Sunday, September 4, 2011

Words in Pictures


First Boots on the Ground

  ~everything else, airborne~

Exporting Democracy ~ Importing Opium

 "such a deal"


 "Joke in the Box"


  1. "Every picture tells a story donnit?"~Rod the mod

    Love the boots on the ground pic.

    Looks like the NATO-al Qaeda alliance has just about finished the job of wiping out Libya's infrastructure, and are beginning the bloodbath in the streets with their "humanitarian intervention."

    Gladio shakes hands with fanatical Islam aka CIA. Whatta world....

  2. I gotta mention that it sure can make one cranky to deal with a shillfuck like that slimeball muthafukah agent Smith, like Zaza, Boomer and I have been doing for the past couple of days.

    First hand encounters with agents for the criminal enterprise is really disgusting, but enlightening as well. These droids are stupid. Just mindless widgets on autopilot.

    If push ever really comes to shove, they are toast. They aren't smart enough to defeat the truth. They will have to take themselves out in the bargain. They can never defeat the thirst for liberty, justice and, truth.

  3. There's another one also, maybe it's Smith, reads like him, a chemtrail denier. Took him 3 months to get back at me on Coto. Smith's been pretty stupid in his retorts reiterating NIST evidence as the absolute unquestionable truth. Pretty obvious, he doesn't come up with this himself. Hope you're following this dickhead 1 and dickhead 2. Keep it coming, we're just starting to have fun at your expense

  4. Geez, how can you go round and round with obvious shills like Smith. It's like arguing with the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. . Like you, I have an urgent need to blast his type with the truth but when the conversation keeps going round in circles, I have to leave the crazy party and head back to the land of sanity.

    He's there to deny deny deny, not learn anything. Why waste your perfectly excellent brain power on one who obviously doesn't have a mind of his own?

  5. PD... way to sum up the winds of war in just three pictures.

  6. I call it screwing around with the clergy and it's a known crime against nature to waste a good one liner

  7. Yes and now the job is winding down they have to worry about making sure terror weapons end up in the hands of CIAda agents and Monarch TI's. Around the world they go dropping postcards along the way.

    I expect the Lone Wolfs and small aircraft episodes will make another appearance as the Joseph-Andrew-Stack (/_\) IRS affair.

    A hit on Walmartstreet would go a long way in the continuing SPLC, ADL, FBI, ATF MKlansmen.

  8. Mental Revenge suggests you ignore the Mr. and Ms. Smiths of the world. Even Christ said to move on. I had to stop after a coiuple of rounds. No mas! I'd rather eat a hot dog to get my bullshit in a sheep casing.

    They come when you're right and leave when you are wrong. I'd just respond "Yes" to everything they say. I love sppitting illuminati words back at them.

  9. ;) - danke, Fräulein

    I love the new nazi lexicon that changes every 4 to 8 years. Somewhere some sheister makes a living on Tax Dollars to come up with these terms. Like a Hallmark writer they all read like crap and say the same thing.

    Monopoly (that's illegal) Let's call it 'Too Big to Fail' Yeah that's the ticket.

  10. It is this...sense of wonder...I guess. I like a dunce as a soundingboard from time to time to post long stories of historical significance.

    No, I wouldn't dream I could change a shillminded zumbutt...but as a take off for some lesson, it is great to have a foil at times.

    But yes, it comes to a point of exhaustion and eventually loses its charm.

    There's no place like Home.
    Coto2 is like the reatail store on main street. Coto1 is the studio where thoughts are formed and polished.

    But if these guys are all the Sunstein group can come up with....Lol

  11. 'But if these guys are all the Sunstein group can come up with"

    Yea, right? I think Mr Smith was disguised as a man called simply "B" who was posting all over yahoos 9/11 remembrance pages. Mr Coto (M) was there to put him in his place. I had a few words to say here and there as well.

    Will, it gave me and M hope to see more 9/11 truthers there than sheeple posting comments :) You should go check it out .

  12. Victim Smith may be cointel but as JG elluded it's hard to see this as the best they have. Somehow I remember Smith as a Trimlet ??? Was that his name?

    Pathetic small junk small world afici'0'nados who need reassurance from someone. Followers of idols as biblically reference in Moses' time. Somehow they missed the "self" gene pool and dove into black river of denial instead.

    Torture in my mind would be incarceration with a smith who talks this stuff every waking hour. (I shiver)

  13. Torture in my mind would be incarceration with a smith who talks this stuff every waking hour. (I shiver)

    Mine too PD.

    I believe the guy from that other place you are referring to was Edward J Tremlett. What a creepy little worm. He vomits out the mainstream line as if he didn't have a brain of his own to use. Hell, he probably doesn't.

  14. That;s him Tremlett. What a freak, rambling nonsense. He fancied himself some jetsetter playa as I remembered. I think he talked about being at Davos. Ha! as what, a busboy :)

  15. Been out in the rubarb for a few days communing with nature, just back at it. Got to say, Smith has kept it going for quite some time. Whoever's going straight on, on Coto with him right now sure is playing him like a fine instrument. He's theorized some pretty dumb things. He sure has it in for what he dubs to be those CT types meaning us. Hardcore skeptic would be a more fitting description, too bad that person missed the boat on that one.