Tuesday, September 13, 2011

CDC - PR Agent for "Contagion"

I saw the trailer for the Steven Soderbergh film "Contagion" months ago.  After watching it, I felt ill.  Of course,  it's not possible to catch the flu from simply watching the movie.  Though, I have to admit,  after viewing just a few scenes, it sure felt that way.  After all, it's being brought to us in stereophonic germ-o-vision.   We can't help but feel Gwyneth's, and all the other victims, horrible pain with all the gruesome close ups and deadly details.  3D pales in comparison to germ-o-vision. Come to think of it, 3D could really enhance the effect.  Well, maybe the CDC will push for that in their next big fear blockbuster.  Anyway, I  intend to avoid this "sick fear fest", which is infecting movie theaters,  like the plague. (pun intended)   What a coincidence that it was released  during the same weekend of the 9/11 "terrorist fear fest".  Our leaders always like to double up on terrorizing the populace whenever possible.  It really helps to "catapult the propaganda".

Yes, the CDC loves a good horror story.  Last May it was the Zombie Apocalypse they tried to scare us with.  Before that, it was the pandemic that wasn't.  Fear! Fear! Fear!  Be afraid, be very afraid.  It's coming !  We're not sure what it is but we have a vaccine for it!   So, that is why the director of the CDC is out pushing "Contagion" as if he were a paid PR agent.   There is the CDC, showing up all over our tv "news" shows and  print  media bragging about how they were advisers to the movie.  Telling us, yes, this could really happen.  Yes, the deadly virus could spread that fast.  Yes, way too many public health servants have been laid off all over the country..probably more in your town than any other!    Yes, we are hyping up the fear so you will line up at Walmart and take the shot this fall.

What scares me more than the movie is that I think the CDC is hyping this for a reason.  Namely, in preparation for a  deadly bio attack of the false flag variety.  The monsters always show their hand well before they unleash the big event. Even Soderbergh himself alludes to this "What would be great is if this type of event were to occur, people would feel, 'Wait, I've been through this in a way, I saw that movie.' During H1N1 (the 2009 flu scare), I wasn't satisfied that they were on top of it. Now I know that they are very, very good."  Well isn't that just special, Steven.

Their message throughout all of these "ads" is to keep us separated.  Don't get to close to the person next to you.  Contact with another human being could make you very sick. As the poster says "Don't Talk to Anyone, Don't Touch Anyone.   They love to divide and conquer us as exhibited in the HSA's "see something, say something" Stasi-like fear campaign.   Or perhaps they are just trying to sell more flu vaccine for Big Pharma.

But no, it's probably none of the above.  I'm sure the CDC simply cares about us and is concerned for our health and welfare and have no ulterior motive for pimping this film and zombies and pandemics .   Far be it from me to follow the CDC's lead as a fear monger. ~jg


  1. "Their message throughout all of these “ads” is to keep us separated.".......

    So true... I tell everyone i know to filter the water, take vitamins, supplements and colloidal silver. Tell them about what's in their food that's intended to eff them up. I see this love affair between people, their doctors and their drugs and that's the real sickness... it's perverse. Disease cannot exist in a well-nourished body. If your doctor, or the tv you love so much, cared about you, they would tell you this.

    Keep away, i'm sick!!! Germ phobia has created an ignorant populace acting superstitious. We have been taken about as far from nature as we can go.

  2. The MSM Entertainment has been making the news. The News agencies have been slectively promoting it and selling it.

    It is true that if you watch 60 minutes long enough and allow the right sphere to shut down you will ask your doctor about CIAlist or Zoloft.

    If I tell you that you have restless leg syndrome long enough, you will have it. Among fear and greed there are many other boxes. Hypochondria, Agoraphobia, Mysophobia and OCD phobias and rejection self loathing and social shyness is epidemic. Social Media exacerbates them as we have seen time and time again.

    They say now we can create the global community. Sure except that we are all becoming a bunch of network neurosis ethering and infecting the rest with brain viral drivel and anonomous mind control nanobits.

    Imagine one day finding out everyones is really dead and google-plex is just transmitting billions of tweets, facebookings and emails to keep you in the experiment.

  3. "Don't talk to anyone - don't touch anyone"

    Lol, that has been my policy for a long time.


  4. ...And I haven't had even a cold in years and years.


  5. lol Will.

    I don't stay away from people. That's what THEY want. That's what they've always wanted and are emphasizing that with movies like this. The old line.. Don't talk about religion or politics...that's taboo was their form of control. Yea, you might find out what we've been up to if you discuss amongst yourselves. Who I do stay away from are doctors and hospitals and their drugs, "treatments" and tests I'd venture to guess that most of coto is the same way. Doctors are strictly to be used only when every other method fails and absolutely necessary....like lawyers. That's probably how we managed to maintain our critical thinking skills and our health..

  6. Amen, sistah wanda !! :)

  7. Yea true PD. But apparently our brains are still working............let's use the power of them to unplug from the matrix.

  8. You don't live in a little town full of absolute dolts JG...I have nothing in common and nothing to say to these people. It is as if the whole place is made up of wallmart shoppers...yukity yuk yuk yuk.

    I have had a monk like soul most of my life.

    I can play act the charismatic and did for years in Rock'n'Roll, but solitude has always been my favorite moment.

  9. We have plenty of dolts round here too Will... I work with a few. I hear what you're sayin'. Without a doubt, I like my space too.

  10. “Benzinga” — “This will surely get taken out of context in my future political career, but I will say it now anyway: I am embarrassed, saddened, and yes, disgusted, by the behavior and beliefs of the majority of Americans.”~John Thorpe


  11. I saw that tonight. It was very stressful, there were a lot of horrible visuals. I had a huge anxiety attack and I thought I was going to die.