Tuesday, June 26, 2012

as promised, something that needs to be getting far more attention for the safety of many nations and their animals, HOW? can they stop it spreading if the public also is not informed?


  1. Methinks the media is silent because they are in on it. Agenda 21 in full effect, baby. Wouldn't it be lovely if one of their engineered germs mutated and attacked only blue bloods? Ahhh one can dream can't one?

    Nice work investigator Oz!

  2. My twin grandaughters have been waking up at night and vomiting for the past two weeks. Only at night, mind you and they act totally normal during the day.
    I was thinking maybe acid reflux and someone else mentioned post nasal drip. My son & his wife took them to the drs on Friday and the dr said "stomach virus".. not acid reflux, no pnd. So why only at night and fine during the day with NO fever during the whole time. Very weird. Makes me wonder and worry.

    A few weeks ago my 4 year old grandson, who never gets sick, came down with a high fever 103 and no other symptoms off and on for a few days. He also went to the dr and was pronounced to have a "virus." WTF? They aren't the only ones. Several children and adults have had similar weird illnesses and this in summer!

  3. Yea PD, I've been noticing the weird little health related stories too.

    To top it off, do you notice there seem to be more fatal car accidents lately? We just had a horrible one nearly in front of where I work today.. My friend and I were detoured coming back from our lunch hour while several fire trucks, emergency vehicles police and two trauma helicopters hovered overhead. Still don't know exactly how many cars were involved or fatalities since it wasn't on the news tonight nor can I find it online anywhere yet.

    Seems all I hear anymore is sirens. Just heard them again tonight after dinner. It's not like I live in the city ffs. I keep thinking, could this be what the rapture really is? Not bodies floating up into the sky, just lots of deaths happening in a small amount of time. And this from someone who doesn't believe in it!.

  4. It's coming clear through my busienss that my technicians are seeing cancelled tests at 35%. That's up from last year of 22%.
    the increase is pain or debilitation that prevents them from getting to the doctor and the patients are cancelling appts, yet calling in for RX's.

    It's getting bad. You can check out globalincidents and see new hemorrhagic fever in South Korea, H1N1 deaths worldwide, major Dengue alerts and Oz's links to animal/livestock FMD. But there are nightime chemtrailing and EMR assaults taking place, I am convinced. I test throughout the day but not at night. Satellite based, or HAARP ionosheric richochet could be underway on the darkside of the rock worldwide. There are thirty new satellites and over ten heater facilities now. The secretive National Reconnaissance Office just fired another rocket into space to deploy yet another mystery weapon.

  5. Were they vaccinated Deb? If so they have the nano chip and proteins to give them many symptoms. The kids here all have chem-cough and low fevers. On top of that they are hyper, out of the normal and aggressive. It's really troubling.

    Many have rashes that are being DX as poison ivy but I know PI and have treated several. It's not etiology induced from external factors but appears to be internal toxicity and liver reactions coming from sweat/oil glands.

    Right now, I do not trust any food or phrma. It's like Pandora Jar has been opened and the ghouls are testing "death by a thousand cuts"

    I stated late last year to get your heirloom seeds and foodstock, nutritionals. I think the entire food chain is toxic and becomning more so by degree now. God help the world.

  6. The run-up to BIG SPOOKY seems to be on.

    I feel fine, as usual. But I do notice the pink noise hiss in the still of the night, a sizzle, like radio waves permeating everything. But I don't FEEL anything, just that sonic awareness.


  7. Puddy, could you put the jpg of that mosquito-droid in a comment, so I can copy it to file? It is really cool even though scary nodules.


  8. Nope.... no vax at all. Neither of my kids will have their children jabbed with the poison pens.

    I'm with you Patrick. Don't trust food or pharma or allopathic drs. Yes, kids are more hyper or more withdrawn. Seems to be both. And yes, plenty of weird low grade fevers and rashes and stomach flu. Not usual for summer that's for sure.

  9. Actually the thought the twins may be getting sick from those EMR assaults at night has crossed my mind.

    Oh don't forget to add to your horror rundown those cattle deaths outside of Austin simply from grazing in the grass.

  10. Will, do you have a prnt scrn button on your computer? You can save it that way too.

  11. I emailed it bro. Did you receiveth it?