Saturday, June 16, 2012

EU Committee Watch - Courtesy of Statewatch

Conciliating the World to Order update - operating in secrecy EU Committee private trilogues and informal decision-making.  Shades of Bilderberg it would seem but more how the committee framers are usurping the rights for so-called expediency .

Three pillars of the European Union - The Framers

"The Danish presidency has abandoned attempts to agree new rules on access to EU documents. It took the decision on Tuesday (12 June) after EU countries and the European Commission last week rejected its latest draft of the law. It still aims to get MEPs to back a commission proposal to extend existing rules on freedom of information to all EU institutions - including its 31 agencies - however....The incoming Cypriot presidency might pick up where Denmark left off. But the failed talks have left behind a prickly atmosphere."

Tony Bunyan, Statewatch Director, comments:
"This is a victory for common sense, all the alternatives on the table would have fundamentally undermined openness. However, the intention of the Council Presidency to push through the Commission's 2011 proposal to "Lisbonise" the Regulation is not as simple as they seem to think.

The 2011 proposal would simply extend the scope of the Regulation to EU agencies and bodies but this does not meet the requirements of the Lisbon Treaty. Under Articles 15.1 to 15.3, the Council and the European Parliament have to meet in public when considering draft legislative acts and to ensure the publication of the documents relating to legislative procedures. This gives the European Parliament a real opportunity to insist that the Treaty obligations are fully met.

All the documents concerning legislative procedures have to be made public, including those discussed between the two legislatures (the Council and the European Parliament) in 1st and 2nd reading trilogue meetings which are currently kept secret."


Secret trilogues and the democratic deficit -Tony Bunyan

Under a new agreement between the Council and the European Parliament the efficiency of decision-making is enhanced at the expense of transparency, openness and accountability

It is worth noting that Point 6 under the Conciliation committee stage in the 1999 Joint Declaration has been deleted in the 2007 text. Point 6 said:

“The outcome of votes and, where appropriate, explanations of vote, taken within each delegation on the Conciliation Committee, shall be forwarded to the Committee.”

Even more significant is an addition in Point 14 of the 2007 text. This says:

The working documents used during the conciliation procedure will be accessible in the Register of each institution once the procedure has been concluded”  full Statewatch Viewpoint


  1. boomerangcomesbackJune 17, 2012 at 6:30 AM

    Puddy, you're spending much effort to research, write, and put up quality articles and insights for The People to absorb. Its a shame that I see only 1 comment on the last couple articles, and few on the others...

    Perhaps folks don't know what to say? Perhaps the "flags" that pop up all day and night long on the live traffic feed, are flown by "ships" just passing in the night, bob, bob, bobbing along in the dead of calm, or swishing this way and that which-ever-way the current takes them?

    I dunno.

    But I hope people are reading, thinking, and forming opinions whilst they ready themselves and their families to face the onslaught of Nemesis approaching closer ever day!

    Lots and lots of drivel is dribbling from the quivering lips of the World Changers, the politicos and their fancy pants men and women. Creating laws, and rules, decisions at every turn for "others" to comply with, while they themselves work feverishly or secretly to remain "above-the-law". In the meantime, the banksters on all continents are making rules, playing their "games", fooling with the books and the bullshit "numbers".

    Decimal points and electronic debits and credits are their addictions, pretending that "debt" is real, and real enough to lay upon the backs of the peasant taxpayers. Quite a load of criminal crap these thieves are forking out of their barns into our yards, I must say.

    None-the-less, WE watch all this insane activity and goings on with a watchful eye and attentive mind. It is interesting that the World Changers imagine the rest of humanity to "jump" when they say so, to "abide" when their quill signs off on another jerk-off judicial proclamation -- to lend credence as if credence is due, when most possess no credence nor know what credence even is?

    Credence to the peasants is:

    Or at least a passing grasp of the lyrics of Fortunate Son, which none of are. What we are is Fortunate Enough to not be one of these SOB's of the inbreds class...

    Good ole James Kirwan tags the end of his latest piece with the following words:

    The question is:

    Yesterday, today and tomorrow”

    I notice The People are the ones expected to "tolerate". The Ruling Class does the "regulating". I also notice THEY have done a piss poor job of "managing" anything except their own portfolio growth. I surmise this "center" of influence won't hold much longer. How can it? THEY'RE actions are so OBVIOUS! A Karmic millstone is soon to be attached to their necks to drag them to the bottom of the pond.

    For those out there who fear they may be "clueless" about how the world works, and why you seem to be at the ass hole end of the works, then get start reading here at COTO. Turn on your Bullshit Detectors and start forming some opinions. Read, read, read the alternative news sites. Think, consider, look around, pay attention, change your diet, change your mind, change your world view, jump out of the box!

  2. Boomer, it's nice that you give PD his due for his research but perhaps it would be better for you to comment specifically on this post instead of lamenting why no one else is commenting on it. .. just sayin'...............

    I'd like to comment but I don't understand it. My tired brain feels quite fried at the moment but after reading Patrick's article and seeing your post, I had to respond be it ever so lamely.

  3. boomerangcomesbackJune 17, 2012 at 6:16 PM

    Don't take my lamenting personally JG. Rather, there are 3 posts in a row with only 1 comment. COTO commenters aren't who I was lamenting, you post aplenty; it was the "passing flags" on the traffic feed. I wish more folks would weigh in, but what the "hey!", aye? Its a free country...


  4. Thanks Boom, the article and expose of the EU concilation group was where from my World Order Geo postings came.

    I spent time in the nineties and read enough books to get the gist of the committee. It is from the EU rags and the City of London, Amsterdam that I see how my snakes slither into drk areas without sound, alarm or observance.

    This is how they slowly engineer the process. Two steps forward and one step back. They reach their goals in time while the masses think they are resisting and "Winning" to quote Charlie Sheen.

    The labels I use almost exclusively come from the EU as it is the mother ship. We on the other hand are captive to our own devices.

    Jeremiah 18:12 And they said, there is no hope: but we will walk after our own devices, and we will every one do the imagination of his evil heart.

    And it follows the point that the divide becomes more defined. In all the truth of all the wisdom in the universe it will come to pass that the committee will win. When you get the masses to turn away from society or refuse to acknowledge the politicons, they opt for the darker trappings.

    The conciliation is evident in all the events we have witnessed. No matter what they accomplish we are captive. It is also true that anyone in America who is not reconciled to the force is indeed a terrorist.

    The hopeful infadels have spoken. To the wasteland we have arrived.

  5. The crap I post becomes so redundant JG , like the days themselves. As well, the content is always political doublespeak. This one as well is 'politically correct' in it's critique and it agas me to have intelligent people not be able to see it more clearly.

    I too am tired. My business will fail soon, I suspect and I, like Boomer need the big change.

    It is like nerves on top of the skin lately and I am so disgusted with it, I could drink over it. But I won't.
    I wish that people who do pass by would offer a link or a comment pro or con. Because I see the dots more than just the stars in heaven. They are constellations and revelations and they continue to form the same images of irreversible transition.

  6. I need some golf Boom. Maybe we can cry over a few Martuni's. Invite Dutchsince and the grim reaper and we'll make it a foresome. :) :(

  7. I hear ya Patrick. You have so much knowledge and insight into all this wretched stuff. At certain points my brain refuses to compute. Some of it is like algebra to me...which I failed miserably! My strongest subjects in school were English Lit and Business Law..go figure.

    Anyway, thank you for being here for all of us and doing the brilliant job you do bringing us up to date on the monsters latest moves and
    planned moves. Your work does not go unappreciated here. We love you :)

    I hope your business doesn't fail and please don't start drinking. We need you and your expertise for as long as we can have it.

  8. Lol Boomer.. free country...that's a good one ;) Don't fret over the no commenters. This place is riddled with lurkers who read and take note but don't write. Some people are just very shy about expressing themselves in print.

  9. When you look to the Bilderberg plan for global austerity and depopulation, figure the change. What Barry Soetoro introduced is the GM type of politician.

    Romney is the perfect choice. A socialist Fabian in a conservative suit. Sarkozy was replaced by Francois Hollande, the Strauss-Kahn affair becomes clearer.

    Watch Greece and the event of the ECB for the financial event of transition. Simplified slide show link.

    Why the Greeks were chosen fits the model for what they want to engineer into the psychological mindset of the sheeple.

    refer to "My Big Fat Lazy Stupid Greek Economy"