Friday, September 16, 2011

JPK Interviewed on the Truther Girls' American Freedom radio show


"We can just call what's happening now 'LOOTERNOMICS'...

"The United States is an active crime scene -- there ought to be yellow police tape all the way around the borders of the States..." (quote at 10:51)

"Most of the activity at the top of government these days now is criminal..." (quote at 11:34)

"They're complete jokers. It's a farce. When we're watching Washington DC now, it shouldn't be taken as much more than entertainment..." (quote at 14:15)

"The big boys have a foul game in progress. A foul game, and it's a game that's not sustainable... (quote at 31:43)"

"For the United States, we can just say that the big boys are jacking around the people. And when the people have been jacked around enough, maybe they will start to push back..." (quote at 38:11)

"There's no doubt that we have basically sociopaths in charge of America and also of the news media...

"I can call them sociopaths. I just did." (quote at 45:10)


  1. Excellent points John,
    I've been calling for criminal charges against congress, the senate annd especially,the Bush administration.
    Now extended to Obama for failing to abolish the Patriot Act, for stealing American tax dollars to finance banks, wall st, and bad investors. It's time to bring down the upper class, one by one. We need to set a drastic example that we are in charge. The military-industrial complex has consistently attacked and assassinated our leaders well, it's time we struck back. Hang'em high.
    Nothing say's "straighten up" like a noose!

  2. A little something I penned this morning, seems appropriate here.

    " The shame is that the paradigm is controlled by the shallow, the dis-spirited and the disconnected.
    They're the result of the very thing they're generating.
    As with everything out of balance, the further out of balance, the greater the landslide of the balance restoring herself."
    Pretty obvious I know, but best said.

  3. Pretty Obvious!

    nuff said o veritable 1.

  4. Nice job John. I like the truther girls/girl. But I was a bit surprised at how incredulous she was when you were trying to explain to her just how much worse the economy can get. Forget trying to explain hyperinflation. I know she's young but surely she has read something about a time back in the olden days called the depression :)

  5. Bravo John Kusumi. Hegels Dialectic says there is the false dilemma, the either-or. Not in the constitutional framework was there a clear relation between business and government and it has been abused. FDR to Bush, the battle for states and the Fed has gone back and forth.

    There is no way to resolve the political

    Good point on party/state China.

    The answer was China for the NWO. Merge the two into one criminal empire and then play the either or game when the politics are the same and the criminal records are balanced between both parties.

    The sheeple still cant grasp it. The third wheel are the people and the constitution. Call them what you want but they are the total focus of both parties and continue to easily fool them every 2-4-6 years playing the same dichotomy.

    Now they have created the third wheel TP. That just comes at a time when they realizr the fallacy is becoming too clear. This will provide another political tool to resolve any true independent or constitutional entity from gaining any traction.

    The Tea Party is created for ONE REASON ONLY. To eliminate the free people, free enterprise, free speech, free elections and define the terrorist, the antithesis to peace, the enemy of their oligarchy.

  6. Splendid John, Coto Kudo's to you sir.

    Now we shall watch the puppet show implode...{grin}.

    Hubris always eats itself as it's last meal.

  7. Thanks, folks! :)