Monday, October 17, 2011

A Little Air Time

For having not gotten much sleep the night before and just getting back from marching on the FED, I only managed to fall off track a few times. But overall I give myself a "C."

They said they want me back in January. We'll see.


  1. M, do u have a specific link to the podcast? That link just takes us to the main page. Which show were u on?

  2. Highlight the link, right-click & hit "Open Link," and it will take you to the podcast-page, and you'll see my name ion the first podcast. Hit "listen now."

  3. Wow...accessing that site was like negotiating with Israelis...processing, processing - load and load but never loaded....

    I'm sure it's not the site but my auld fastooned browser...which I keep for cover means....

    anyway I missed it. Sorry I wooda liketa hear you speechoid.


  4. Hey M... you should have ur own radio show.. I'm dead serious. You have the voice and the gift for conspiracy gab to pull it off. You did a great job with the short amount of time you had. I wanted to hear more of u and less of gory The black guy was cool with a great voice. He gets it even if he's got a lot of DiBari schoolin' to do ;) Kudos & Kisses for a job well done :)

  5. Better than a C Michael. The sad truth is that no one really knows history. Jefferson------The guests and MC/DJ were not really savvy though talented, they were a disappointment.

    1913, Charles Lindburgh Sr. and Jr. and dozens after who kept warning about the IMCC to Ike to JFK and the Silver certificate.

    JFK, the shot across the bow for all comers who would challenge the FED and their sovereignty.

    The answer is to buy silver and gold sovereigns, trade and barter, cancel and cut your cards and save your energy for when they get desperate.

    The IMCC fails when they cannot pay their army.