's go by as easy as the millions killed in Iraq. Saddam could never have imagined working a model like that of the Great Terror in Russia. There's nothing to fear but fear itself. Their terror is fear. Our ignorance is al-Qaeda.

Distortion contemporary reality and the frequencies of progression to your mutant conclusion. "The release of atom power has changed everything except our way of thinking... the solution to this problem lies in the heart of mankind. If only I had known, I should have become a watchmaker."
Albert Einstein saw the future and must have had a spiritual awakening that led to a thought of the consequences of what relativity means in the hands of space-time interval specialists, your Caesium frequency as a good example. I'll observe and report back.

I'll do the same even without the NASA clock. I'll look for a gigantic turnip instead.


  1. For your reading displeasure

    From the Stakeholders Website:

    sdg2012 Think Pieces
    •New: Sustainable Development Council: A better Rio+20 outcome than reforming ECOSOC?-By Jan-Gustav Strandenaes

    •Sustainable Development Councils at National and Sub-National Levels Stimulating Informed Debate: Stocktaking - By Ingeborg Niestroy

    •SCP Governance, Sustainable Consumption and Production Governance: A Guide towards Rio+20-By Uchita de Zoysa

    •A Preliminary Examination of the Possibilities for the Institutional Representation of the Interest of Future Generations and Environmental Protection within the System of the United Nations - By Horváth Luca Kornélia, Office for the Hungarian Parliamentary Commissioner

    •Lessons from GATT/WTO for enhancing UNEP - Alejo Etchart, Environmental Consultant and Advisor to Stakeholder Forum

    (my favorite)

    •Sustainable Development Governance and a Sustainable Development Board - Mohammed T. El Ashry, Senior Fellow UN Foundation

    •Ombudspersons for Future Generations as Sustainability Implementation Units - Dr. Maja Göpel, Director Future Justice, World Future Council

    •A Council for Sustainable Development: A possible outcome of the Rio+20 Process - Jan Gustav Strandeneas

    •Enabling a Flourishing Earth: Challenges for the Green Economy, Opportunities for Global Governance - Klauss Bosselmann, Peter Brown and Brendan Mackey

    •Breaking the International Environmental Governance Deadlock: Lessons from Other Regimes - Johannah Berstein

    •Global Governance in the 21st Century: Rethinking the Environmental Pillar - Dr. Maria Ivanova, UMASS

    •Sustainable Development Governance Towards Rio+20: Framing the Debate - Jan Gustav Strandeneas

    •Greening the International Financial Institutions (IFIs): Finance for the next decades sustainable development - Kirk Herbertson, WRI

    •Environmental Institutions for the 21st Century - An International Environmental Court - ICE Coalition

    •Enhancing Science-Policy Links for Global Sustainability - Peter Bates PhD and Gisbert Glaser PhD

    •Reforming Global Environmental Governance: The Case for a United Nations Environment Organisation - Frank Biermann

    •Transforming the International Monetary System: A crucial "new and emerging challenge" for the Rio 2012 Earth Summit - Frans Verhagen

    (another beauty....I pooped to this one)

    •A Brief Thought Piece: An evolutionary perspective on Sustainable Development Governance - Tom Jacob

    •Embarking on Global Governance: Thoughts on the inclusion of local - Konrad Otto-Zimmermann

    •Moving from Principles to Rights - David Banisar, Article 19, Lalanath de Silva and Carole Excell, The Access Initiative, WRI


  3. boomerangcomesbackJune 6, 2012 at 5:13 PM

    R.I.P. Brandy.
    R.I.P. Bob.

    Thanks for the piece/peace Puddy.

  4. Sorry for your loss Puddy... i've got two 16 year old cockatiels, they're not spring "chickens" anymore, i don't want to lose them. You've got nice neighbors -that's a blessing.

  5. Oh no Patrick. I'm so sorry about Brandy. I've been there and would/will be devastated if anything happened to my Kyley. The only comfort I can offer is that 16 years is very old for a lab and that sweet girl was damn lucky to have spent her time here with you. She's not really gone, You know that. She'll be waiting patiently until you are reunited again. Dogs are really good at waiting for us.

  6. boomerangcomesbackJune 7, 2012 at 2:19 AM

    6/7/2012 — RADIATION ALERT on multiple systems — North Indiana – South Michigan

  7. Thanks all~

    I was fully prepared and she lies next to Casey Boy.

    Time magazine is presenting a series on eugenics beginning with;

    I have no doubt Bob Chapman got the vaccine. I know now and hope you all do too that when the full monty of the committee is unleashed, there will be more chaos and death than we could imagine. This is going to be crazy time with the craziest of events.

  8. Seems like people are already dropping like flies PD. OR have cancer.

  9. That's really creepy Boom. Did you read the comments?

    Some reported hearing booms and trees cut in half...

    SPEEDARMOR in reply to silvernail6 (Show the comment) 2 hours ago
    loud booms in michigan and trees snapped off like 30 feet in the air... and local news is saying large "fire works"

  10. I have some thoughts on that Deb.

    Record quakes ala HAARP. Esp. in the Southwest Hemisphere.
    North American Union is Pending SOuth American Union. Will take a staged event financial and ENMOD to get the adjustments made.

    6.0 Mw - SOUTHERN PERU
    Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.0 Mw
    Date-Time 7 Jun 2012 16:03:18 UTC
    7 Jun 2012 11:03:18 near epicenter
    7 Jun 2012 11:03:18 standard time in your timezone

    Location 15.919S 72.516W
    Depth 99 km

  11. boomerangcomesbackJune 7, 2012 at 8:38 AM

    Then, there's this positive note by Walter Burien of CAFR fame:

    Though my "believability" muscle is taxed to the point of exhaustion at this point. I don't know if its disinfo or what, but...whatever.

    "Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert" ??? offers another blurb of positivity

    Ho Hum. Show Me!

  12. boomerangcomesbackJune 7, 2012 at 8:47 AM

    AHHH -- VINDICATION! Chemtrail Fighters...

    But then again, we don't need the Carnegie Institute to tell us what we've known since we learned to "look up" and think!

    Let the Comments from the Peanut Gallery echo in the chambers of the Chem Perps:

    "Super Duper Man 1776 Reply:
    June 7th, 2012 at 9:06 am



    or another victim's well-targeted spurt of angst:

    "Menzoberranzandweller Reply:
    June 7th, 2012 at 9:04 am

    We don’t want the sun blocked out you motherfuckers. The people that order and carry out this shit need to disappear".

    You get the gist...

  13. Yes I do Boom.

    What the NDAA/EO13599/SOPA/CISPA/PATRIOT ACT/NDRP/ETC/ETC are, is a jigsaw puzzle being put together ever since 1947 and the National Security Act. Signed by the worst President of all time, Truman was a sell out for the Khazar Committee Core who through the axis of evil of Soviet, US and GB traitors implemented the Silent war. Cold? Hardly. They were warm and fuzzy about the whole state of Israel, Holocaust, WWII, Nagasaki Hiroshima experiment, Nuclear and Nazi Thule.

    If you understand the Overton Window, Black Swan, Hegels Dialectic and my version of the Slinky Effect, you have a process of back and forth.

    Left-Right, back and forth, socialist-capitalist, thesis-antithesis in the triad. Wealth goes up and everything else goes down and so goes the pyramid.

    Step by Step, bit by bit. The process is simple whether false flag or fraud we can see the process separately.

    Example one (of many) NDAA is proposed, Barry says he'll veto it, then he signs off (back and forth) Step one, introduce the most offensive policy to the sense and wait for the outrage. Step two, get a New York judge to strike down section 1021 detention clause (back and forth. Offense to defense. Then pass the rest of the bill.

    With the help of media, events false or real and the illusion of a victory the compromise is reached. Back and forth, back and forth by highly skilled actors who are running the process from instructions of the real world government never seen. It a certainty that people like Boehner and Pelosi have likey swapped spit and other bodily fluids in reality.

    Back and forth, back and forth while the gravity of the process takes us down. The sheeple think these are victories and it's anything but. The Overton concept should include the massive dumb down processes that sedate the sheeple sensibilities and force them into laziness, apathetic and stupor as not to know the gravity of the situation and process.

    Freedom defined is the exemption from external control, interference, regulation, with liberty of speech, movement or conscience. Can anybody say they are free?

    The Slinky effect proves that a dumbed downed society will wilfully submit to what Jefferson and Henry would have deemed a hanging offense.

    On a side note: back and forth

    I like this actor, player and cast member but he's RIGHT and the 81 are LEFT. But the slinky effect still works with the COLD WAR sheeple. It's that old this process is and no tool is ever retired. As with the Caesium Fountain, it just recycles back and forth.

  14. boomerangcomesbackJune 7, 2012 at 6:41 PM

    Aye...looking for antidotes to the fraudulent "process". Like the chemtrails and other offenses, you have to first perceive them, or you're just a bug. Perception of the deception is detection, and may lead to interception, insurrection, and correction once you make the connection.

  15. I think you must be able to determine that they can CREATE IT- create it all.

    What we perceive in our reality external has got to be rebooted and you have to restart in SAFE MODE and systematically de-Bug the Committee's Overton Windows.

    I don't want a single Drone flying here, let alone somewhere else with weapons. No President has any right to have a hit list for any American let alone a designated statesman or leader.

    Only Congress can decalre War, kinetic or any other energetic offense.

    The FCC should imprison any media entity of person who sanctions false flag, digital fakery and lies over the airwaves under fraud and racketeering (RICO) since it produces financial gains for the corps that own them (conflict of interest)

    etc, etc etc,

    The truth is what you know in your soul. The false are those who benefit. Period!

    All elections should be funded from the fair tax receipts of all Corporations. To spend billions on an election is despicable and I won't have it. I mean they will be without my tax dollars next year. NO MAS!!!

  16. boomerangcomesbackJune 8, 2012 at 4:07 AM

    Evidently, the Illinois radiation spikes portend something disastrous occurring in the area --

    Check it out, & keep us posted!

  17. From your link Boomer;

    "The public has always been the mark for the last 10,000-years. The how and method by the financial / industrial complex in cooperation with government controllers has just been refined as the ticking of the clock continues. The public has not stood an ice-cube's chance in hell with the financial/industrial complex teamed up with government to utilize the public as a productivity resource to be drained and managed. Social engineering has been designed to facilitate the conditioning of the public to shut-up; follow instructions; and do what they are told."

    Are people going to see the Mark of the Beast? When are they going to see the prophesy without knee-jerk ego panic about being labeled a Christian. Just read the book. Learn your fate or find your answers. You can wash off the label after with soap and water.

    THe Devils greatest feat is being the invisible postman. The deliverer and a mere technophile. Remember the story? He can deliver the gifts, the news and your obituary in a multiple array of products. But no one ever suspects his existence without huge risk to their ego's. We are the marks, right?

  18. That's why I sounded the alarm last year for storable food and seeds and the time was at hand. It's not just Monsanto's program which would eventually corrupt all heirloom product. It's not just the fact they have their great seed vault but that the revelation revolution is so consistently accurate.

    The Distortion contemporary reality identifies these TSA, DHS and FEMA troops as the biggest losers. They, like our poor military sheeple are the real suckers and they will be the antagonists to our survival.

  19. boomerangcomesbackJune 9, 2012 at 8:40 AM

    Yes, getting people to "disbelieve" the Obvious, leaves them wide-open to steering them in the direction in you choose for them. Evil Spiritual Beings in high places have an inconceivable advantage when they are discounted. "Secrecy" or the "invisibility" of the truth behind the OZ curtain, allows mass manipulation. Again, I would point folks to the 13 part series on the 13 Illuminati Blood Lines recently posted on

    Scroll down the right side. Things have not been what they seem for millenia.

  20. The Mark of the Beast is here now, and has been. It in your forehead with every pin code and account number you remember, in your hand every time you write those numbers down....this is the Technological Society and the beast is technique. Our will is trespassed by 'artifact', we hypnotize ourselves and believe in trinkets, baubles and beads.

    "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death...
    I shall recall that coercion and forced compliance is not a lawful contract..."

    Find the true self within and you will walk with God each moment of eternity, for the true 'self' is He, not the fearful ego.


  21. boomerangcomesbackJune 10, 2012 at 7:07 AM

    Brilliant minds are found in every country, culture, race...

    Here's one in Egypt:

    Smarter than any inbred elite -- they diabolically steal and destroy -- she somehow has survived in preyed upon Egypt (as a woman) to "create" something "useful" to mankind.

    Screw the elites. Save, protect, and help men and women who can contribute to society and this world.

  22. boomerangcomesbackJune 10, 2012 at 7:16 AM

    Just stumbled over this while reading. Having lived in the Seattle area, I am familiar with all of the names/places/etc. mentioned...

  23. Yes I read Beadens take on it and whether or not it can power a craft it would have a huge amount of colaterral benefit. The vacuum is never free of energy~