Thursday, September 29, 2011

EVAN: Electromagnetic Visual Audio Network

.......................Full-spectrum dominance..........................

Wow you got back fast? Round trip?

No Yaw.

No Yeah?

Correct. I caught the Coriolis express but let's not travel in that vector yet. What do you have for me?

Full Spectrum Dominance.

Wow, that's a jump shot. You have moved to pivotal point quickly. Is everyone here with you on that move?

I think so but I'm not sure they see the entire spectrum or understand it.

Well then they'll have to seek the frequencies, plot each sine from that position and then decide to position themselves accordingly.

Let's map it. If they seek to dominate, they need to control and own all energy they need energy. Yours and the universals. The concept in which a structured matrix achieves control over all elements as well as the electromagnetic spectrum and information space. Control implies that freedom of opposing forces, assets or energies to exist in the space must be constrained through this control.

Now the military and state provide an angle that this is for superiority over the forces of evil and for the good of the being but when you look and listen you will discover the sines. When the Madam Secretary said we are losing the information war was she referring to America?  Was she referring to the spin versus the fact. Who is we and what is this war?

The war on the truth? 

We don't know the truth because we are not at zero. We have endless energy. We have Thermal Heat, Radiant Light, Motion, Electrical, Chemical, Nuclear and Gravitational energies in either kinetic or potential states but the fact is we only need use a fractional amount.  The full spectrum includes radio waves, microwaves, infrared radiation, visible light, ultraviolet radiation, X-rays and gamma rays. Damping, Distortion, Interference has always been the intent of the dominator. Full Spectrum Dominance. It's not just about watching, listening and restricting.

What are these interferences? You said all of it is interference.

It is all interference. How much time to do spend in a day not inside or crossing electromagnetic fields?

Well, I guess no time at all, right?

That's correct. None. Even if you lived in Antarctica or the Arctic. What's the difference between where you are now and one who lives in Neuswabenland?

I wouldn't be subjected to as many EM Waveforms.

Most likely not. Just the natural frequencies in the electromagnetic fields produced by the magnetosphere and the Schumann Resonance. The ones you were meant to receive. Instead you are being bombarded by microwave, VLF, ELF, Visible DI Light  and from everything to TV, appliances and even your automobile. Insomnia, high blood pressure, irregular or rapid  heart beat, chronic fatigue, ADD, neuropathic pain, cellular and DNA disruption and other symptomology.  The published EMR safety guidelines are a distortion and they assume a regulatory limit that far exceeds health standards.

Like the nuclear radiation standards?

Correct.  You and others are up in arms over the radiation levels and black outs in Japan and new light is shining on Chernobyl and Three Mile Island. But it pales in comparison to the EMR. Do you think that cancer rates and disease pockets around the world are the matter of chemical dumping or radioactive waste? 

The EMR Spectrum is one of  many  Vectors. Financial, biological, pathological, graphic, spatial, physical,  socio-economic and political. Force is a vector, Work and Energy are scalars. Thus, it is often easier to solve problems using energy considerations.

I figured out what Obama's kinetic action really meant.

Libya, very good. If W < 0 then the object is doing work on the agent exerting the net force. We can think of kinetic action as the work an object can do in coming to rest. Then Identify the force. Now you can start to conceptualize the need for homogeneity under full spectrum dominance.

You have kind of  split the information into two vectors.

Evolutionary algorithm? Yes. It is important to present to you the forces at work, the energy it uses and the ultimate solution and final transformation. It is a genotype (G)+ environment (E) + genotype & environment interactions (GE) → phenotype solution and we need to know each and every event as force, work and energy for this transformation and the zeropoint.

For those who may have misunderstood, the zero point is where you find universality and Relativity is where they work from.  ZP Universalism is the absolute truth buried under the chaos matrices, lattices and sinusoids and goes far deeper than a mere laymen view of full spectrum dominance.  I'll hope to bring the future light into the past light and propose a system by which one can navigate on the manifold of the present.  I'll make comments here.


  1. Ah yes...but then again no.


    Something Lennon once said as well.

    But I see more to what you are getting at Puddy.

    Do you think Mental cannot make a shield on it's own?

    After all, it is ALL mental at the zero point.

    All waves proceed from there.


  2. If you think that there is something to my point that I am not getting, let me know Patrick.
    I know that while we are in the meat package we have to deal with the rules of the space/time condo...but I remain convinced there is that "over ride" to the zero point.

    Now is the moment of power.


  3. "Just the natural frequencies in the electromagnetic fields produced by the magnetosphere and the Schumann Resonance. The ones you were meant to receive. Instead you are being bombarded by microwave, VLF, ELF, Visible DI Light and from everything to TV, appliances and..."

    This is the crux of the bizkit here...init?

    I can't assure you - but I feel a good inner contemplation can clean this up for you.


  4. I think EVAN is the Smog Willie. Too much to see, hear or percieve from under the smog. Not to mention my theory on the protein folding DNA assault from birth to death.

  5. Mr Hybridrogue

    In the ever increasing wasting of humanity's potential, scalar engineering in the use of longitudinal wave interferometers in the realm of psychoenergetics represents the most dangerous to the being of one's survival.

    The engineering of mind itself by beaming the appropriate modulations to the longitudinal twin scalar beams which will cause the desired interference patterns in the frequency where the cosine and sines cross. EM longitudinal interference wave patterns simply are percieved be the targets own thoughts, whatever they might be all thinking and mental processes that we do is ALREADY a scalar electromagnetic process and the vector forces, microwave to ELF

    In this truth we have an entirely new way to think about what mind is and since our greatest weapon is at risk, mofifying existing scalar patterns of ones mind, it is like magnetic resonance. The two mesh, mind and outside thought, because they are of the same force energy. (ie: reference Slam Dunk-911)

    So thoughts can truly be put in our minds from outside now, and at-a-distance! Just this single power of the howitzer takes some time to digest fully and get used to. Our minds are omnipotent to the interference if we exercise the ZP . To become familiar with the crisis for our very existence psychoenergetics and interferometry raises the bar for our physical certainly but the psychological defenses and the offensive in the reconnecting to the home base will be the means by which we will survive.

    Without that connection the FSD will certainly overcome even the strongest of physical specimens but not the those with Pineal fitness, Cerebrum and Cortex bodybuilders. It's a process of power down to power up.

  6. This means if you cannot power down to the reconnect to ZP then you are expending too much energy and being weakened by the smog.

    Like eating a supersized value meal of fat and empty calories you are getting nothing for it yet it burns energy and it's mere composition is intererence and toxic. Is that the power down and power up. Like a diet for the mind and cleansing of the accumulation?

  7. Thank you Puddy, I do get what you are saying.

    I still not the center - the divine if you will, is it not, as the original generative source the more powerful?

    I am here now.

    I do not feel a weakening of my spirit. I indeed feel a strengthening of my spirit. Am I to accept that this is from the "outside" scalar forces, and I am fooling myself?

    I can entertain any of this as supposition - I reject none of this out of hand.
    But, I have maintained this sense of the infinite yet glows as when I first met it.

    I feel strong. I feel the source move within me. I cannot help but say this as I see and feel it.

    I am not dueling with you, just saying from where I sit what it is like for me.

  8. You can call a meal of supersize, the epitome of maximum entropy Second law of thermodynamics.

    Power down (reduce high grade energy system disorder) Fasting and reducing GM disassembles the bio-EM vortex and cellular processes for disease. In psycho-EM, power down is essentially a matter of physicial contact. Once the power down is acheived and the potential reserves are recharged- a reboot- reBIOS and memory check from the ROM.

    Mr Hybridrogue said inner contemplation and I add a retrospect and a linear plotting of ZP to the point of contemplation with an emphasis on conscious contrarianism until you have revisited the critical vector leaps to your current state of discontent.

    Interesting quote but I'd advise taking no pill.

  9. I think you are on target Willie. Maybe the C2 thing may have been a glitch in the field when it creeps back in. I am hoping to understand that this smog the whole grid is by design. If EVAN tends to corroborate this I'd appreciate it.

    If you expend the energy on C2 affair it was wasted. At the and coordinate position you are and the one where RA is you have different frequencies as well as different views at a particular point of reference.

    Getting both to ZP or even at the same corodinate might change the dynamic. The objective is to not expend the energy where it does not empower or serve the greater purpose.

    Everyday for thirty years I have spent hours gut wrenched with anger, daydreaming of beating and hanging some of these leches, but in the end it was feeding the freqeuncies and playing into their energy depletion program.

    Weakening the power source of this being and the ZP. Deja Vu is happening for me on a regular basis and I am cleaning the garage, throwing out what I thought was memorabilia and valuable when in fact it was artifact and comfort crap that wasted space and expended my energy.

    Savor and protect your greatest attribute Willie. Your ability to stay out of the fray of superficial dark matter feces and light the place with your whit and whizdum.

  10. Me too. It's curious that Jean-Martin Charcot the father of neurology and disease was the father of Charcot's triad.

    Coincidentally Jean-Baptiste Charcot (15 July 1867 – 16 September 1936), born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, was a French scientist, medical doctor and polar scientist. His father was the neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot (1825–1893).

    Every clue I find sings the frequency of Polar magnetic interference and weaponization. Eugenics territory. It alongwith the vacuum ISS with Milstar and the ground wave and HAARP Scalar Interferometry to corrupt the Shumann Resonance which is said to be 4-5 cycles higher than the 7.8 Hz for thousands of years.

    I suggest Bluebeam and all other frequency based soft kill will culminate for the future big bang event. Lots of heavysides at CERN lately as well.

    I posted much about the bell and hitlers huge interest in Antartica, Polar IGY expeditions by their partners in crime New Russia.

  11. Aha....but my dear "angst" over C2 is not tearing me up at all.

    Do not mistake my insistence to truth as in anyway generated by anger.

    Setting the record straight in all matters is all that matters to me.

    I am a wordy writer and I use words that oft times upset others...the AngloSaxon is in my genes as a Scot-Irish.

    And I still will have words should the occasion arise. Forgetfulness and forgiveness are not necessarily the tools of angels, as political correctorates might insist.

    We all learn as time goes by while within the space/time condo.
    The NOW morphs and turns a gyre regardless of the inner fire and glowing embers of the infinite. I will stub a toe as any mortal. It ain't no big thing to wait for the bell to big thing, the toll of the bell.

    Love ya Puddy

  12. Those in Coto who say, “I don't know what this spat with you and Rady is all about but bla bla bla...” Are going to have to do better than that.

    Are we reasonable people here? Isn't this our claim here at the core of things?

    If you don't know what this is all about then why are you giving advice on how to handle it? If you don't know what it's about then how can you make a rational comment about it at all?

    Are we to say “but oh she's family...” Is this a cult? That's what the cops do who stick up for their “clan” rather than the truth. Are we 'emotional' about these things, or are we going to be reasonable? This kissy bullshit of “Make Nice” is jejune nonsense.

    I don't know, maybe you would kiss up and make nice after liable was thrown your way.
    After having all your articles trashed, every single comment you ever made erased...
    I can't understand that, but some people are that “forgiving” - which I see as being an utter chump.

    I do have respect for much of what Rady does on C2. But this vile vindictive act of vandalism, lying and liable is a separate issue from that. It is the action of jejune vanity and a sure sign of unreliability.

  13. PD my mind never waxes scientific. That's why I didn't understand what you were trying to say in previous posts. I am a right brain person and my strength comes from my intuition, not my data base of math and science. (what data base of math and science?) I think you are brilliant in those areas Patrick and defer to you when it comes to figuring out those equations. But that's not my forte'. I deal in spidey senses not sine.(I had failing grades in both algebra and geometry but my teachers gave me a passing grade because they liked me and knew I was not going to be a rocket scientist :)

    I know about the harmful emfs, mostly thanks to you, and I know they are being manipulated by the evil forces that rule. But I also know that there are forces of good as well and I truly believe those harmful waves can be diverted back at them.

    I think the growing awareness that people are being and have been deceived by TPTB is a force for good. I think we are all here for a reason. My personal take is that we are not meant to withdraw from the human race at this point but to gather as many as we can to unite and become one voice against those that enslave us. I feel that is where the real power lies. We are all energy are we not?

    Like Will and Wanda have stated, I feel as if my resolve is growing stronger rather than weaker. I no longer feel a sense of impending doom. Is that because they are manipulating me into a false sense of security? Maybe. But I honestly don't see how that would benefit them. Confidence that you will have success in your efforts is a super power all it's own. Over confidence, which I think is what 'they" are displaying, is their kryptonite.

    So to sum up what I'm trying to say here is that I don't think we have to get back to zero. I think many of us are already there and have the power to change things simply by joining together as people are doing all over the country and world and repeating the mantra that no human being, even with their toys of destruction, is invincible. They will fall because of their own arrogance and because we refuse to believe in their power. We will not sell them our soul and they cannot conquer our will.

    We are truly engaged in a battle between the forces of light and darkness. May the force be with us. Such a star wars cliche'. But ya know what? I think that force is with us if we keep the power that we get from confidence in success for ourselves and not give it up to "them." If I'm wrong, what have I lost?

    Electromagnetic Visual Audio Network = E V A N

    Thank you PD for your insight into their dark little minds. You are definitely draining their power by your numerous exposes' here on Coto. Never fear, in the end, probably after much mayhem, the bastards are goin' down in flames. I believe this with all my heart.

    I'll second Will.. Love ya too PD ~

  14. Fear is the path to the darkside
    Fear leads to anger
    anger leads to hate
    hate leads to suffering ~ Yoda

    Notice the limbs of a tree
    now compare them to lightning
    what is the difference? one is slow and cool, while the other is fast and hot, yet the shape is similar, life has field properties.

    It's not what the mind knows
    but that whereby it does know
    it's not what the heart feels
    but that whereby it does feel
    this is the mystery

  15. That kitty, I like...yeeeesssssss

  16. Nice header Morpheus..... but you forgot to warn us that the red pill has serious side effects....

  17. JG u are my only love and I'd love to kiss your cold wet balck nose. COTO knows. Koalice really hits the nail.

    It’s not what the mind knows
    but that whereby it does know
    it’s not what the heart feels
    but that whereby it does feel
    this is the mystery

    The smog is just a single layer. Created for us by us and we are deeply entrenched in it. It's a comfort Zone and a curse. We talk about ZP as some place we have to travel. Only in thought do we need to move through the smog.

    We arrive there by not holding the beliefs we have that force us not to go back to home point to reevaluate. We all operate on frequencies that we have tuned into for years. We excuse those uncomfortable ones by the interference that corroberates this belief. Experience we know is false when it's a deliberate distortion. We accept some reject some and then we are in a position with a different coordinate looking at the matrix.

    Simply stated as their purpose I present this example.

    1. 911 official story is false
    2. 911 truth is divided looking at hundreds of theoroies as truth.
    3. The smog is controlled by them. EM and frequencies.
    4. They have your coordinates and scatter us amongst the the manifold
    5. No unified field, the ZP is the basic truth-it's ZP is "inside job" =inside job true.
    6. All energy to expended on smog frequencies is wasted and the point lost in the matrix.

  18. Rashes and neurotransmitter DNA disruption. Hmmm Morpheus says it's safe. Okay doc I'll swallow.

    frequency one

    awlaki killed in Drone Strike

    freqency two

    Model airplanes set to be used for Pentagon explosion. Reinforce the big model plane theory on 9/11/01.

    -end transmission-

  19. The CIA's al-Awlaki was considered a most-wanted terror suspect.

    His name was added last year to the kill or capture list - making him a *rare* American addition to what is effectively a U.S. government hit-list.

    Ah, yes this is Hypocrisy with a capitol 'H' any informed reader will understand.

    An AMERICAN CIA AGENT has been killed for political theater...and to seal the deal that Americans can and will be targets of American military strikes.
    Hop along case city drippity drip drip. We need a co-signer as well as a cosine for this cuisine. And what is for dessert? "Homemade" drones but called "model airplanes"....Lol Lolly Lollipop - Pop goes the fuckin' weasel...

    I'll trade you one oil wellian for an Orwellian and equalized pig piggy. Some are equalized and some are damped by EQ and some are slammed by phasing...give me those ten foot speaker towers and some feedback guitar to go with that rocket fire sir...

    Somenabeesh yoika canoika daddios and woowoo squatty wankers.
    Lingo for jingo to the hootsmooters and the homegrown yaya teams.

    Take your cheeks by thumb and forefinger and pull them out from your molars and say, "You know what? That makes me mad." True Man, Kapooty.

  20. The question that rises in my mind today is COTO collectively going to get past GO?

    I have been accused of being a "disruptive force" by a certain party.
    That is NOT my agenda at all. I am seeking a cohesion of COTO in a rational and mindful direction.

    But I don't want to be taken as forcing my will on others either...
    This is a balancing act.

    I do see it as jejune, given the true nature of the situation of Amerika today, to consider "Politics as Usual." And what I mean by that is this idea of voting.
    Really. Who the fuck are you going to vote for and why? The system is kaput. There is no federal government - it has been usurped for a century.
    What is going on here?

    We have this bullshit about Ron Paul...WHAT???

    Who would name their son after Ayn Rand? Do people - our people, COTO understand that this woman was a psychopath?

    All of the heroes in her books were modeled upon a real honest-to-god serial killer, who she was madly in love with. This isn't a 'question' this is the facts of history. The Rand Corporation is one of the major warmongering associations on the planet.

    I am serious. Are we a coalition of the obvious? What is it then that is obvious?

    To me, what is obvious is that people don't need leaders and shouldn't be followers. Party politics is nothing but Hegelian bullshit. ANY politics at this point is as usual.

    It is way past time for a new dream - to take that dream and make it manifest.



    THRIVE: the trailer

  22. “For over 200 years, this Nation has adhered to the rule of law — with unparalleled success. A shift to a Nation based on extra-constitutional authority is prohibited, as well as ill-advised.”~U.S. District Judge Ann Aiken,

    In ruling that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, as amended by the Patriot Act, “now permits the executive branch of government to conduct surveillance and searches of American citizens without satisfying the probable cause requirements of the Fourth Amendment.”

    Baby steps in the land of giants...


  23. the trailer.. Now THAT's what I'm talkin' about. Can't wait until 11/11/11 to watch it. Ha...11:11. Don't worry PD, in the back of my mind is the spectre of project bluebeam. However, I do believe that there are real aliens as well and they live amongst us.. I always have. Oh boy, the sci fi double feature has just begun.

  24. Ahhh PD. I bet you say that to all the Australian Shepherds.

  25. "Oh boy, the sci fi double feature has just begun."~JG

    You know what I intuit in all this? Of course you do. But I will espresso it anykahoo.

    I think that the Divine is going to piggyback on the evil woowoo...

    I have felt all along that the woowoo Zionasties were engineering the events of the world to fit the template of Saint John the Revelators book. Yes using it as a script to get everyone freaked out about the "Signs"....well, Huh.

    Again...who and what is REALLY in control of the oony verse?
    We know whose in control of the Loonyverse...but that is just the tip of the gooseberg, boop boopie do.

    The Simarelian by Tolkien has some jamboree to speak to this...

    So will be a "Double Feature"...and woe what a surprise for some antimules.


  26. "I have felt all along that the woowoo Zionasties were engineering the events of the world to fit the template of Saint John the Revelators book. Yes using it as a script to get everyone freaked out about the “Signs”….well, Huh."

    It's what I feel too Will. The bible as an even bigger playbook for the monsters than 1984 or brave new world.

  27. WW~ To me, what is obvious is that people don’t need leaders and shouldn’t be followers. Party politics is nothing but Hegelian bullshit. ANY politics at this point is bullshit…business as usual.

    It is way past time for a new dream – to take that dream and make it manifest.


    Double Grok on your point there. It is very, very difficult that "anyone" lounging around in the reptile pit for any length of time, could survive. I think you only survive in that Swamp if you have something to contribute or that can be used.



  29. "Capeche?"~Boom

    Yes my friend, Capeche. El regardo mia more'.



    “The enemy goes to great lengths to hide his activities,” explains Modus Operandi, Inc., which won an Army contract to assemble “probabilistic algorithms th[at] determine the likelihood of adversarial intent.” The company calls its system “Clear Heart.” As in, the contents of your heart are now open for the Pentagon to see. It may be the most unnerving detail in this whole unnerving story.


  31. " there was a boy
    a very strange enchanted boy
    they say he wandered very far
    ... very far
    over land and sea

    a little shy
    and sad of eye
    but very wise
    was he

    and then one day
    one magic day he passed my way
    and as we spoke of many things
    fools and kings
    this he said to me

    the greatest thing
    you'll ever learn
    is just to love
    and be loved in return " ~ eden ahbez

  32. freqency three, tangent


  33. Richard the other video you posted above needs to listen to Ms. Cole's song...

    This prick says "the banks are OVER REGULATED"????

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...choke me with a spoon.......

    yes it evokes anger..


  34. "Mind control is the process by which individual or collective freedom of choice and action is compromised by agents or agencies that modify or distort perception, motivation, affect, cognition and/or behavioral outcomes. It is neither magical nor mystical, but a process that involves a set of basic social psychological principles. Conformity, compliance, persuasion, dissonance, reactance, guilt and fear arousal, modeling and identification are some of the staple social influence ingredients well studied in psychological experiments and field studies. In some combinations, they create a powerful crucible of extreme mental and behavioral manipulation when synthesized with several other real-world factors, such as charismatic, authoritarian leaders, dominant ideologies, social isolation, physical debilitation, induced phobias, and extreme threats or promised rewards that are typically deceptively orchestrated, over an extended time period in settings where they are applied intensively. A body of social science evidence shows that when systematically practiced by state-sanctioned police, military or destructive cults, mind control can induce false confessions, create converts who willingly torture or kill 'invented enemies,' and engage indoctrinated members to work tirelessly, give up their money—and even their lives—for 'the cause.'".
    - Philip G. Zimbardo (November 2002). "Mind Control: Psychological Reality or Mindless Rhetoric?"

  35. The Zimbardo article is a great lead Podster, thanks muchos grandioso big perdy kitty.......

  36. Also look for:

    Compiled by Ralph W. Omholt

    This is now filed in my own docs so I don't have the URL for it...a nice bit of work here on the subject.


    Connect the dots - e.v.a.n.

  38. The objective is to enhance the reality of the holography.
    Method 1: Hand Tracking
    The use of Miimotes for a simple tracking system
    Method 2: Tactile Display
    The use of the Airborne Ultrasound Tactile Display; A phased array of acoustic transducers, denominated Airborne Ultrasound Tactile Display (AUTD), was developed at the University of Tokyo's Shinoda Lab to induce tactile feedback. This system was also demonstrated to enable a user to interactively manipulate virtual holographic objects


  40. Here is that URL:


  41. try this link

  42. Yes, yes, same article - if my URL no longer works that's it too.

    The URL I gave has it all as one long page tho...convenientados.

  43. Now if you go down to this chapter heading:

    Six Methods for Online Perception Control

    You will find the classic example that I was countering on the 9/11 threads
    {that Ananda gutted my comments from} and you would have seen that I was mirroring these techniques back at Affiliate's and Albury Smith.

    Rady, having zero grasp of any of this yanked me and all my comments...and essentially sold out all the 9/11 threads to the 'Debunkers'.

    Weird. This is why you may notice I have challenged her presence on COTO1. Or maybe you have missed that. I am pretty sure I never have seen you at C2.

    At any rate - if we are going to be successful in the internet mind wars, it is necessary for us to understand these things intimately.

  44. I've been reading about plasma and holograms a lot lately because I am being followed around by plasma blobs and holographic aircraft and insects of all kinds. Two of them materialized in my house the other day. They seem to be using the vacuum for energy. They are hyper-dimensional holographic entities that are allowed to exist because of the increased plasma that comes from chemtrails (ion clouds). I was so electrosensitive when this first started. Negative ion generators help a lot. I got them from the Electronic Goldmine and made my own. Plasma is positive ions. Negative ions block electromagnetic waves.

  45. Blow me asshole.


  46. the dendritic cell and its role in adaptive immunity

  47. Microwave Auditory Effect

    BCI Brain Computer Interface

  48. The Utah prison disclosures reinforce the research of James
    Clerk Maxwell, Andrija Puharich, Yoneji Masuda and others. EM-Microchipping. Nano chips now flow through hypodermics.