Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dog Heaven


Diving Dogs Photography

Photo Credit: Seth Casteel






  2. If only "the important stuff" had gone to the Dogs {Man's Best Friends}, instead of going to the Vampire Pigs?!

    The answer is "blowing in the wind" and it whispers -- "kick out the Vampire Pigs, prosecute, and take back your world"! Or else...

    Or else, we get more of the same insane.

    Right here in this very short article by Bill Bonner I am linking to, folks can easily grasp how a fraudulent world is a recipe for disaster. Nothing makes sense, or works properly, because fraud is the bedrock upon which everything is built. Humanity must demand accountability, and take out the trash, 'cause it is stinking up the entire world!


  3. Ahhh look at Casey's beautiful brown eyes :) Love the diving dogs ! How funny and cute is that?! Great photos!

  4. THose are great eh Deb? I had a good cry after those remembering Casey and the kiddie pool we bought him years ago.

    We'd fill it up and he would lay in it until he caved the side and the water would go whooshing out. Then he'd look at me and his head would get all wrinkled up like he thought I was going to be mad. Ne never learned that I would never do that.

    Sure have had empty days since 2009. i got a call from my ex Tina's father in law. She is likely going to succumb to her poor health. Radical treatments have stopped working. Years of abuse and RA have taken their toll. I think about poor Whitney Houston and realize Tina is younger than she is.

    I re-read all the great comments from that post nearly three years ago.

    Welcome aboard COTO CREW
    Posted by: Coalition Of The Obvious on May 27, 2009

    Time flies when your with people you care about. I remember Waldo's pal and the photo of his young daughter as he posted his farewell. I think about Flak, Tony, Laudy, Irish and others who have moved on and hope they are well.

    We are a bunch of Mutts who's pedigree stands out in honor of abandonment from the Kalls of the world and I know we'll all see dog heaven in time.

  5. It's crushing to lose a belove pet. I felt horrible for years after I had to put my Sasha down at 15 yrs. I never thought I'd find a dog I loved as much as her but I did.

    My Kyley is almost human, no better than that. She's unconditional love incarnate and smart as a whip. She's only 2 but already I get sick at the thought of life without her so I just don't let myself spend any time thinking about that...

    I know you still miss Casey but he's waiting for you. You know you'll be reunited with him again.

    Sorry about your ex. Honestly, though I feel the ones leaving this earthly plane now are getting out just in the nick of time......we should probably consider them the lucky ones.

    Yea, I miss all the coto crew who seem to have disappeared into the ethernet. Wish they'd stop by and say hello now and then. Well, Irish does occasionally at least. Mr M hasn't been around much at all and where the hell did Will go now?

  6. Mardi Gras :)

    He's working hard on the Ponchartrain.

    Did Willie get the Indiana EMP on the ol internet?