Thursday, August 11, 2011

Signposts up ahead....your next stop, the Twilight Zone!"

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Did anyone remember my resurrection of Bin-Laden post in March, 5 weeks before the staging?

So Google me this? Is there an upswing in the economy coming? Is Sarkozy cozy with this plan?  Does Gaddafi know he’s being set up by your pal Chad? Is Timmy Osman going to make an appearance or is is he going to take a number two instead? Is Puddy going to see his French Fried event cooked in crude oil or will they just be microwaved? Will the American Midwest city see the false flag fast food terror instead? Will the MSM ask us if we want cheese with our triple decker? Will sheeple be watching the latest episode of “winning” or will it be “the biggest loser” when the hammer falls?


I've posted the corpse laden reality of bin-dead for six years. Well, Mayday we got the answer.

Watch for the Keiser report. What happens in France happens here and vise versa.  If you are a historian then you know where this plan takes it next step. Who's holding the dough? Remember Dov Zakheim? Follow the money.

Q: WHERE''S YOUR MONEY?  A: TEL-AVIV (it's the new BCCI}

FAIR WARNING to the proletariat and bourgeoisie. Max knows, so do we.

2009 - Max Keiser 




  1. Okay men and women here's the plan to rob all twelve

    12 districts

    Here's the take. Allow for trillions more since 2009

    Whose driving the cars? Obama's super committee?

    We've got a chinook ready on the pad and a SST Air-France on the tarmac. Next stop Tel Aviv then on to Rio.

  2. So if you mathematically inclined brilliant cotominds get out your number 3 pencils, let's figure


    198? -1999: 2.3 tril GAO stumped - Israel moves forward two steps
    caso IrĂ¡n-contras - Panama-Columbia-Persian Gulf War - Bosnia - twenty or more Covert ops on several continents and the global takover of drug business.

    2000-date: ????? let's assume over 10 trillion but less than 30. Gulf II-AfPAK-Libya-Iraq-Egypt-Poland-Argentian-Chili-Iceland-Greece-Syria-Tunisia-Yemen-Japan-UK-France-Germany-and then all the rest.

    1980-2011 - Drug money and laundering net proceeds estimated at another 6-7 trillion dollars ( 2003 data say 321 billion for that year)

    And they want to raise your taxes and give you less money???? We don't need new taxes, raised debt ceilings and austerity. We have 30 trillion dollars in offshore accounts that were funded with our taxes for thirty years. Let's just ask for it back and payoff the debt and we'll all go to Rio. After we rob the federal reserve and steal the ink and paper.

    I can't imagine the operation they have in place with this kind of budget. But obviously money is no object because they have been counterfeiting it for years and collecting our gold on interest.

  3. .
    The world is caught in this downward spiral caused by the crimes of the few against the many.

    The US economy will decline faster and further causing more political hysteria and an even more mentally challenged leadership may emerge in a kneejerk reaction that could take the whole world down with it. We’re in for one hell of a roller coaster ride.

    It’s human nature to hold forth on anything and everything with certitude most endearing without knowing the facts, much less understanding them. It’s not in human nature to say, “I don’t know” because its not in human nature to admit weakness much less fallibility.

    The figures that follow come from the CIA, Eurostat, the World Bank and the US Treasury. They are about three days old and are also reflected in the ‘Debt Clock’.

    National Public Debt Outstanding or ‘Public Debt’ “represents the face amount or principal amount of marketable and non-marketable securities currently outstanding.” US Public Debt is $14.6 trillion, and rising by the second.

    GDP is the acronym of Gross Domestic Product. It is the total value of all the goods and services produced in a country in one financial year.

    America’s GDP is 14.8 trillion.

    Public Debt to GDP ratio is “the cumulative total of all government borrowings less repayments that are denominated in a country’s home currency”. America’s is 78 percent.

    Here’s the crunch. External Debt to GDP ratio is “the total public and private debt owed to non-residents repayable in foreign currency, goods or services”. US External Debt to GDP ratio a few days ago was 98 percent of GDP. It just reached 100 percent.

    Thus per capita every US citizen is indebted to the tune of $46, 720 and every taxpayer to the tune of $130,000.

    All this is nothing compared to the US Total Debt of $55 trillion, and rising. I say again: US Total Debt is $55 trillion. In case you are wondering, US Total Debt “includes household, business, State and Local Governments, financial institutions and the Federal Government”.

    What is there left to say? How in God’s name are they ever going to deal with this honestly? The fall of the American Empire will be far greater and more destructive than the fall of any empire before it.~Humayun Gauhar

  4. Well Max Keiser just put his foot in the doodoo with his 'Abusive Parent' analogy of the Zionists...

    I can hear the chouruses of "Antisemite" roaring like sieg heils and echoing through the airwaves now...

    Wait until ADL becomes aware of this. Habara super train leaving the station...woowoo

    I applaud Keiser for his brave honesty. The veils are lifting.

  5. boomerangcomesbackAugust 11, 2011 at 2:30 PM

    Interesting graph, Puddy. Kinda looks like Pinocchio's nose growing radically longer from 1996 to 2009, as their lying fraudulent business model drains consumers.

  6. boomerangcomesbackAugust 11, 2011 at 2:34 PM

    That's the right idea -- give the FED a citizen-led proctology exam. We want to see everything from the inside out and then some.

    Stirrups please...PRONTO!

  7. .
    By Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould

    As the first journalists to enter Kabul in 1981 for CBS News with Dan Rather following the expulsion of the Western media the previous year, we continue to be amazed at how the American disinformation campaign between Hollywood, Washington and Wall Street built around the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan lives on. We’ve seen this pattern from the media again and again. It happened AGAIN in Huffpost’s July 8th 10 Jaw-Dropping Journalism Scandals that missed the biggest scandal of all.

    Watch our critique of the MSM “narrative” Exposing the Official 1980s – created to build support for Charlie Wilson’s War following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Click here for the Mary Williams Walsh 1990 interview in The Progressive Magazine that lays out the charges of fakery against CBS News for its Afghanistan coverage.

    [This is the best history on the Afghanistan situation I have yet come across~ww]

  8. "Lets just ask for it back....and we'll all go to Rio" ......i almost passed Pilsner Urquell through my nose.........not even sure why now....on second read it's not all that funny, but, damn, first time struck my ass as hilarious.

    good one Patrick

  9. Boomer, a picture is worth a thousand words eh? 2011 must circumnavigates the chart. A silver certificate is worth a thousand FRN's

    Camus, it's funny to me as well. It is so absurd at this point that you can only marvel in ludicrous laughter and wonderment.

    Re: Americans ever retiring to Rio see chapter 13 [carbon taxes]
    “I guess I’m gonna fade into Bolivian.” - Mike Tyson

    I remind folks to consider those who are trapped deep within the spoils and monarch of money and reflect on 1929. When the scales tip over to the reality of the american austerity [triple dip] they will be taking the dive from WTC all over the country. Massive volumes of investors, day traders, speculators and Wallstreet pensioners taking the swan. The triple dip is truly a neo-politan treat and those who are not prepared like the welfare masses who have resolved serfdom it will be devastating. Watch the neo's who will agree to WWIII and slaughter in order to hold their economic house of cards together. ENTER: Bilderberg Eagle Scout Rick Perry.

    What we have funded for 100 years is a panoptic prison beyond imagination. "Every step you take, every breath you take, I'll be watching you" ~ the Police

  10. So I take it you didn't buy the Zakheim statement regarding Afghanistan being off their radar. How can anyone follow the tripe and entrails of this rotting carcass of neo-con apologists and not see the incompetence meme being used to extract the forgiveness of good people?

    This circus of parading past Pachydermata like zacheim through the washing machines of stink tank front loaders is so 'effen' pathetic that I get physically ill reading it.

  11. Yea Puddy here is another new "incompetence meme" dooplesmirker from Richard Clark:

    "Richard Clarke - the top Bush and Clinton counter-terrorism czar - alleges that there was a high-level decision in the CIA to suppress key information regarding two Al Qaeda hijackers inside the U.S: "

    This is a load of bullshit. Modified Limited Hangout. A revetment. A "lot of it".

  12. Yeah they are crawling out of the woodwork to make themselves a victim of someone else. Zakheim, Clark, Rice, etc etc. I expect more to come out to save themselves when American take control of govt and the gallows and ropes emerge. All protection on pre trial what ifs.

    George Tenet could come clean or I had hoped Colin Powell might have. If McChrystal would spill some beans I'd vote for him to come off death row. How about you?

  13. "If McChrystal would spill some beans I’d vote for him to come off death row. How about you?"~Puddy

    Me? Oh I would definitely make it APPEAR that way during the 'negotiations'.

    After all dealing with them as they dealt with others is simply the application of karma.

  14. Did you notice in the video, the point where Clarke thinks that what he is saying is sold to the guys questioning him? His eyes light up for a nano second, and then he goes for the "close."
    The number of words per minute increase dramatically as does his sense of confidence. That is the definition of "fast talking".


  15. What we have funded for 100 years is a panoptic prison beyond imagination. “Every step you take, every breath you take, I’ll be watching you” ~ the Police

    I remember an interview with Sting where he is amazed that so few got how insidious the words to that song are...he meant them exactly as you are reading them Puddy.

  16. This is a very serious, grave matter, I know, but, I have to say.....Thank you for the laugh! That Bin Laden cartoon was just what I needed! So funny! It's a reminder that this is all a colossal joke on the public, and we are aware of the deception. I mean, look at the man. And his death story? Come on, how does anybody believe Bin Laden was killed last May? Um, dumped in the ocean? Give me a break. The public really has no excuse to believe the lies anymore. You have got to be a complete idiot to believe them, right?

    We ordered high speed internet back in 2008, and that's when we could download streaming videos for the first time. My husband and I began to research the presidential candidates, and we stumbled across some 9/11 truth videos in the process. We immediately believed them, because they made sense, unlike the official story. We've been hooked on "conspiracy theories" ever since. So, why does the majority still cling to the official lies? I don't get it. It feels like we are living in the Twilight Zone, where people want to believe in their government/media (same thing), when the government is in fact telling nothing but boldfaced lies.

    At least there are intelligent people here on COTO, who can see through the deception. It's late, and this is the first time I've had a computer break in weeks.Trying to catch up on some "real" news.
    It's good to I'm not alone. Thank you, everyone at COTO!

  17. another one,, alway's the cheerful one.
    Wouldn't it be nice if there were a non toxic, odorless gas that would 'allow' sheep to see from that point of view?

  18. french are being fried about now it seems..
    score 10/10
    and Turkey is off the american menu
    FF. definitely,
    they had reports of contamination in march..and did nothing, waiting for deaths.
    new food laws to follow...
    give the man a cigar!

  19. Right On NA. But what is the plan? Can this idiocy be planned?

    We must look to the triple, the hegelian purpose, the program for this obvious agenda based on incompetence.

    I will not lightly accept this ego-driven meme to make us feel superior to the real agenda. We have had a staging for the next event in an assortment of these historical markers.

    What was 911 may be the first though I feel earlier events were the starting point so I will list as such. GLADIO-SHAPE

    UNITED STATES -1988 - 2011

    Al-Qaeda - CIA
    Oklahoma City
    PNAC RAD Document
    USS Cole
    Shoe bomber
    Underwear bomber
    Arizone shooter
    bin-Laden theatre
    Seal Team assassination - previous to this other assassinations and fence mendings;

    Clinton-Bush1-Bush2-Cheney-Obama Body counts

    Steve Francis puts a great list together though the site is a little eradic.

    So what does this show? They either think we are getting dumber and dumber downed or this sloppiness is intentional. I cannot imagine the latter is not intentional. Many so-called truthers would say the empire is crumbling? To me it's just transforming and the new age one world order will just be the same except we will either be dead, incarcerated or converted and reprogrammed to some insideous psychotopic state of full spectrum dominance and frontal lobotomy.

  20. Not reported "PANIC" false flag and finance under media blackout. AAA rating in jeapardy and so are riots like the 2005 episodes.

    Airbus losing contracts will make matters worse.
    France will pay for arming Libya rebels and gladio mercenaries. These are nothing more than thugs, rapists and murderers.

    The eagle has landed and so has that hypersonic spy/war plane from the DARPA-HAARP Homeland spy agency

    Hypersonic Glider Lost over Pacific

    Turkey's off the menu replaced by French Toast

  21. A common occurrence as with the most obvious, one Guiliani right?

    It occurs when you do a flip-flop where neither flip nor flop is the truth. When you live in slantsville for years and hit that upright moment going from left to right it shakes you up.

    I like Obama's pause/effect head shifts and lip folding when he thinks he's hit the mark.

    RUDY RUDY RUDY - Those lyin eyes

  22. BTW - Thanks for the humor approval. We need to laugh and love sometimes even in the face of such death, despotism and despair.

  23. Holy crap Patrick!!! I had my sound way up and that voice made me jump and nearly drop my laptop.

    That's a perfect vid for GHOULiani. What a creep. He fits in well with the rest of them.

  24. I LOVE you Max Keiser :)

  25. Fukushima and it's aftermath seems totally off the news - now then the real results are being felt...all around the world. The Planet has been irradiated, and it was done on purpose...that is the kicker...that is the insanity prima facea unmasked buggaboo. This is what hardly anyone is going to face head on - the "rullers" are utterly mad.

  26. Your 'Warlords Dances of Death' is another masterpiece COTO banner Patrick - Kutos yet again.


  27. :-) french toast:-)
    umm puddy that link is about the same as all the rest I found, NO info as to where the F? the damn thing went, ended up. or even if? it did manage to follow its preset roll and ditch..
    wonder who pays if it lands ON a city? apart from the payment of lives of innocent folks..

  28. boomerangcomesbackAugust 14, 2011 at 7:00 AM

    Perhaps you all weren't aware of THIS scam promo by the elites, that is a traveling "show" around the USA? It was promoted in the upstate SC area by Billboards and radio promos by Rudy Giuliani...

    Famous Folks In Upstate For 'Get Motivated' Seminar at Bi-Lo Center in Greenville, SC.

    DATE? 8/10/11 = 9/11

    {NOTICE THE DATE?! Yeah, YOU – Rudy Giuliani & Laura Bush } …

    "I think the timing of the event is absolutely perfect given the fact that we are in need of some leadership," said Allen Smith, of the Greer Chamber of Commerce, which helped promote the event. "Just a fine cast of characters that we will have here in the Upstate."

    Short Promo Video:

    I heard the local Radio promos done by Rudy Giuliani prior to the seminar.

    Speakers -- Laura Bush, Rudy Giuliani, General Colin Powell, Steve Forbes, Robert Shuler, Brian Tracy, Bill Cosby, Lou Holtz.
    “Only the BEST of the BEST appear on our stage! Speakers vary by location and always include a Dream Team of respected success experts. Current and former speakers have included:
    Former NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani
    Secretary of State General Colin Powell
    Former First Lady Barbara Bush
    Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev
    Former World Heavyweight Champion George Foreman, NFL Superstars Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, Ladainian Tomlinson and coach Tony Dungy, Presidents Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Entertainers Bill Cosby, Jerry Lewis, Goldie Hawn, Motivational Expert Zig Ziglar, Legendary Microsoft President Rick Belluzzo, Gold Medal Olympian Mary Lou Retton, Barbara Walters, and Larry King just to name a few! “

  29. Wow, how exciting! Look at that list of luminaries... Ghouliani, Laura Bush, Larry King !! Where do I sign up?

    Goldie Hawn? Seriously???

  30. boomerangcomesbackAugust 14, 2011 at 12:28 PM

    I think they rotate the "luminaries" per their schedules as the circus scuds from city to city. I'm particularly appalled by the brazen schedule date of 8/01/11 in Greenville, SC...what with Ghouliani doing the radio promos for a number of weeks prior. Like 9/11, the "event" evidently didn't Go Off too smoothly. Googling the event and reviews on 8/11/11, local media bring up certain snafus and complaints. Also, some individuals have posted their complaints of the event being a money scam. NOOOO, Whooda Thunk It?!