Monday, February 27, 2012

New Information Comes Out on the "Real" Story Behind the Gulf of Mexico Disaster. C4 Yourself!

[caption id="attachment_17441" align="alignnone" width="263" caption="Where There's Smoke -- There's Liars?! Where There's Blood -- There's Sure to Be Sharks!"][/caption]

False Flag Central?! Cui Bono? Who loses? Disaster Capitalism? Just plain rape, pillage, murder, destruction of the environment for money (via stock gains?), destruction of peoples for resources gains? Just the latest version of the well-worn Greed Game played on the suckers and useless eaters by the grim reapers? Might be. We seem to have seen a lot of this lately, aye. A veritable Shit Storm blowing across the world's lands, oceans, and peoples.

I have read the first two articles below, and recommend you grok the gist, as evidently, some lawyering and deal-making are on the upcoming Horizon (pun intended). Like 9/11, too many lies, inconsistencies, profits, and parlaying to pass the "smell test". Pass this info along, because the Case for Gross Criminality made below is a mighty strong one. Wow! Hard to crawl out from under these rocks of Truth! Seems to me some very high placed individuals (With a Capital) allowed BP to investigate themselves while the whitewashed seashore of Our Gulf went black. Can't let that slide can we?!

(I found these articles on Rense today -- and wanted to dial up their attention getting volume!). Call your Congressman {yuk,yuk}.

“A fishy tale which could only mean that DWH blowout was a planned event.”

“The BP Gulf Oil Spill Disaster: An Explosive Detonation?”

“Conclusive Evidence That BP Misrepresented Gulf Oil Spill Sent To Congress.”


  1. Thanks for COTOizing this info Boomer,

    I just read, '“The BP Gulf Oil Spill Disaster: An Explosive Detonation?”' this morning.

    Deeper darker and even more taboo than 9/11, this one is. This one had no was dark horrific theater and the effects continue as the oil continues to flush into the ocean environs.

    What demonic works are these? This is meant to kill the planet. The authors cannot be human.

  2. Me thinks the triad here is perfect. R.O.W. in short selling - long position. It maintains status quo for recovery until D-Day and it pushes the carbon peak oil agenda 21 while capitulating the ME scenario with planned shortages and embargo's

    All angles covered nicely. Now in turn, BP & Associates get out with but small fries while reaping the big whopper profits. They are ramping up globally and racing with Ex-Mob and Chevron.

    Chevron has had it's little scams as well.

    CONFED REMINDER – Brazil Wish List



    Chevron: Short-Term Options Play With 130% Potential Profit

    6.1 Great American streetcar scandal
    6.2 Tax evasion
    6.3 Blocking of NiMH battery technology for automobiles
    6.4 Environmental damage in Ecuador
    6.5 Pollution in Richmond, California
    6.6 Property tax lawsuit
    6.7 Oil spills in Angola
    6.8 Violation of the Clean Air Act in the USA
    6.9 Sponsoring State Terrorism in Cabinda
    6.10 Niger Delta shootings
    6.11 Destruction of natural forest in Bangladesh
    6.12 Investment in Iran
    6.13 Oil spill off the coast of Rio de Janeiro
    6.14 KS Endeavor explosion

  3. Quite the world-wide profiteering, aye? I hope M catches this.

    I appreciated the forensic analysis by a "private" group, again uncovering the falseness hiding behind the flag. How many times must mankind be scammed before they grok the predators M.O.?

  4. Is the gulf stream still stalled? Seems that may have something to do with all the snow and cold in Europe.......

  5. boomerangcomesbackMarch 1, 2012 at 9:12 AM

    Wow! Only 4 comments...

    I guess the GOM is old news. Besides, its only the entire gulf coast of the U.S., and billions of damages to the environment and future health of folks that eat seafood from this area.