Sunday, December 18, 2011

419 ........ 911

This was my 911. Oklahoma City: New information/old information







Hey Sheeple. The globalist government criminals don't care anymore about your children than they do innocent Afghan, Pakistani, Iraqi, Bosnian, Libyan, Palestinian, Israeli, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian or Sub Saharan children.


419 - Whitewater Clinton Crime Syndicate documents at Murrah building

911 - WTC 7 - Blackwater Bush Crime Syndicate and SEC investigations held in this building



  1. Yea...I was on to OKBomb from the get go...just paying attention to the early broadcasts in OK city and comparing it to the final "official story" leaves you holding a patty of cold bullshit in your hand.

    All of these "incidents"...from the Stockton school yard sniper, to the guy that drove his pick-up into the Texas cafeteria with two Glocks, to Waco, the Murrah Bldg, WTC first bombing...hell, all the way back to Fort Sumter, and don't forget Pearl Harbor and Gulf of Tonkin....

    BOOLCHEET, all of it.

    So whattaya do, make everybody grow a new head? Put them in a soup line for a new brain? I dunno.

  2. This kind of information broadcasting is the reason for the coming Internet controls and free speech kill zones. Lawsuits, jailtime and sequestered rendition to the neverlands.

    Another George Soros closed society spring.

  3. Were gonna go to the hinterland !

  4. You left out the gold under the big joo towers boss.

  5. Well Puddy, with so many veils lifting it is only natch for those being revealed to drop a heavy curtain if possible. They got some weeding to do. They might be desperate enough to tear out some patches of the gardens just to get to some of the heavier weedy roots.

    I am picking up a lot of signals that indicate a certain amount of panic in the global boardroom. This is really a sprawling messy complex technocracy that is blooming exponentially on its own in many branches.

    These control freaks just may run into difficulties due to such complexities and be panicked enough to turn more than the Internet dark for a period to get some radical vasectomies taken care of.

    Thing is, many strange things can happen in darkness, all the predators will come out, again, nothing is determined and all remains in flux.

  6. There seldom a day I don't find another opportunity unseen in these triangles.

    Death, Tax and Change - Always three or more. In the case of World Trade Opportunity there were far more than three. The PTSD and trauma based MC and the Scalar testing could be added to the gold, destruction of evidence and the WOT blood and treasure hunt.
    We might add the accelerated demise of useless eaters to those who breathed the asbestos nano toxins which were distributed for miles.

    The late effects of 911 will be felt by Gotham for a hundred years.

  7. This from Infowars...protesters beat into unconsciousness, and then beat some more whilst unconxious...

    I find it repulsive, and no way to protest. Walking into a crowd of stormtroopers, even it "rent-a-troopers" with batons is foolishness. The result is despicable, yet predictable.


    Checked my bags and made it straight to end gate 22
    Made it just in time, boy you've made it just in time

  9. " soros closed society???"

    pray- paddy lad... what does HE have to do with anything???

  10. “Upon discussion of routes to take to show their opposition to the overwhelming number of politicians who voted in favor of NDAA, Anonymous members agreed to begin with Senator Robert J Portman, a Republican lawmaker from the state of Ohio.

    By Thursday morning, an Anonymous operative released personal information pertaining to the lawmaker, and revealed that not only was Sen. Portman among the politicians to vote “aye” on the legislation, but it has also been revealed that the senator had good reason to do so.

    “According to a, Sen. Portman received $272,853 from special interest groups that have shown support for NDAA.”

    “Robert J. Portman, we plan to make an example of you,” writes an Anonymous operative. The hacktivist has also released personal data including the senator’s home address, phone number and social networking accounts in an attempt to further an infiltration from the Internet to show the opposition to the bill that colossally impacts the constitutional rights of Americans.

    According to the information posted by the operative, the nearly $300,000 in special interest monies lobbied at Portman could have helped him purchase around $1.7 million in real estate in Ohio.

    RT reports, “Among the supporters of NDAA are California-based manufacturer Surefire, L.L.C., who won a $23 million contract from the Department of Defense three months ago.

    “Also contributing to the cause (and the lawmakers who voted ‘yes’) are Honeywell (who secured a $93 million deal with the Pentagon last May and a $24 million contract this year) and Bluewater Defense, a longtime DoD-ally that produces, among other garments, fire resistant combat uniforms.”

    “When the military storms down your door for suspicion of ‘belligerent’ acts, you can thank Bluewater and Senator Portman for the lovely flame-proof attire the soldiers will be donned in as they haul you off to Gitmo.”

    Instead of protecting Americans by abiding by the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Human Rights, President Obama is due to sign the NDAA 2012 into law according to a White House announcement Wednesday.

    According to ACLU’s Jaffer, NDAA 2012 is likely to end up in court.

    ACLU and War Is A Crime head David Swanson have released calls to action to thwart the NDAA in the eleventh hour, before the president codifies martial law.

  11. It seems a very wyrd night tonight. Some strange worm turns in the outer regions of space and the vibes have gone out of tune...

    Something heavy, something dark approaches. It feels so near.

  12. "What does Soros have to do with anything?" You ask Waldo...

    Perhaps you will get some since of what Soros has to do with most everything from the article below.
    You probably haven't read some of the info on "Color Revolutions", and such that some of us here have.

    Maybe you will find it wunky doodoo, but this is part of what Puddy means in his reference to Soros:

  13. Well then, read some Dog Poet. This latest piece offers many gems and thought-provoking insights:

    I liked this wee one --

    "What I am trying to say is that ignorance of how things work has no effect on their working. Saying what is not true does not affect what is true except in terms of the perception of the person employing and the person believing the lie. People lie who know the truth and people lie who do not know the truth. The truth remains and the value of it is enjoyed by those who appreciate the value. The truth tends to appreciate them as well. The universe is all about reciprocity and... “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.

    Some of the revelations on rense today regarding Egpyt atrocities and Iraqi atrocities committed by devils in human form, portend what type of derangement will be "coming home" to the U.S. to deal with "protesters" of State freedom to act as they wish. It can be imagined that to "form a world" to "create" a new world order, the Master's hands are extensions of his heart...and that should they be dripping blood of innocents, and smashing the furniture to create a working space; the creator(s) of newness are imposters. Try as they might, they cannot form anything of beauty out of ugliness. Those that survive will survey the damage and their handiwork with scorn and disbelief.


  15. Wasn't familiar with this site, but reading the headlines, it appears promising:

  16. A man who lived to 100 yrs old, describes how he survived -- History has it's lessons, if one is willing to learn from them...

  17. Time magazine named the collective "protester" around the world as its person of the year Wednesday, citing the change brought by street demonstrations from Arab countries to New York.
    How's that for cognitive dissonance? After outright media blackout, ridicule, and violent police oppression, this mind-bending "honor" arises. Smell anything fishy here?~Zen Gardener

    WTF?...yea that's right, an "idea" is now "a person" - another take on personhood - like any other 'fictitious entity'.

    The message on the deepest level is clear: There are no genuine 'persons' anymore - just their fictitious stand-ins.

    Like: anyone with a social security number is a corporation. We are all 'corporate bodies' under economic law; that is Maritime Law - the 'Law of the Sea' = The Law of Empire.

  18. Our ultimate weapon is to be in tune with the Universe, God, whatever you want to call It, and doing what we've been called to do. We need to learn to listen to and heed that Voice in our hearts. There's no surveilling that one.
    ~Zen Gardener


  19. wunky doodoo of the highest degree.

    there is no time to parse this thing. Humpty Dumptyisms... “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.” well... no. for example, "treason" has been flung about nilly-dilly. same with "communism," "fascism," etc. to the point where they gave been rendered virtually meaningless. any competent editor would make Kirwan do a rewrite. I would simply say, " a dictionary and try again."

    Soros is just one of many rich shitpokes... in his case, he wants to "reform" whatever "capitalism" is. Good luck with that. The word has been rendered just as meaningless as whatever "communism" is... usually whatever Humpty Writer "chooses" it to mean. Remember when OPPOSITION to the Iraq invasion was "treason?" Now support of it is "treason."

    So many Humptys... so little time.

  20. ...kinda difficult when "god" speaks thru Pastor/Father/Rabbi/Imam Dumpty.

  21. Sorry dude, you need to try another channel..atheism is the stupidest religion there is.

  22. Having a strong opinion is no mistake Waldo, it is having nothing else that is your mistake.

  23. Hey Peter,

    I feel your pain and frustration as well...

    The goops gotta jump at some point. It ain't over 'till it's over.

    The main thing now is to stay sane - to stay human.
    "I'm not talkin' 'bout love - my love is rotten to the core..."

    The right to self defense is as human as the right to free speech.
    The aggressor is always in the wrong - and we all know who the aggressors are.


  24. Hey yea Boom, I read the dog poet last night too.

    It was a great entry.

    The comments section sure got sucked under for a long stretch though...I wonder wtf that was about and why Les let it all get posted.
    Some things just need twisty ties on both end, or the bottom will fall out.

    Visible has been red hot for the last couple weeks...well he always is, but there is something supercharged lately.

  25. Sometimes Woowoo'd you are as dip-fried as a dungle junny.
    Don't you ne'er pay sum tenshuns to the leetle voice in yer hayad?

    Juss askin...

  26. "...having nothing else that is your mistake.

    It's not an "opinion." Words have precise meanings. Much of what Kirwan says is true... he just puts it in a sloppy frame. Resorting to a Pee-Wee "rebuttal" does not change that. "I know you are but what am I?"

    "Just your opinion" is an invitation to the dum minutiae trap. Nuh-uh. It's bread-and-butter for most who would deny the OBVIOUS. Being a memeticist (sorry) I look for... here we go AGAIN... "code words:"

    If you wanna say "rich shitpokes" are manipulating the system to their advantage... well... a bit more accurate. But "Soros" is a code-word... like "Koch brothers." Like "freeloaders" and "hand-outs." Even "rich shitpokes" betrays a "Marxian" bias... but could anyone deny... at this point... that ol Karl may have had something with the "global class-revolution?" Why do YOU think people all over the world are in the streets?

    "Just your opinion" sure does wipe boogers on the "we" who held these "truths" to be "self-evident," doesn't it? Wasn't that "just their opinion?"

    How delightfully "post-modern."

  27. Course eye dew. But the g-word has been Dumptied about as much as it can be. Lotsa Jung folks think the voice comes from outside. How did it get in MY ("private property") haid? Must ask the Great Puffin. Prolly has to do with gum mint... or some other confection.

  28. Ahhh whoresrump diddlelump Waldoo,

    That held as self evident is articulated in the greatest detail and sound reason by defenders and scholars of liberty by just expositions throughout history.

    Anything true can be explained in rational discourse. Long before Marx the people of Colonial north America were articulating an argument against usurious corporatist banking wealth and the serfdom it results in. We in fact face the same system that the American revolution was fought against. This system has simply come to a global fruition in these "post modern" times.

    I have already gone through the history of how the Federalists reinstated the overloards that had been overthrown in the war, how it was a coup d'etat in Philadelphia - so pointing out that the revolution was misdirected is of no matter, I know that. This does nothing to disparage the principles that revolution was founded upon.

    To say that all men are created equal as per rights is not disfigured by the fact that all men are not created equal in wisdom. There is obviously a base mean running through the race when they are folded into ignorance, that can be manipulated by scheming men. It is obvious that to 'take liberties' without paying in responsibility for them is an equation for disaster.

    There is no doubt that freedom is hard, as most grow lazy at the slightest opportunity it will be lost from time to time as demonstration as to the need for such responsibility.

    Do not be tricked into thinking all that rise up an complain want freedom, for most loath the work and responsibilities that entails.
    Many would call for an even stronger nanny state if they just would receive ample sustenance. These are not valuable comrades, but dead weight that must be cast aside. We must come out from among these.

    For now it is enough to focus on the hardened police state in defiance. For all of us, the chips will fall where they will.

  29. I know what you mean by the g-word Waldo. I don't commonly use it myself, but I understood how Mr.Gardener meant the word and agree with his conclusion.

    I prefer to use the term 'Source', as it avoids that anthropomorphous connotation that the organized religions have foisted on it in their ties to archaic imagery.

    This Source is the core center to everything including ourselves, and it is true and can be rationally argued so. But this discourse is long and arduous depending on the the one rejecting the message. I might take you on this discourse from one to infinity on a point by point basis in a matter of a few weeks, or it might take years if you insist on being such a clever boy.

    This is because I do not speak to "belief" Waldo, I speak to a knowledge - a knowing, I have direct experience. But that is not a story that matters at all, it has nothing to do with what is, just how I personally stepped into it. My tale is unimportant as far as "getting" what I am driving at here.

    But I am not here to 'convert' you Waldo - only alert you. You will find it yourself if you do. That's how it always is.

  30. Impertinent Revelation

    There are ten thousand monkeys typing randomly on keyboards, and the spirit of Ernest Becker is randomly cutting and pasting it into a composition for a play, and that play is being put on live on planet Earth at this very moment.

    I suppose you often wondered where your thoughts came from.
    Well they are part of the script of this play, and are broadcast to you from the central control room.

    Which isn't really a room per-say but the imagery is not important – that isn't needed for the script.

    Just play your part as it comes, have no concern, everything is under control.
    ~Bozus 6:09 /12.11

  31. oh bugger that "nanny state" muck, wildroot... and all that Randy-pandy teepee stuck on Paulo's jackboot... trailing all the way back to the "free market" latrine that gave us the banksters and their bribes.

    Pork a congressperp for a couple $Gs... get back a couple $Bs... pretty good ROI, eh? and then blubber about the alphabet-soup "nanny state" that pinches little kids' lunches and feeds em soylent shit ("privatized," of course).

    these kids (grown up now) aint gonna let the chips fall... and they got enough sense to avoid kicking them on a hot day.

  32. thanks, baba-willie-das... but eye nose how to scribe the gnostic doo off me own shoe.

    there's mosh-pit metaphysics... and there's fateful lightning. eye have seen it in the watch-fires of a hundred circling camps. let them poke those fires with their pot-bellied riot batons.

    let us live to make them free.

  33. ...and there may be scripts on soma yew crypts-- but there aint no scrips on me!

  34. I haven't seen these "grown-up" kids play any part in this play but that as victims of spraycans and batons Waldo, just as they were set up for. They haven't put the slightest bump in the road to perdition. Just added some interesting color to the show.

  35. Hmm...but you fit in so well with your presumed ad lib Waldo.

    Is it real or memorex?

    Hey...aren't we doing this on keyboards Monkeyboy?

  36. Take it with a grain of saltpeter Waldo, it's just a game of cosmic scrabble at this point.

  37. You are the Source manifest as an individual. You are that “I am” that you recognize as 'awareness'. It is not the meatsuit, nor the id of the lizard brain that takes care of that meatsuit on auto pilot. That is part of Maya, the illusion derived from the vibration that manifests as particles in the physical world.

    An analogy would be virtual reality perfected to the point that you can't distinguish between it and what you call the 'real world'. You are then, merely the mind projecting this world.

    All entities are involved in this dance of vibrating, all share the All Mind, as it's attention is given to that entity, which all happens in this eternal moment. Every moment you have ever experienced was in the now. Even memories are experience in a moment of, 'now remembering'.

    This is why, the moment of power is always now.

    Now, you can say this is my opinion, but tell me of a moment that isn't now.

  38. Your scarcity is overshadowed by your ubiquitous straight shooting Pete.

    It's what it is and thats it. There were no guarantees with your Slave certificate. It's just about performance and potential.

    Like the Soros *and Koch's, Waldo can't piece together the main arteries in the complex organism. Too much bleeding and hemoraging on the surgical table by the patient known as us.

    Like the Koch bros. and their operators such as Grover Norquist and Tea Party crashers, George Soros and his Fabian globalists are undermining everything that is the real awakening to free thinking and inalienable rights.

    Institute for New Economic Thinking, Centre for International Governance Innovation, Davos crowds from the schools of social transformation to a UN run system of minimal existence are deep in the Soros UN underbelly.

    Waldo's a smart guy but has blinders whenever someone rubs up against the gonzo green eugenics order and the control freaks like Cass Sunstein find access to Soros' favor and funding. Soros openly advocates the China model and thier right to top dog status. That comes from Clinton and Obama, his boys from Bilderberg groomed for our doom.

  39. Greatest Card Trick Ever "Interlude" Time... Stop your chiseling, start your whistling, and watch something very cool (its not near as difficult as creating "life" from nothing ye Source coders). Enjoy!

  40. It's better than AT&T being named person of the year. Sorry Charlie No T-mobile for you. FISA first place still goes to Verizon.

    So much written about the Occupy Wall Street is pure BS. If this street theater was a spontaneous and independent movement, where is the outrage towards the high priest of monetary manipulation, George Soros?
    From the outset, civil disobedience is the most sincere method of dissent. Breaking All the Rules is based upon a healthy and judicious resistance towards all levels of false authority and systemic corruption. Therefore, it is with a heavy heart, that the careerist organizers and front groups for the establishment sweep away the noble intentions of earnest radicals. Those enablers and facilitators of fraudulent financial institutions makes a mockery of authentic protection.

    Long ago, the glory of tangible free enterprise was destroyed under the boot of State Capitalism. When the confused populace rails against demonstrations and defend the crooks that perverted economic M A R K E T S, it becomes clear why the public has a habit of losing money with brokerage houses. In order to take the going broke out of the "so called" investments, one had better learn early that paper assets, often come with future liabilities, when entrusted to the establishment.

    How much history do you recall? The incomparable Antony C. Sutton documents in Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution how the monopolists of finance funded Lenin. George Soros plays the Schiff role in this modern day version of a Goldman Sachs impersonation of Kuhn, Loeb and Company. If you do not know this pesky fact of the last century, one cannot be expected to make sense out of current events."~~SARTRE

    So Waldo, you surely have read some of the Tides Foundation and the stepping stone Think-Tanks and Foundations that interconnect with Soros, and those in his scale of power?
    If not Tony Cartalucci has several expose's that detail the links in no uncertain or ambiguous terms. The knee bones connected to the thighbone etc...

    And if you haven't read Antony Sutton's work as mentioned, then you don't know the history of the Bolshevik at all.

  42. For Waldo's elucidation, perhaps you can allow yourself to follow this connect the dots regimen - to my thinking it is simply straight forward and obvious:

    ... as geopolitical analyst Tony Cartalucci has repeatedly ... ten years totaling $185,000 from the Tides ... with George Soros, Occupy Wall Street ...

    The Neo-Marxist Globalist Engineers of ‘Leaderless Occupy Wall ...
    ... Adbusters Media Foundation announced they were organizing a street protest to occupy Wall St. Founded ... totaling $185,000 from the Tides ... Soros. Soros …

    OWS – The Covert Agenda Behind the Occupy Wall Street Protests
    ... Cartalucci wrote an article America’s Arab ... but it also received grants the last ten years totaling $185,000 from the Tides Foundation, ... George Soros. Soros … Fake

    Revolutions: The Civil Society Revolution Consulting ...
    Tony Cartalucci is a ... behind the young radicals have also started to emerge – George Soros, The Ruckus Society, the Tides ... The official Occupy Wall ...

  43. I should also mention that Antony C. Sutton's, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, is available as a PDF download for free on the Internet.

    Get it while you still can.

  44. The accelerating masquerade of multiculturalism manifests itself solely in first world countries. For some arcane assumption, people that promote it assume that the cultures of Canada, Europe, Australia and America are not unique or complete in themselves.~Frosty Wooldridge

    Oh to the contrary, the "assumption" isn't "arcane" at all. This "culture" is dependent on the resources of the people promoting and infiltrating the culture that is ripping these "third world" cultures off. This is by no means a one sided culture war, it's proximate cause is the imperial conquest of these peoples. That they would act in self defense to this onslaught is primal survival instinct.

    If Amerika for example was "complete" in itself, it wouldn't be raping the earth in far distant lands. That this situation has reached it's endgame is due to primal forces as well.

    As the bases for his argument is stated so directly, and is so veritably false, I leave it to other readers to see if he can reconcile his base premise to this essay.

  45. Perhaps Frosty the snow man should take a look at what the empire does to other cultures in the next story on COTO - brought to us by Kornisking the next page over. His antidotes as to the hideous crimes of Muslims on "whites" in this nation could use some comparison to what Amerika does to those cultures abroad. Otherwise he is a one eyed man.


  47. The U.S. is just a "green pasture" full of "savages", and across the fence, pond, or mountain range is another greener pasture. The elites have no affiliation and are never sated. They are a cancer, a consuming virus, that is driven by "something dark" to pathologically rape, pillage, kill, consume, and hopefully, experience a mass die off themselves. Truly a plague they are upon all that they touch.

  48. We could ask ourselves if we'd been better off never tasting the Joo-G fruits of artificial democracy (hipocrisy)

    Other cultures who never knew it, had no reference. Now they believe it having tasted it and will never know it's a fraud.
    By the time they get acclimated to NWO as the model, they will be scarfing white bread like nobody's business.

    Nice card trick Boomer.

  49. Either NOW or sometime in the near future. 286,000 fts sometimes mucks the moment.

  50. Found at
    {read their editor's comment at the link above, then view the video below. No explanation necessary}!

  51. World War III Scenario

    The launching of an outright war using nuclear warheads against Iran – which has the world’s third largest known reserves of oil behind Saudi Arabia and Iraq – has been on the drawing board of the Pentagon since 2005.

    If such a war were to be launched, the entire Middle East/Central Asia region would be drawn into a conflagration. Humanity would be precipitated into a World War III scenario.

    Incredibly, the very real danger of World War III is not front-page news. The mainstream media has excluded in-depth analysis and debate on the implications of these war plans. The onslaught of World War III, were it to be carried out, would be casually described as a “no-fly zone”, an operation under NATO’s “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P) with minimal “collateral damage” or as “surgical” punitive bombings against specific military targets, all of which purport to support “global security” as well as “democracy” and human rights in the targeted country.~Michel Chussodovsky – Global Research

  52. Yeah. So we bomb another middle-eastern desert country of camel jockeys...I mean the sheeple think they're already half-way back to the stone-age, so we're "helping em" find their Roots, right?! A great slice of "Patriotic" Americans (sic) have already signed off on, and supported the "other" wars half-way-round the world (read as -- where we can't see em, and news coverage is "sanitized". We only like our movies and video games to be GoreFests). The sheeple have not shown to care about any of the other atrocities, so what's the dif here? Its a stupid rhetorical question of course, because, the sheeple have No Idea what a formidable foe Iran is, nor how a conflagration with Nukes (in the interest of "No Nukes!" Chew on that fat turd awhile until ya crunch the cornball goebbelslation of it) will affect their own pathetic lives, but the freaking Mother Nature that blows 'round the world!

    So sad...we live amongst imbeciles. Lacking in empathy, walking dead actually. What the fuck good are they to other people's of the world? Some gigantic percentage still think media and politicians are watching out for em. Bankers they're starting to feel the point of the "shaft". But Right/Left paradigm, elections, a congress and president that say words via media sound bytes yet do the exact opposite. Gee, that's too tough to figure out what's going on. So...,"we gotta be patriotic, and support our soldier boys and "elected" leaders, so we'll give em the benefit of the doubt!"

    I'm sick of this shit. I'm sick of this totally fucked up rat race led by ratfucks. When thinking is a revolutionary thought, we know wehr phukt.

  53. You sayed it good Boom to the tune.

    That's why I have Wrangler genes instead of Levi's...if you fee fie fo fom where I'm coming from.

    Maybe these tribal fistflucks will end in a la bibliotech sort of fini and we can fish for some trout next year 'round kripus times. Keep a trout in your trousers and your never alone.

    And don't take it so'll disturb the trout.

    Pictures at 11.

  54. Thanks. Trouser Trout eh?

  55. WillieRand1- up the tailpipe wit dat pre-packaged "Soros" tripe.

    I won't even mention yer Teabaggers on their pre-paid Koch-machine hanging pre-made signs on their medicaid Hoverounds in the fine Summer whether they know the difference between "statist" and who's-the-fattest nanny fanny state or plate or polyglot. whatnot

    Soros wants to throw the peasants a few crumbs. The Koch boys want to remind the pez they are all Joe-the-plumber until we can make them dumber... a cheap (and temporary) alternative to the usual skull-smash. My kids downtown aint partyin hearty... they're coughing and sniffing in the cold because they want to make a difference... bless they sweet brave young deluded hearts. They are holding their own... and they may be young fools... but they aint no tools, ok?

    Some of them are even Randy-pandy "libertarians" who "support Ron Paul" oh my... and I wood kick em in da ass if eye could git me foot up that high. But would not swap a-one of 'em for a hundred tired-ass old fooks who bore me to distraction with all that Zionist "free market" krap. You KNOW da JOOZ put you up to all that, right?

    Who else but a TOOL would believe in "free markets?"

  56. Again Waldoroo Waldoroo Waldoraha ha ha ha ha Waldoroo,

    It's a babboonalune you sing to the midnight nightlight in your own minusophet room.

    A free market like a place of trade, even barter and all be free men just a makin' the deals betwixt one another to best each their ability, is free trade. The "Free Trade" meme you hoist upon me is a figment of your own befuddled reading of my words. I grok those are "code words" of the hoochie men.

    As far as Soros and der connectivitidad of the stream, you either did not read the articles making those publicly KNOWN connections - OR you're beset with dehumbloids and arrogance and refuse to admit when you are simply wrong.

    But that is at least ten times better than fading away mumbling in your navel like Kusumi the swami of jing nong tatterfrong.

    Impasse is unavoidable in a group of strong willed individuals.

    Let it then be.

  57. Oh, just one more question Waldoroo...

    Is your bottom line, "To each according to need - From each according to ability"?


  58. nope.

    ability/need is as much hooey as "free markets." both take place on a small scale... on a larger scale, unlikely... if not impossible- just yet.

    awful hard to "enforce" a paradox.

    Now- I am quite familiar with Adbusters. $185k OVER 10 YEARS??? Are you KIDDING? $18k a year? That's "financial control?" Used "Culture Jam" as a textbook for years. Does that make me a "Marxist?" Only in the fitful dreams of shitheads who write turds like: "They are anti- Capitalism, anti-consumerism, pro-environment, and pro-violence."

    Well, sort of, yes, absolutely, and... whoops... "pro-violence?" They pulled that one right out of their ass. "Pro-environment" what-- like that's "bad?" What kind of steaming shithead is "anti-environment" and where do THEY live???

    "Soros bankrolling #OWS" is desperate la-la land bullshit... and just where do your teebaggers get their bread?

    Hello, kettle? Pot calling...

  59. Waldo, why do you mention "MY" teabaggers?

    I get the impression that everything is just this that and the other thing depending on how the butter spreads on your toast each morning Waldo.

    "Yes - er no, but maybe...? Ask me tomorrow, but use a different meme van dorkal when you say that pardner..."~woowoo


  60. No no...I DO get what you are saying Waldoroo:

    'Everything in the world of Machiavellian 'practical' politics works on a deep covert level of divide and conquer - spooky manipulations and the power of "munny" EXCEPT for your precious Occupotatoes because "they's brave'n it with da sniffles".

    AND,' if you diss the Occupuss you da bad T-party fascips doopy doop.'

    That's just magical linguaw all streaky brown and flushable.

  61. cos you be playin' their bowl sheet-music bub. that's where all that "Soros" hoodle originates.

    an eye notice ye focus on a minutia point- like dingleberry on the 911 C2 thread... what- waldo is a flip-flopper? wal- put this one on yer foot pil-grim:

    if you sayin: "#ows izza buncha Soros-controlled puppets whose agenda is to institute a Marxist one-world NWO gummint," yer playin the same tune... so ya must have joined the bagger band.

    mebbe you aint in the band... but ya seem to be buyin the sheet-music.

    one more time: there IS NO NWO... it's the same OLD world order that has been playing the paper "munny" shell-game for centuries.

    it has NOTHING to do with any celebrity sock-puppets. the only thing "new" is that the paper-pushers have dropped even the PRETENSE of giving a shit that millions are dying... in bullshit "wars" and local brutality... and billions more are going to die in the toxic stew CREATED by the same old order paper "munny" pushers.

    they shit in their own skillet by blowing up the "debt" balloon so fast it popped. they are STILL trying to "collect" while the planet cooks. when the pez can't "pay" because they're DEAD, the pushers will shrug and waddle back inside one of their fiefdoms.

    now, belay that "Soros" crap. He's trying to "reform" a dead horse... while most of the 1%ers are trying on the Ron Paul puppet... getting the pez to hold still until psycho-mercs can get here with the war-toys and smash the pez flatter than piss on a plate.

    an if ya buy into that "nanny state" krap and tell the little brown people to eat cake... yer gonna be taking fire from both ends. kinda like drinkin a jug o hot sauce and lighting an exploding cigar.

    BLOOEY... frazzzzzzzz.....plrrrrp.

    and that aint "marxism." it's PHYSICS.

  62. You can't seem to separate the intent of the Occupiers from the intent of the manipulators Waldo.

    Just like you can't seem to separate my intent from that of the manipulators - you interpret my revealing of the manipulation as part of the manipulation.

    "one more time: there IS NO NWO… it’s the same OLD world order that has been playing the paper “munny” shell-game for centuries."

    Spazbabble Waldo - The NWO has been their GOAL in that shell-game for centuries. That goal is coming to fruition and about to be realized. If it were consummated you and I would't be having this conversation. We would both be likely dead - or wishing we were.

    And it ain't "marxism" it is ZIONISM.

  63. eye simply can not see any "manipulators" controlling the #occupups. hell- they can't even "manipulate" each other. And eye DO have a teary-spot for 'em. Diss 'em all ya want. But to say there is a "covert agenda" is just plain dibble-dum. Maybe it's a case of "projection" or some other psycho-babble on the part of the "liberty" loons. After all, they ginned up a buncha swell wars with all that "patriot" krap.

    Zionism schmionism- po-tay-to po-tah-to. It's just a shill-billy the stupid-heads think has something to do with the "bible," another text-thump that works even better on 'em than the "constitution" they keep rolled up in their fist. The kids downtown don't HAVE any "munny," otherwise they wouldn't BE there. The fat teepers can't understand why they don't just cross the street and grease palms like all the card-trick "financial advisers" and real estate "developers" do.

    We got plenty of half-vacant concrete-toilet strip-malls testifying to their "economic development." The peeps next door who bitched about their "taxes" (until they lost their "jobs") are gone now... houses have been for sale for months. If they were brave enough to go down to the #occupation, they could at least get something to eat. The kids will feed anybody... as long as they wash their own dishes.

    And whaddya know... about half the peeps in da USA now qualify as "poor" or "lower income." So much for that "middle class" schmeeze. And dey aint gonna git no gummint cheese. Instead, the sock-puppets will probably change the definition of "poor." yum. definition soup... all streaky brown and flushable. Throw in somma dem "zionism" lumps and see if they float or sink.

  64. “We are there to touch raw nerves. Our world is in a volatile state and if we want to save it, we’d better say what we think – we’d better call a spade a spade.”~Gilad Atzmon


    The US is a military police-state. “Peaceful Protest” does not work against a police-state, Public Relations works. The police-state is the Public Relations Regime.

    The point is, whatever happens in the real world simply does not exist in any other way than it is spun by PR to the greater majority of the people. Since the whole point of peaceful protest is to sway that larger majority to political change, it is doomed to failure. Because those protests only mean what the spin-masters project that they mean to the vast herd of TVZombies.

    So I would suggest Waldo, rather than filling me in on the woes of the world, that you know damned well I know just as well as you do; that you rather move beyond your emotional woowoo state of mind and face these raw facts.

    I also suggest you give Peter's post another gander and smell the coffee.

  65. It seems anything that "sparkles" as being invested with decency, truth, life, morality, beauty, whatever, is destined to be stolen, beat down, killed, maimed, transmogrified, manipulated and so on, and so on. We can attach "names" to these mutants who must destroy to feel something akin to emotion, yet they are quite simply a "class" unto themselves -- Predators. Psychopaths. Sociopaths. Narcissists. Names that name what they "do". They are as predictable as gravity; and most don't seem them coming unto they get hit over the head and fall to the ground. Dead.

    This mutant class wants power and control of Everything! So, of course they will co-opt Everything that stands in their way, or can be used to get their way. They are "users" and "perverters", liars to the root of their being. Devils in human form, or demon-possessed, or just whacked and skewed depending on your view.

    So what "class" does SorrowAss hail from? He's a mutant. And he serves others above him. He's been a busy bad bee for some time, so expect his tentacles reaching like a hydra into the types of things mutant men like him involve themselves with. They never stop, because they are mutant machines that have a giant hole in their black souls that can never be filled. End of story. They do what they do, like all predators do. You don't reform them. You incarcerate them or kill a deadly snake.

    Is somebody trying to co-opt the Occupiers? Of course! Probably many different factions of mutants. Why? Because the kids have Ideals, and notions, and common sense, and are holding up shining Truth in the faces of abject criminal elites. They're so easy to spray like bugs, beat, and mock, that TPTB cannot leave them alone. Blah, blah, blah, it goes. Smash em down and trash em. History is full of scenes like this. This is happening in our time in real time. The flouride fastfood fatass (FFF) generation just don't get why the kids are pissed and have gone all "idealistic". The FFF's figure this is "just the way it is...". Well, fortunately, a few are paying attention to the frog boil going on, and they're hopping out of the pot and croaking for all their worth! There's only so many options left to take in the scenarios presented, unless the frogsheep change the rules of the game. Otherwise, everybody's hopping or croaking to the tune of the cookers who are turning up the heat.

  66. Yup Boom, you put that real well, and like it is.

    I guess Waldoroo thinks I have something against the idealistic kids.
    I don't. I am just pointing out the position the system has put them in - as target practice for the big crack down in the works.

    It will take some real hard knocks now to get these kids off their passivity programming and realize there is a real physical war being waged against them, and all of us.

    Power concedes nothing but to a greater power. That is the law.

  67. So here is a glimpse of the power this state claims. Now you tell me if you seriously believe peaceful protest will have any impact whatsoever on a totalitarian regime such as this:

    NDAA 2012

    New Bill Authorizes Rendition of American Citizens Living On U.S. Soil to Other Countries for Torture

    Top experts – including the sponsors of the bill – say that the newly-passed National Defense Authorization Act authorizes indefinite detention of Americans living within the United States.

    Top legal experts point out that the government claims the right to assassinate American citizens on U.S. soil without any charges, trial or other constitutional protection.

    I noted last month that Congress was considering repealing prohibitions against torture. (I wrote to attorneys at the ACLU, but haven’t received word yet on whether such a provision has been enacted).

    However, Mother Jones notes today that Congress has explicitly authorized rendition, allowing American Citizens on U.S. soil to be sent to other countries which do torture:

    A defense spending bill that passed both houses of Congress overwhelmingly and is set to be signed by President Barack Obama as early as this week could make it easier for the government to transfer American terrorist suspects to foreign regimes and security forces.

    The National Defense Authorization Act (PDF) contains a section that says the president has the power to transfer suspected members and supporters of Al Qaeda, the Taliban, or “associated” groups “to the custody or control of the person’s country of origin, any other foreign country or any other foreign entity.


  68. 1776 is over - it's over.

    1787 is over - it's over.

    1865 is over - it's over.

    1913 is over - it's over.

    1933 is over - it's over.

    1947 is over - it's over.

    1963 is over - it's over.

    1968 is over - it's over.

    1984 is redux - it's redux

    2001 is over - it's over.

    2011 is over - it's over.


  69. "The point is, whatever happens in the real world simply does not exist in any other way than it is spun by PR to the greater majority of the people" ~ WW...

    This statement is probably The Most Cogent descriptive phrasing of "the Denial Problem" that I have read to date. Put it in a Psych book. Recall the bastard -- I think it was Lon Cheney -- saying They "Create" reality, and it is left to the rest of the grAsseaters to read history and figure it out. Something like that.

    Yah! Perfect lead in and segue to "Power concedes nothing but to a greater power. That is the law". If you cannot read a maniacal powerLord warmonger buttification there, then you don't recognize the wheeze of the breed!

    So...ambling forward...we discover "Someone" is always on the prowl. The only question is -- what is their sophistication? The boiling frogs will never know Who cooked em. Some of the croakers will be martyrs for the Cause of the Free. And others will hide out and escape, or wage asymmetrical warfare guerilla-style up one side and down the other of the mutant reptiles. Perhaps successfully. History tells us that persistence, patience, and attrition will turn the tide.

  70. As to the very last part of your post Boom;

    Bruce Lee once told a story about an old man he met on a beach one morning. For some reason they had an argument, and Lee attributed it to his own arrogance.

    So it became a fight. Lee was a young man and had never been defeated. In but a few quick encounters Lee finally knocked the old guy cold to the ground.

    He snickered to himself and turned to walk away. He woke up about 20 minutes later when the old man was pouring cold water in his face.

    They sat and looked at each other as Lee came to himself, as the old man sat across from him smiling - finally Lee looked back and smiled and both broke out in laughter.

    "Good" said the old man..".you learned something today."

    The moral to the story is a simple one. 'It's not over until it's over."

  71. "I also suggest you give Peter’s post another gander and smell the coffee."

    oh what- like I did 40 fucking YEARS ago?? Like what- "boycott Walmart?" "Smell the coffee???"

    Smell my ASS you old fart. Like the BM Gang? Like THAT? I was THERE. Silly-willy-dipdunk loose-lips junior-ass blabbermouth-on-line fuk-nob GIRLIE-MAN.

    Please contact my "law firm:" Fuckoff, Eatshit and Die."

  72. Ah Waldooboopidoo,

    A bit of frustrated angst has brought a burst of Anglo-Saxon from the deepest part of you I see. Like I pointed out, it is that emotional attachment clouding the reasoning mind...

    Now you can gangslang me 'till your tongue cleaves to your palette - but that won't mask the fact that all you have is magical woowoo thinking.

  73. Now pardon me COTOmotos if I am a bit frank in this, bit as far as I'm concerned Waldoo has done nothing but spray piss here for a long series of posts.

    What is driving this? I very simple misunderstanding. He thinks that I am down on the youth who have taken to the Occupy movement. I thought that I had made it clear that I respect their idealism as well as their desires to be free of this draconian bullshit we all suffer under. If I see the majority of them as naive should be no surprise considering the nature of the general culture.

    BUT, I am not dissing them, I am dissing the system that has set them up on it's gameboard for it's own nefarious purpose.

    When I say they are being manipulated, I don't mean that they have necessarily been taken over by the dark side. I mean that they are now game pieces on the playground of Machiavellian political theater. That there has been urging in the direction of this field of play by the powers that be is simply public is all of the "Color Revolution" ilk, and there is enough ties to the foundations and all of that to leave this beyond a reasonable doubt.

    If I have been too heavy on Waldo in this exchange I apologize to him and the rest of the crew here. But as far as I am concerned he has been fighting a phantom of his minds own creation - and not hearing me. I would invite his understanding in this, but so far it has been futile. I can delight in his clever slang-soup, and yet draw the fact that it just covers for some deep confusion.

    He can throw a hissy and take his toys and go home if he wishes. But it is becoming very tiring to see the thin skinned slinking off like pussies here.

    So Waldo, let's you and I drop it. And don't be a weepy wah wah and leave with your tail between your legs.

  74. hey boom,
    if one feels compelled to demonstrate one should prepare himself with the same deadly weapons as their antagonist.
    Who invited them, anyway?
    In my world, if you wield a weapon it should be no surprise if you receive a bullet for your troubles.
    Fuck'em all.

  75. as i said rogue, it must be turned around. it's time for the fear to blanket those who HAVE. Time to dig into those multi-billion dollar babies and see much economic equality. I do believe that the next ignorant, grubby, broke republican accuses us of wanting to take rich people's money and re-distribute it I'm gonna take off his duct-taped sneaker and beat him with it. The brokest people are republicans, that explains a lot.
    it is time for some heavy self defense. just cuz some asshole is in a uniform doesn't mean you can't hit back, spray back or shoot back.

  76. a perfect recipient of the "bullet" heard round the world.
    This country has more manical, old lady mugging, 7-11 stick-up artists, bank robbers, child mollesting pieces of shit. Their lives don't count but for the maggots which will dine on their rotting corpses..
    why can't some of these hopeless souls do some good, pick up a gun and carefully select those who the world would not miss a bit. start the fuckin war already, you're already doomed, turn it around and do some worldly good.

  77. very cool,,but highly suspicious

  78. support our troups? fuck you. they signed up knowing it was an unjust occupation. I don't support shit. What's the matter with these kids parents? they can't help educate their kids about worldly matters or are they just as stupid as their kids. and for all those reservists who thought they would get a free education,, ain't nothin free in the US military. so, how's that knowledge cummin along. ya learned anything yet? jerk offs. if they hadn't joined there couldn't have been an invasion.

  79. waldo, they changed the definition of poor a long, long time ago. "For example, for a four-person family unit with two children, the 2010 poverty threshold is $22.113. For one- or two-person family units, the poverty thresholds differ by age; the 2010 threshold for one individual under age 65 is $11,344, whereas for an individual 65 or over it is $10,458."
    This hasn't changed much in 25 yrs. They just keep jumbling #s until they fit their lying mf'n mouths. Who sucks so bad that they're only worth$11,000?
    Kill them all and let god sort out the pieces.

  80. wad- doo, did you direct that totally un-called for tirade at me?
    If so, see if your dick can reach nyour ass and go fuck yourself.
    Just cuz you can't take sum heat from someone who is obviously out of your league in the intelligence department. Isn't it your bedtime or somethin? asshole.
    If not, my apology.

  81. rogue,I'm not at all as knowledgable as most here, mostly because I was a punk all my life, wouldn't take shit from anyone. But even I understood your point through this fiasco. he turned this whole thread into a redundant pissin match and said nothing. If we were in closer proximity I'd say he was lookin for an ass whoopin. wah!

  82. I talked an 18 year old kid here out of joining up...I think his bitch-ma just wanted him outta the house. But he and I talked for several sessions, and I told him just what would happen if he joined.
    He had a talk with the recruiter and asked some questions I put in his head - the recruiter admitted it - he would be off to a war theater right out of basic. The kid said 'fuck it'.

  83. It's pretty clearly directed at me Peter. I had referenced you so that is how your name ended up in the conversation.

    I think the heat in here has gotten a bit out of hand.

    Perhaps we have all taken ourselves a bit too seriously.

    I really have no ill will towards Waldo - I just wanted to break through to him. I failed, I'm sorry about that.

  84. " Fuckoff, Eatshit and Die.”~Waldo

    Is that really how you are signing off here Waldo? That is to be your swansong to COTO?

    Now you takin' the same exit as that pussyboy Kasumi and that raging maniac Flackstuper?

    Tongue twisted in your gabby haze me boy? No more juicy slangprattle whoopy hoochie from the king of beebob jitter rap?

    It's a sad epitaph Waldoroo...I would have expected better of hot shit academiac thou.

  85. hi rogue and merry christmas to all.
    I'm sorry for any coto member who's been around for some time would, by now, 'get it'. I thought i'd seen the last of the personality challenged back in the day. oh well!
    I also feel a deep sorro for the occupiers who believed that their was enough empathy, justice and generousity in this world that if they just let our 'leaders' know how they felt and exposed them to a bit of economic reality that they would wake up like scroodge on christmas morning and attone for all of their self-serving greed by taking a few ner'felt knocks to their billions by bringing all of the manufacturing jobs home, voluntarily raising base pay to a livable range, make allowances for women who give birth so they can stay home and raise their own children at least until the reach school age and take any other measures which would inevitibly raise the intellingence, empathy and family values by osmosis andwe'd all live hapilly ever after.
    Unfortunately, they're learning the difficult way that those whom they've been tought were there to serve and protect, so-called "public servants" are nothing more than charlatans, mass murders, liars and thieves.
    these are people who are directly responsible for the loss of lives of hundreds of thousands of souls, including innocent women and children,, the maiming of twice as many and the economic travisty which encompassess the globe, forcing millions upon millions into a life of abject poverty.
    History and even more recently, these fractured souls have demonstrated that the only way to get through to them, before they end the world as we once knew it, is violence and death.
    I'm wondering when some sirhan sirhans, lee harvey oswalds and a few other like minded psychopaths step away from the occupiiers and start taking out some of the cretens who are responsible for the mess we're in. It's just a matter of time. When all else fails, revolt. it takes a lot of warm running blood to effect a revolution,, anything less is just a waste of time.
    people marching in the streets,, start a revolution,, up the revolution.

  86. Leave him be. he has never been more than what the rest were, a laughable baffoon.
    Is it a pre-requisite that these highly diminished pseudo-intellectuals develop a speach pattern that resembles a cross between a pirate and a rasta-man or do they believe that it makes them appear an eccentric, more mysterious/interesting type of ass hole?
    question: why on earth would one cotonion call another names?
    answer: one wouldn't!

    He reminds me of my ex-buddie who is poorer than dirt, voted twice for bush and for the last time called me a "fuckin liberal" puttin dirt on it.
    I'm sick of assholes who don't have a true clue what real life entails. It ain't always pretty and self revelations are not for the queazy. If you want to have effect in this world you have to play by their rules. That means murder, torture, PERSONAL violent harassment, theft and lots of blood. If you put yourself in the situation you'd best be ready to pull the trigger. This is the final solution to todays problems, anything short of that and you are not only wasting your time but your going to a gunfight, unprepared.