Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Propublica Database ~ Dollars for Docs

Dollars for Docs ~What Drug Companies are Paying Your Doctor


Drug companies have long kept secret details of the payments they make to doctors for promoting their drugs. But seven companies have begun posting names and compensation on the Web, some as the result of legal settlements. ProPublica compiled these disclosures, totaling $295 million, into a single database that allows patients to search for their doctor. Receiving payments isn’t necessarily wrong, but it does raise ethical issues.

By Dan Nguyen, Charles Ornstein, and Tracy Weber, ProPublica
Updated Dec. 22, 2010. Read more about the data »

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  1. My X3, a nurse practitioner OBGYN was continually distrought over this issue. It made her grin like The Joker, and her eyes would fill with fire as she described what a bastard the medical system is.
    Drove the poor girl mad it did.
    Just like most everyone else.

    Hey, don't think you didn't volunteer for this stint--everone on the planet at this time did. A big washing machine is about to grab your ass and put you through the cycles baby. If you don't come out spotless you go in the rag bin...where you will ponder such a fate for as many eons as you yourself deem fit.