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"Kony up" for Uganda

History Repeating itself? The Cover

From the EIR Larouche archives - 1998

History Repeating itself? The Goal.

How many times have we seen the Amins? From Ghadafi to Idi and from Sierra Leone to Uganda.  As goes Africom so goes the world. The Risk board we played with had only armies as pieces. Ours did not include the ranks of GLADIO, MOSSAD, CIA and the mother ship MI6. Had we had these pieces we'd have been able to defeat multi pieced armies with a few black ops troops. These pieces would have been invisible of course.

The Rhodes to Rhodesia all lead to the British Crown and the jewels of the continent and Zimbabwe, Batswana [Buchenland]. What concessions were garnered in those days of conquest were bloody but secret.  These days the media has to play a special role in the handling of Christian Eugenics and useless eater demographic extinction.

Laying the groundwork for these operations started with the London Missionary Society and has sustained through other LDS organizations that provide the cointel and provocateurs adequate cover while teaching and converting the people to Christian theologies. 

"The East India Company and the British East India Company men had a habit of giving grants to Christian evangelicals. Rockefeller and his fellow-travelers followed suit, fostering evangelical Christianity to hide their true intentions, which was to attain political power in the United States and then around the world as old John D. demonstrated. In the United States it was the Christian Fundamentalist sect introduced by British East India's John Nelson Darby as "Dispensationalism", that was favored. In China it was the China Inland Mission, and in South Africa prior to the Anglo Boer War, it was the London Missionary Society that gave rise to the war by its meddlesome political interference. All of these Christian organizations appear to have been well-funded. The Quakers established Communist-like communes during the Revolutionary War, and enjoyed strong financial support from William Aldrich (an ancestor of Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller) and Stephen Hopkins."

Beyond The Conspiracy: Unmasking the World Government - the Committee of 300
by Dr. John Coleman

In recent light of the Syrian staged event along Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and others we can understand why for a two centuries or more the killing fields of Africa have been underplayed and largely unreported. Only in the missions of AFRICOM are they as exampled by Somalia, Sierra Leone, Sudan finally brought to the forefront by a carefully orchestrated distorted media blitz where Holyrood Kings and Queens like Clooney, Penn and Jolie are utilized to intensify the frequencies. Gerard Butler is the flavor as of late.

This is just concessions with eugenics. Genocide covering empire. We all post endless financial theft and fraud here in the U.S. but never enough time on the trillions of dollars in resources that Africa represents.  It is the final and most lucrative murder for money scheme ever perpetrated on the people of this planet.  If we were to know the real death count of african people it would surely exceed the Russian and holocaust numbers unless you added the Asian slaughters. Bill Gates irradication projects would almost qualify humane in comparison to the MI6 model.

Kony Boy - A thoroughbred from the MI6 stable

What evidence of the viral MK-Alpha U-tube shows in reality is a boy such as Kony himself, placed in the position like any other MK protoge fighting against the masters of the mind and world from Buckingham Palace central through the MI6, Tavistock, RIIA gang who like SRI in the U.S. have mastered this dialectic and TRIAD. We have seen it dozens of times and it moves the energy of the mass-hypnotic masses like the waves of grunion who will beach themselves on the shores of Tripoli and other delusional beaches. Take a look at Sam Childers as well. Not what it seems. You bet.






    The Real African Bank Stolen


  3. Time to update this map. Many changes over the last three years.


  4. the concept of a video going "viral" is an interesting one.

    this kony island caper was hurtled along its path to such stratospheric levels by the likes of Justin Bieber and Okra winfrey??? using tools unknown a short time ago like tweets and hashtags whatever the fuck those are

    a co-teacher at my school was so sucked into the hype, he showed the whole video to his classes on Friday. Luckily it is a small private school that encourages being very sceptical about media so I had some chance to shed a little light on the obfuscations. Kone head has not been in Uganda for years. That country has turned a corner and is doing much better that the early 2000's.
    The Lords ragamuffi scout troop numbers around 200

    This is all about natural resource control and exploitation, as always.

    Gotta get boots on the ground doncha know....gotta find this madman ...this butcher......i mean its a humanitarian crisis for god's sake

  5. boomerangcomesbackMarch 10, 2012 at 2:55 PM

    Just found this online. Hadn't seen it. So I thought I'd put it up so COTO would see it.

    Mach 9, 2012


    I have a Special Forces Friend who lives in Kalispell Montana He just called me with major news...... He has a Friend who works in the Prison System in Montana. They have been told by Big Gov to be ready for an event to take place from March 13-23 this event will be very earth shattering. They have been told to stock up on 6 Months worth of Food,Diesel,Medical Supplies,Water and other needed supplies! This SF Friend is not a Person who gets His feathers ruffled He was shocked to say the least!

  6. March 14-19 is my window. The (h)EMP scenario I leave for the summer but I'm certain we'll get it this year. I think CA (LA) gets a quake like China.

    FInancial system going down would do it. I suspect Serious Issues would happen after April 15th.

    Dates: Feb 2, March 14-19 May 15, Jun 6, Jun 29, Nov 11, Dec 21

    May 15th would be good for China March for LA, CA. I wonder if the warning was regional or universal?

  7. Always a redistribution of wealth, but their great trrumvirates alway have three benefits. Death Depop and another mind nail into the psyche of the people looking for a world order solution.

    Too bad there wasn't Coltan, Oil or Gold in Darfur. Humanitarian man could have swooped in on that one and saved a couple hundred lives. Billyboy likewise in Rwanda. Somali's may as well kiss their butts ado. They sit in jails for being pirates whilst the Corporaiders continue to ride the bounty.

  8. boomerangcomesbackMarch 10, 2012 at 3:58 PM

    The Warning bears more eyeballs on it. Thanks for your input.

    Found this video analysis of the rigged election theatre currently playing across the Land of the Scammed. This is interesting:

  9. " event to take place from March 13-23 this event will be very earth shattering".~Special Forces Friend Montana

    "March 14-19 is my window."~Puddy

    So we still be bewaring of the Ides of March. Hmmm...I don't much like bewaring. Makes me itch.

  10. I guess I shouldn't be surprised the way they keep playing the same old record, and the masses keep doing the two-step.

    We're being attacked on many levels, and the pace, as we have so often predicted, is gaining speed. The thumb-suckers are getting reamed with $5-gas and still dashing from party to party, as we keep wondering where's the torches and rope?

    There are impeachment proceedings starting, but it's almost a joke to think that they'll get anywhere.

    Once they saw they could get away with 9/11, this was all inevitable.

  11. •US soldier 'shoots up to 16 Afghan civilians' - Asia - World - The Independent day ago

    I tweeted this.

    Theres only three ways the NWO dialectic happens.

    1) Staged Terror (by the committee) 911 opened the eyes of many I couldn't break through back when it was OK City, Waco and 93WTC.

    2) Incompetence - inside a technocracy techno-error or multi-department miscue. (bio-techno pandoras box)

    3. Black Swan - Coincidence (HAARP Scalar, Ft. Detrick bio agent, ENMOD, NASA scheme)

    3 /_\ 3