Monday, April 9, 2012

Blackwater Xe: It's all Academic now



Added Vimeo Videos -Leaked Video Shows US Contractors Randomly Killing Civilians

Blackwater, aka Xe, aka ACADEMI

Stay up to date at Blackwaterwatch

Board of Directors - Rogues Gallery
John Ashcroft-911, WMD, Torture 
Bobby R Inman - NSA, FISA, Wiretapping, Patriot Act
Jack Quinn - Attorney for Marc Rich, Arms trader and Bill Clinton drug runner, protection rackets
Jason DeYonker from the early Prince days 
I wonder if they regard this as a corporate facelift?


  1. too many "ex" mil cia fbi wghatever ties. trying to shut this lot down..dont fancy the chances.sotero saying hes pulling military out, BUT theres all those REE and other metal finds there, which USA plans to exploit.
    cant do that if they dont have guns to back em up..
    Mercenaries wont be out of jobs for quite a long while, if ever.

  2. Create a 'dog-eat-dog' world, and chances are you will be eaten by dogs.


  4. The psychotic kill urge is generally sorted by early adolescence in a healthy family situation. Some strange creatures festering undiscovered, pick up kill urge later and seek ways to exercise it. Here they are. Random hate crimes in protected kill zones. Amercian psycho war. The end of reason. Do any of these dogs Father children?

  5. Well said fremo. Thanks for weighing in.

    With talk about the race war and OCCU-pi brainwashing you can see the 1% ruling minority looking for the big kill. Violence beyond the belief of America and Europe.

    The ultimate islam/Xtian, blue eyes/black eyes, have and have nots. The Middle class death nell, the 2nd ammendment kill switch, the transition to the full spectrum panopticon from the NASA/NATO controlled goldeneye.

    This group/strata of the population will fit in well under the UN peacekeeping framework. As if that isn't the biggest oxymoron ever.

  6. Lit'ol Alex sees the Hessians in session and excitedly exclaims,
    "Horror Show me droogies glance yer glazzies on the ultraviolence groove theater..."
    And the clockwork organism goes...{hehehe}, TIC TIC TIC...

    Pardon o'mia redundo, Smarlly Chimes Esq.

  7. I don't buy into that natural urge crap. This killing thing was IMPLANTED BY THE DRACOS. What is a trip Is that Dracos was already loaded in my T9.