Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Truth About #Occupy Wall Street - David Icke's Conversation with Luke Rudkowski

Luke's been on the ground covering this movement since day 1.   He's been documenting what's been happening in NYC.  Listen to what he has to say to David Icke on 11/17/11 about the people he's spoken with at OWS, whether it's been co-opted or not  and the behavior of the police. ~jg


  1. This is great Jayjee

    I think what has happened is this was a set up by the same think-tankers that manipulate everything, that has been co-opted by the People...
    The Money Changers underestimated the people by buying into their own delusional PR...and now they are crappin' their pants,,,Lol

    I sensed a 'genius' in the movement, that I remember from 1968...where we felt that "God was afoot." and among us. This is the second chance...
    The thing now is perseverance - not dispersing. Holding that line.

    What happens next is still a mystery...I do change my mind from time to time given new information. Right now at this point this looks good - very good.

  2. i received this video from an anti-vaccine site.

    the occupy wall street free flu shot campaign. the 1% corporate america poisoning the 99% with....? is the UN funded group handing out very professional- looking cards at the ows location where i was protesting - other locations as well. two special guests were listed on the card as Conversation Starters: aqeela sherrills & stephanie van hook. sherills is also involved in the nauseating globalist documentary 'thrive'.

    a convenient venue, just in case anyone wants to comment on the vaccines or anything else re co-opting. i think it helps. at my location there was not a single non-progressive. no one bullhorned about the fed (except me) nor did most seem to understand why the banks should be busted. many are so caught up in the moment that they are neglecting critical thinking skills.


  3. Kind of has a tribal feel to it doesn't it


  4. OCCU-PI - infinite possibilities

    Leadership would destroy the Occu-pi event. As the spring winds it's being wound somewhere else as well. They can spend their time like we did protesting Nam but the history speaks volumes that there is another movement coming right behind it.

    Icke can feel the energy and so can they. Force to follow and frequencies for change. Kinetic means in movement and the Arab Spring and MISO ops and ows have been a string of events that times perfectly with 2012 event.

    I am glad they protest as I needed to do it when I was younger. It's good energy inside the park but bad vibes outside. This will end like Kent State or Chicago but to the tenth power. Or worse they pull the rug from it by deflecting the country to some other evan operation.

    By the way I did find it timely that they changed terminology used in IMCC from PSYOPS to MISO. Military Information Support Operations should come to no surprise as the information coming out of FOIA is so damning that the acronym just had to go.


    Ivan Marovic of OTPOR - CIA funded Serbian agents, Clinton Stooge!

  5. "Leadership would destroy the Occu-pi event."

    Exactly, the only leader they need is within their souls.

    It is the co-opt deco-opt dance. It will go round and round 'till the bell rings.
    Ah,,,another game of musical chairs. The wheel of fate spins, I stand astonished\\][//

  6. Yes...neo-tribal....very cool. If I weren't an old fogy I'd go on up.

  7. Seems we are seeing a Constipated Conspiracy via Cosmic Frequency Jam...
    it comes in all flavors and textures, even Jingoberry, they can get it too with the right conversation, and attention.


  9. I;m afraid my brain will explode if I hear "one-world government" one more time...

    like "we are in danger of losing our republic."

    1. It's here. 2. It's G(-20)ONE

  10. Chick it oot Waadloo:

    By Richard N. Gardner
    Council on Farbins Dialations 1974

    This is a test - this is only a test - had it been a real world order Waldoroo's brains would be splattered all over his keyboard and monitor and merrymack

  11. "I shall kick the CIA into a thousand pieces."~John F. Kennedy

  12. Too bad the majority of the 99% don't know that flu shots are useless and more importantly, dangerous. Some real education needs to go on there regarding Big Pharma and the Medical Industrial Complex.

    Wake up people! Research what's in the needle ! These people are trying to make you sick not cure you.

    As far as end the fed people and ron paul suppoprters, I've spoken to many of them on global revolution chat. There are your dumbass Obama supporters there too but there are always several people there to set them straight. (including me)

    What Luke said is what I've experienced by being in that chat and talking with protesters and followers on the net alike since the first week.. People from every occupy all over the country and world. There are SO many different opinions and personalities and levels of awareness that you cannot pin this movement down and label it one type of group.. One thing it is definitely not for sure though is right wing. The right wingers are the ones bashing it and trying to derail it. THEY are the real authoritarians and cheer on the police bashing skulls and tear gassing.

  13. JFK said that? Wow, I'd never heard that particular quote before. Is it any wonder he wound up with a hole in his head?

  14. This is so disturbing RKDa. What a great way to track the sheeple.

    They ought to do a follow up NGEO special entitled, 'Following the migration of the Monarchs'

  15. Arc, what city are u protesting in? I think that makes a big difference.

    NYC is a very big, diverse city which would account for the vastly differing points of view and ideologies.

    As far as vaccines, the majority of amerikans still think they are a good idea. Just go onto a yahoo article about them and read the comments posted. You'll see what true believers there are regarding the toxic shots. I have less and less tolerance for the willfully ignorant. There need to be missionaries at OWS educating them on the dangers of those evil jabs.

  16. Yes, JFK said that shortly after the Bay of Pigs fiasco. He transferred authority to the Joint Chiefs for presidential intelligence briefings shortly after that event and was in the process of totally rearranging the "national security state" when he got plugged.

    There is a great scene of film/video of Kennedy standing on the front steps of the White House with Allen Dulles. They are talking and at the end Dulles reaches out to shake Kennedy's hand, Kennedy puts his hand in his coat pocket and turns his right shoulder to Dulles looking away with a look of disgust on his face.

    They hated each other, and Kennedy wasn't playing any "make nice" games with him.

    Kennedy knew what and who he was up against, and had a good idea that they were going to kill him. You've heard or read the "secret societies" speech at the National Press Club in 1962...[yes?]

    In September of 63 he gave a speech at a collage where he warned that the "great office of the US Presidency" was being used to bring tyranny to America, and before he left office he was determined to warn the American people.

    He knew he was surrounded by jackals.

  17. Why are US Laws written in code?

    Because you wouldn't like it if you understood it.