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Sukhoi Superjet disaster: Recovery crews spot black box at foot of ravine.

Human error, technical failure or weather conditions behind SuperJet-100 crash - experts

Human error and technical malfunction could be the main causes behind a Russian Superjet 100 coming down in Indonesia, experts believe. The wreckage has been found, but official conclusions on the crash that left 48 people dead are yet to be drawn.

Learn about Technical Malfunction

Sukhoi Superjet 100 features fully electronic fly-by-wire control system for piloting, landing gear extension and retraction, and a break system to prove its high maintainability and weight perfection.

Optimal piloting in automated mode together with the failure-safe flight control system ensure additional fuel efficiency and improve flight safety. The remote control system (RCS) is based upon three two-channel upper level computers (PFCU – Primary Flight Actuator Control Unit) adding two-channel lower level computers (ACE – Actuator Control Electronics). PFCU’s process command signals coming from the cockpit, autopilot and avionics.

Sukhoi Superjet 100 is equipped with the built-in failure detection system able to find any failure including those at the LRU level of any major aircraft system. Moreover, the basic configuration of avionics offers wider functionality, including triple ultra-short-wave communication system with ACARS function, the second generation T2CAS system designed to prevent collision as well as the IIIA ICAO category approach capabilities.
A Fly-by-wire (FBW) is a system that replaces the conventional manual flight controls of an aircraft with an electronic interface. The movements of flight controls are converted to electronic signals transmitted by wires (hence the fly-by-wire term), and flight control computers determine how to move the actuators at each control surface to provide the ordered response. The fly-by-wire system also allows automatic signals sent by the aircraft's computers to perform functions without the pilot's input, as in systems that automatically help stabilize the aircraft.


During 1998, the DP was upgraded to include transmitters for all 48 of the antenna elements that were originally installed. This Filled Developmental Prototype (FDP) was capable of producing 960 kW of total transmitter power. Measurements of the HF fields in the vicinity of the FDP antenna array showed that field intensities everywhere, including within the FDP beam, were below recommended international safety limits for fly-by-wire aircraft. Nonetheless, the FDP was only operated in conjunction with the aircraft alert radar, to insure that no high power transmissions occurred when there was local flight traffic. Operation and test of the FDP verified the system engineering design and helped develop interference mitigation procedures that are now integrated into all research operations involving the IRI.

THEORY: Another KAL007 takedown in a triad for space star wars dominance. Whether operated from X-Band Mobile  sea or satellite, HAARP, HIPAS  or EISCAT, it was a Boeing-Airbus-NATO operation.  From the pilots to the battery and generators to the avionics to the hydraulics and fluidic systems, EM assaults from ELF range to upper X-band can bring down a pilot and aircraft with ease.


‘Sukhoi Superjet crash means lost opportunities for Russia’

The crash of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 passenger plane in Indonesia has provoked wide discussion in Moscow's expat community.


Redistribution of wealth, weapons testing on advanced avionics and failsafe systems. It appears to be a complete energy drain and communications jamming but we will never get the truth from black box bullshit. Like all the others the data will be sequestered, altered, destroyed and some random cause will be created. The passenger manifesto has yet to be researched to see if the triad had an opportunity to NDAA persons of interest for national security reasons.


  1. Don't know if anyone remembers the crash in France on the first demonstrations of the Airbus A320 at an airshow where the the factory demonstrator pilot had the plane configured for landing with the gear, leading edge slats deployed and flaps down. When the pilot went throttles up and started to clean the plane up to do a go around, the computers took over as they recognized the aircraft in landing mode and countermanded the pilots inputs. The aircraft mowed down a bush at the end of the runway and exploded. For years the 320 was nicknamed the "German Lawnmower". These aircraft have become nothing more than computer games with the pilot removed from direct control of the aircraft and seat of the pants flying skills have become recognized as missing from the curriculum. Pilots refer to the flight management systems as "the magic" and in some circumstances has to be shut down to deal with some extenuating circumstances to fly the aircraft safely.

  2. boomerangcomesbackMay 13, 2012 at 6:23 PM

    The initial blurb on this flight's wreckage I saw, noted the plane slamming into a mountain at 6000ft altitude -- when the mountain was 7200ft high. This made no sense for a pilot to descend below the mountains' peak altitude.

    The nefarious reasoning gets my vote.

  3. boomerangcomesbackMay 13, 2012 at 6:31 PM

    This informational article linked to from

  4. Please wait, scan in progress...


  5. No doubt in my mind this was no accident. They control the vertical, they control the horizontal... I was watching videos of underground rumblings and of course had to watch an ad before one of them and this was it. Odd because I think the beginning of this movie where the entire worldwide electrical grid goes down is really going to happen. NBC's predictive programming? Note the city the film starts out in is Chicago.

  6. Thanks V for the memory. Yes it was back during the Boeing wars in the late eighties. You tube has several released amateur videos of the lawnmower :)

  7. Pilot Error? Aircraft error? Flybywiresystem error? Only when you are flying through bad weather, under ELF, with Microwave in a vector with a volcano.

    It's an anomaly and just that. You all shut up and let the EXPERTS do their job. NTSB paychecks are drawn from MJP Morgan Chase.

  8. Hi JG-:)

    Wow Deb, that's incredible. After posting the the last EVAN entry I had no idea this frequency was about to be unleashed on the masses. Warlords and Energy drain. I freak out everyday now at some point. You just freaked me out today.

    I get chills watching this NLP and alpha plasma presentation coming soon from the IMCC otherwise known as the neurolinguistic brainwashing Corporation.

    French pronounciation

  9. I think that NATO is itself a war criminal. ~ Harold Pinter

    Do you think we can get that Corporate Personhood to carry over? NATO is indeed just another racket. Just a front for Prostitution, Child Pornography and Drug Trafficking. Let's get the RICO boys on their asses in the windy city this weekend.

  10. Don't know how everybody here is in regards to this subject but nothing like controversy to get the subject going. A hint, Dr. Steven Greer plays big here.

  11. boomerangcomesbackMay 14, 2012 at 6:02 AM

    Frequencies Freaking alright...

  12. Hey PD...freaked out is a permanent state of mind now for us, eh? You'd think there would be no surprises left.. ha.

  13. Aside from the fact that Steven Greer's face freaks me out (there's that word again) I do believe as he states, that there are also good forces at work here along with the evil entities that we know of all too well. Yea, I believe in ancient aliens and their influence on our planet and culture.

    The problem I have is how will we know the true benevolent aliens from the holographic MIC malevolent variety? And is Steven Greer a good guy or a part of the evil empire? I have to confess, I don't know much about him but I'm sure Patrick will fill me in ;)

    But in any event, there is always good/bad, dark/light , yin yang...The age old battle rages on. The evil empire will not remain unopposed. That I am sure of.

  14. boomerangcomesbackMay 14, 2012 at 3:32 PM

    Go Check out Lionel's Video at the following Link!

  15. I think the science is real but the the cointel angle plays into the transformation and a co-opt that OCCU-PI lovers could never realize.

    You all are finding such interesting stuff. I can't get free. It's like the energy around me now is keeping me in chaos. I know that my contrary nature, skepticism has peaked and I count on going deep inside before moving too far outside.

    These [people] are very clever. So clever that they cannot be wasted on presidential puppets or CEO's. Who are they V? You got me.

  16. Yes and I'd remind him the the 1976 ENMOD treaty, Kruschev's final words and the benefit of deep water drilling faults.

    I tweeted this little item too.

    I just can't get past this unbelievable triad of opportunity where it all fits so neatly.

    Why Colorado will be NWO-NAU capital, the airport underground, the connection to several DUMB's and now this possible reality.

  17. I'm a mushroom Deb :( I am on overload and have about thirty project posts I can't get to. I have them as far back as Whitney Houston. They sit in drafts and that's where they will die.

    Good thing I am not a writer as I'd be pointing the shotgun in the wrong direction.

  18. Cop kicks shit out of unborn baby

  19. Lionel vid won't play. I like Lionel and would love to hear what he has to say. Will try again later I guess. Unless they make sure it never does.

    I agree PD, Colorado has to be the capital with all they've invested

    As for the oil, funny you should mention that. I just got an email this morning from a friend about all the pure sweet oil in North Dakota straight on up into Canada. Enough to keep us supplied for hundreds of years.


    Another Chili quake. Three over 6 scale in thirty days
    M6.2 - 46km NNW of Putre, Chile
    2012-05-14 10:00:39 UTC

    Antipodal: This makes China ripe for a hit. I think a big one.

    Have you seen the endless coverage of Syria. Scooper -pooper Anderson is there again!!!! Unbelievable.

    I also predict that big event on the Turkey border as well. The pedophiles in Chicago would be agood time to trigger that slaughter.

    Al Qamishli Syria – staged terror massacre (Turkey border)

    Chicago burns – A major fire explosion for the windy city. Homegrown terrorist will be falsely identified. Occupiers will feel the heat and the Police State antics will heighten significantly.

    Gee, I can't wait for the Olympics and the syncronized swimming and terror event. Goldman Sachs will take the Gold, JP Morgan the Silver and Obama may get the bronze.

  21. I agree with JG in regards to Steven Greer. He looks like an alien. I've also been privy to info as to the UFO thing as being a staged event to keep us in the fear thing. I've been having this errant thought lately as to another possible reason as to the why of chemtrails and the push to plasma'fy the atmosphere and turn it into a better conductor for high energy electrical impulses be it from HAARP or whatever. Just something I've seen or read that relates to Roswell in 1947 and the coverup from there or maybe it was just a weather balloon. I doubt it because especially here, we're very aware of how full of BS they are.
    Before that date, I haven't seen any info about UFO's crashing, maybe some did, I don't know. What I've read is that a strong possibility exists that none have ever been brought down before the advent of radar. The suggestion was that that was an event quite by accident on illustrious leaders and their lackys parts. Now I'm just taking a shot in the dark here but what if the whole turning the atmosphere into a better conductor for Tesla technology is a suggestion that it's a defence against such a thing as a visitation from the others. This whole engineered paradigm we call our reality would be blown right out the door should that happen. It's very fragile as things stand in this here and now, that's why they don't like us and push to shut down our portal of communication via the internet. You're right PD, they are clever but it's the crooks that teach the cops and in the upside down world we live in, who's the crook and who's the cop, all a matter for conjecture.

  22. I still like the theory about the UFO's dropping their 'tirds' on Earth.

  23. Blueray, bluebeam, bluestar hologram. Just like paperclip and the theorized plan to hit Cuba. Plenty of tools there V. Not only the chemtrail nanometals but the numerous mirrors in space and this one in Antarctica. SPIREX telescope at the South Pole and the dielectric mirrors and infrared research with hot mirrors.

    I'm certain this for for alien star wars movies in space, the second coming and other agenda 21 mass hypnosis that will be effective because the science is in space and in the brains of us chemtrail and vaccine takers.

  24. It was a comment another coto member posted on an earlier post. Sorry, don't remember who or what post, it was pretty recent. But, it really 'stuck' when I read it. I went back to look, couldn't locate it. All I remember thinking was, hmmmm, could it be?

  25. boomerangcomesbackMay 15, 2012 at 3:24 AM

    Always good to backtrack, and look at the trail of destruction, for some perspective on the things scheduled for the future...

    Chicago’s First False Flag “Barack Attack”
    By Captain Eric H. May, Ghost Troop CO

  26. How can I 'cut & paste' a web address to coto? It seems everybody but me seems to be able to share info this way........

  27. boomerangcomesbackMay 15, 2012 at 6:02 AM

    Ms. D, you should be able to just "paste" a copied link right into the comments section...

  28. Yes either the twitter link or the browser address. Here's a sample.

    I did an exttensive article with links (real science) regarding genetic, protein peptide processes with EMR. Here's a sample of small amount they can do.


    Scientists remotely activate and deactivate genes with radio waves:

    My Post:

    It's just a cocktail of the right introduction of synthetic RnA protein nano in a vaccine, pill or chemtrail. Even food GMO might be suitable to enter the bloodstream passing the barrier to brain and triggered by the right Frequencies depending on the technology involved with the gene.

    A dinner and a concert.

  29. boomerangcomesbackMay 15, 2012 at 12:05 PM

    For those who want a bit more "exposure" of the Conspiratorial Crimes, you can explore:

  30. That is a quote by Veri...that Earth is the...erm...toilet of the oonyverse..


  31. And now to consider this mythos of “Royalty”, this supposition that some blood is bluer than other blood and this makes one 'special'. This is as absurd as another 'cousin' type group's contention that they are “chosen” by 'God' as the one 'true people' - which is such blatant hubris as to be inconceivable to a rational human being. And of course there is Big Voodoo Daddy in the Vatican, who “cannot err” as to the true will of 'God' {again}.

    An one wonders that the world is set on a path of lunacy?

    This situation then can be seen as a case of mass epistemic error, based upon these observations, that I take as maxims:

    > Going along to get along is fine, until you get to where they are taking you.

    > Naivete is not innocence.

    > Ends do not justify means – Means define ends.

    > Government is a racket.

    > Might is not right -might is merely might. Right and wrong are self evident to the healthy psyche.

    As to the Healthy Psyche:

    Some are further along than others. But don't let your ego determine how far along you are in disentangling the programming and processing that is the medium we are all steeped in. Recall that, a culture is simply the scum grown in a petri dish in a technological society.

    Yes I do make judgments, I do make calls, and they are based on no authority but my own opinion. That I consider my opinion as formed on some deep knowledge and intuition is a considered opinion.

    So what is the prime evidence that postmodern global society is pathological?


    War is the epitome of psychosis. Perpetual war is the paradigm. Full Spectrum Dominance is the core strategy, and the Money Power is at the helm of a technocratic dictatorship.

    This is the basis for the material world in this era. And you are here now.


  32. Ms Darlene,

    You know what that address bar strip across the top of your page is. If you are on a page you want to share:

    right click - it turns blue - copy - it's in your mouse. Carry that here and paste to the comment box.
    If you have ones in red lettering from elsewhere,'s now in your mouse - bring here and past to comment page.

    If you have a word processor, collect these "URLs" on a page there.
    After you paste them to a word processor page, let the cursor rest at the end of the URL sentence and advance one stroke on the long advance bar on your QWERTY keyboard - that URL will turn blue. it is now ready to be copied and pasted here or anywhere you choose.


  33. Thank you hybridrogue, I've always been able to right click the address bar, cut & paste.........except for on wordpress. Not sure why I can't! I'll try opening another word program to paste it to and see if I can do it that way. Very frustrating, I've wanted to share some findings, but not being able to cut & paste it pisses me off! I'm not typing urls in unless I HAVE to! I have bad 'electric vibes' around might just be ME. Like Puddy talks about the electric current....I got it BAD.

    Word processing cut & paste worked! Thanks hybridrogue :)

  35. boomerangcomesbackMay 18, 2012 at 3:35 AM

    Excellent comment there Rogue1. "The need for greed at ever increasing speed" seems to be the fuel burning inside the psychopath/sociopaths' hearts. They have chosen their delusion and will chase it to it's conclusion...i.e., pointless, as you can't take it with you. Childish imbeciles who never grew up past the "Its Mine!" stage. What needless pain they cause in the world. They should have been spanked more often, and as adults (CEO's, Politicians, Bankers, Illiterate Intellectuals creating "policy", etc.), society needs to do the spanking, and administer the hard lessons they've earned. Without accountability, this ridiculous society and world is what we get...

  36. Great, happy to be of assistance.
    You are more than welcome.


  37. Thanks Boomer.

    Accountability is eventually served reserved as fate at any rate.

    Nobody gets out of this place alive - and at segue is served just desserts. Some with cherries on top - some with turds at the bottom.