Sunday, January 30, 2011

Power to the People of Egypt and the World!

"We will have our rights one way or the other"


  1. Here's a trippy soundtrack video from Ken O'Keefe calling for liberation of EVERYONE who's been crushed. A little overlap with yours JG.

    Fuck Mubarak. Long live the Egyptian and Gazan peoples.

  2. Eyewitness say the state sponsored violence against the people-

  3. Bollyn's take-
    The overthrow of the Mubarak dictatorship puts Israel in "a state of strategic distress", according to Aluf Benn of Ha'aretz: "The fading power of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's government leaves Israel in a state of strategic distress. Without Mubarak, Israel is left with almost no friends in the Middle East; last year, Israel saw its alliance with Turkey collapse."

  4. Egyptian police retreat from a bridge-

  5. Egyptian Revolution
    Of course this is going to be spun like a top by the international elite who Mubarak served. They will have a "government in waiting" in the wings, coached in all the rhetoric of "freedom"...

    Let's see if they "don't get fooled again". That will be our question here soon as well.
    We had all better get it right and to the core of things and not let appearances fold us under its wings again.

    The US has already shipped troops to the area to "assist in keeping order" in the area.
    Remember this is where the Suez Canal is.

    Note the price of oil is suddenly rising. Cue Bono?

    This WILL be played and is being played by the PTB as we watch.

    Let the Egyptian people keep their wits about them. A high emotional state can be easily directed by those with vast experience in directing it.
    The problem with desperation is that when it is in action, it is because the actors were in a Somnambulist state. It is common in human societies to have but two modes to the general population; Hysteria or Somnambulist. It is almost as if a switch is thrown.

    I understand that this is a rather sober assessment, and may have a hint of cynicism, but the ball is still in play and we know how fundamentally the game is rigged.


  6. If it is highlighted on CNN it is bull...

  7. I can assure you, Israel is about as stressed as a stalking tiger...

  8. the game is rigged but the people of egypt are still fighting for their lives. whatever else comes of this it is a testament to the courage and determination of the egyptian people. my heart is with them. i will bear witness.

  9. The Egyptian protests are happening in part due to long political repression and also in part to food cost increases while government food cost subsidies are threatened. People are unable to cover the new cost of living.
    Egypt's population almost quadrupled over the last sixty years. 2010 happened to be the crossover point of Egypt's oil production and consumption graphs. It also was a year of declining global wheat harvests due in part to weather conditions in Russia. Egypt imports 40% of its food and 60% of its wheat. It is the largest wheat importer in the world. Egypt's inflation rate of 12.8% outpaces wage increases; 2004-8 "economic reforms" didn't help the poor. With cost of food rising due to wheat prices and also with rising oil prices to transport wheat, and with oil export revenues zero to provide for food subsidies, a game of musical chairs wound up with alot of very pissed off people in the streets.

  10. You think it was staged? Uh-uh, you live in a comfortable place where food costs are not yet at a critical stage, my friend. These are common people and they are pissed. They might be 'handled' by globalists but they have real grievances.
    Gerald Celente had it right, they are losing it in Egypt.

  11. That's funny. Every time Israel faces the slightest rebuke they scream and contort themselves that zionism is coming to an end...they sound like the most stressed people on earth.

  12. Are the globalists involved...absolutely, of course they are. But the revolution is real. The people are hungry and pissed off and have had enough. Is Al Baridi the globalists guy... yes he is, just as Mubarik was.

    BUT the people's revolution has also begun. Worldwide they have been pushed to their limit. Iceland, Greece, Ireland....there is still power in numbers and the people have it. We have to support the people's efforts and not brush this off as just another controlled globalist ousting of one dictator for another. There will be NO change if action is not taken.

    Should we all just sit idly by and watch them control us without real resistance and be led by them like sheep to the slaughter?

    I say no. We have to take a stand when push comes to shove and the Egyptian people have been shoved into a corner and are doing nothing less than fighting for their rights.

    I praise the people in these countries that are standing up and fighting back because they are mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore. Our turn is coming. What will we do?

    I'm with Mary and arcadia. ENOUGH

  13. WOW Mar! What a powerful plea by Ken O'Keefe.. SEND THE SHIP! GO TO THE BORDER! Damn. I hope you don't mind my embedding the actual video in your post so people won't miss it. THank you for posting that. Love that music.. I think it's from loose change originally? Love the intro with Obama..ha

    How inspirational O'Keefe's words are with the backdrop of the Egyptian and Tunisian people's revolt. I wish I'd seen it before I posted my headlined video.. Damn .Fuck Mubarik, Fuck Al Baridi and Fuck the globalists.. OUST THEM ALL

  14. As we all know here, staging violent actions within a peaceful protest is a typical tactic by the PTB to make the people look like common thugs and not true freedom fighters. However, people are wising up to their moves. In general, the common citizens are learning more and more about the globalist corruption every day. They have no choice now, it's staring them right in the face with loss of jobs, houses and the price of food and gas.

    Looks like maybe the pieces of their "grand chessboard" are starting to be shaken and rearranged a bit. And yes Gerald Celente is exactly right. When the people have nothing to lose, they lose it. That's when the fight or flight choice manifests itself. Most of us have no choice but to resist and go down fighting or to duck and cover and give in hoping things won't be that bad after all. In the end, I choose the former.

  15. Of course my heart is with the people of Egypt--the common people everywhere.
    That is why I councel to be smart and not fall for some western suit as a "new leader".


  16. I have split on this. CJ points out the core of my belief. It is BS from the top.

    The stressed tiger is by design and we all knew that Obama was not the man to start the war. But Israel on the other hand had purpose from day one. A hundred year goal. Active support for Zionism from the Balfour December 1917 to August 1945 was nurtured by China and on UN vote they abstained. This was not a no vote and Between February 1949 and September 1950, the ROC recognized Israel, authorized the establishment of an Israeli consulate, and voted for Israeli UN membership and subsequently traded often in arm sales.


    It's not about the suporting the peoples, it's about buying into the Zionist World Order and the staging of clashes by administrators of ONE WORLD TRIAD
    Left/Right Commie/Corp Red/Blue.

    China has made it's transition and when the globalist committee get done, the peoples of Egypt, Tunisia and the rest of the middle east will all look the same.

    When the guns are silenced, that's when the real hell begins.

  17. Real people are protesting along with the plants. If the PTB are that all powerful and clever they will get us one way or another, right? While we still have some brain and energy left might as well give them a hard time and go down fighting the bastards instead of sitting around waiting for them to collect us all up to send us to the work camps. Honestly, I think we have to die trying. There is no other way.

  18. C'mon Mary, cows in a stampede are "pissed" too, they might have real grievances as meat animals, but they stampede on command anyway.
    There is a distinction to be made between being on the people's side, and recognizing that Showing their power in the streets is one thing, and changing the government in their favor is another.

    These people must not fall for the slick "savior" being provided for them...then all this energy is for naught.

    I don't think a sing person on COTO neads to reestablish that they are on the common people's side. I don't feel that I am here as a cheerleader. I am here trying to formulate a correct analysis.

    Not a booster in the stadium cheering for a team.

  19. "He who fights then runs away lives to fight another day"

    An old Revolutionary War saying.

    Too much emotion on this thread. I don't think we should "die trying"...I think we should fight smart and win.

  20. Couldn't agree with you more there rogue. So where and how do we start? We talk about their power all the time..their control..their attention to detail. So how DO we prevent ourselves from becoming their total slaves ? Any suggestions? Anyone? Do we just wait for them to roll over us? It's getting closer to us here everyday. What do we do?

  21. The System is going to fall apart on it's own Jersey. It crumbles as we speak.
    They attempt attrition--but their casino is burning down.

    It's a good day to think anew.

    They do not need to be confronted--they need to be ignored.
    Grow as much of your own food as you can--combine with others in this.

    Don't taunt the pit bull. But if it attacks blow it's brains out.
    You ready for that?

    I have explained the martial stance over and again here.

    If we see millions in the streets of DC, and other large cities of the US--we must recognize it as a sign of desperation and danger...and not take anything for granted.
    You KNOW they are going to spark a revolution in order to clamp down--DO NOT GO THERE. But when it starts, duck and stay out of the way.

    Number One--survive as a free the world left after this convulsion retains some wisdom.

  22. boomerangcomesbackJanuary 31, 2011 at 9:06 AM

    Good Advice by Rogue1.

    Webster Tarpley speaks about WHO might be behind the Egypt conflagration:

  23. My major concern in all of this is that this new savior El Bierdi is nothing but a Bankerboy..."meet the new boss" bullshit twirlygig.



  24. Yea Boom...I've gotten this angle from Tarpley, Global Research, Vets Today etc.
    All the trusted sources {in my book}.

    The Egyptian people STILL have a chance to do this right--they just need to keep their wits and not fall for another stooge of the west.


  25. I know Al Baradei is a globalist as well. That's why in one of my previous posts I wrote Fuck Mubarik, Fuck Al Baradei, Fuck the globalists..OUST THEM ALL ;) Considering how the Egyptians are starving, I don't know if they have the strength to do all that ousting....


    Breaking: Al Jazeera Reports Mubarak’s planning exile to Tel Aviv—The Writing on the Wall

    Globalist widget, Mohammed El Baradei is a trustee of the "International Crisis Group" an "independent" non-profit group run by bankers to incite revolutions and profit from them. His fellow trustee is none other than the ubiquitous Rothschild front man, George Soros.

    El Baradei, who recently resigned as Director of the Intl. Atomic Energy Agency, is being groomed by the Illuminati to replace Mubarak. (He and his agency won the 2005 Nobel Prize.) In April, he gave a speech at Harvard saying he was "looking for a job" and wanted to be "an agent of change and advocate for democracy" in Egypt. This is code for local boss in the NWO banker tyranny. (Barack Obama has taught us about "change.")

    Egypt is being squeezed and manipulated and the people who live there regardless of race, religion, political or financial persuasion are being pushed from the Illuminati Bankers into more CHANGE, but never for the better, because they keep us enslaved through the unbiblical USURY system , you know Wall Street Stocks (shackles) and Bonds (Bondage).~Alan

    "During World War I, the British manufactured the phenomenon of “Arab Revolt” to breakdown the Ottoman Empire, which controlled most of the Middle East. The so-called Arab Revolt was lead by Lawrence of Arabia, an on-duty British officer. The flag of the Arab revolt bears a triangle.


  27. The protests in London in late 2010 definitely saw AP's working with state and MSM to leave police vans to a crowd whose agenteurs looted it for the helicopter newscams. I just don't think this bridge stampede was staged. Of course Charley is entitled to his opinion that street protest is bullshit when the real revolution takes place, well, you know where. So it comes back to how we define bull.

  28. JG ther has got to be people as smart as us in Egypt that can help the masses sort this out.

    There will be nothing but the "meet the new boss" gambit otherwise.

    I wish COTO could go on the air with Radio Free COTO and give them the buzz.

    But they are/were connected to the same web info we are...there has to be a chance that the smarter ones are on to this ploy.

  29. Oh the Israeli gov is stressed to the breaking point--have no doubt.
    This is why they are breaking out with brutal hives and flailing around like a rabid dog.
    Like ALL globalist shills there is a nagging feeling deep inside that the time of madness is going to swamp them as well.


  30. Mary,
    There is a REAL event...that I am not arguing against. What I am concerned about is where it will be manipulated into going.

    It needs to move to the resolution stage...and THAT is the place all the little manuvers frome the stage crafters must be eyed and revealed.

  31. My emotional reaction has bounds, Will, and you're right about what is best strategy. The street is a public forum though. All I know is that if the PTB could tolerate street demonstrations, peaceful ones by thoughtful protesters, they would not have assembled armies to stop that. So my logical conclusion is that public demonstrations really irk them.

  32. I've never seen so much public awareness of the role of AP's in the European demonstrations. It was covered frequently in late 2010 by their MSM and that's a little progress in awareness.

  33. Yup Mary,

    I know they do, and I too love to see finally people going to the streets.

    All my concerns have been stated.
    But in my heart I am with the rioter facing down the thugeria.
    I want it to spread, I want it to wash these filthy tyrants off the face of the planet.
    And that takes the correct focus.

  34. As part of my studies of FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE I wrote a deconstruction of a paper written by an Air Force Col. From one of the war college sites. This was in 2007 I believe. I lost all my digital documents in a computer crash in 2009.
    At any rate, the paper by this officer described the very “cell-phone, facebook twitter--social network” that has supposedly been the spark to the Egyptian “revolution”. In the same paper he described how to parry and manipulate such “spontaneous mass actions”, using the same technologies, and how this was part of the military's new full spectrum strategy dialog, to be pursued and funded.~ww

    Lendman has weighed in with some developements and analysis:

    Edited by Professor As'ad AbuKhalil, it provides daily commentaries on regional events. On January 29, it cited "Comrade Joseph" saying:

    "I am very worried that the Americans have taken over the direction of the Egyptian revolution. Let us remember that all possible candidates to replace Mubarak (are US) handpicked....including (ElBaradei) as well as Army chief of staff Anan, or anyone else for that matter. Obama has proven once more that" America is the Arab world's strongest anti-democracy ally.


  35. The “US Federal Government” is simply the agent in charge for the IMF. The US military and Intel forces are the 'strong arm' thugs of the international banking cartel.
    What the public refers to as nations are simply not relevant to the global elite. There are only regions within the global theater under full spectrum dominance. These regions, if drawn out on a map, differ greatly from the national states—only the geographical features remain the same.
    The New World Order has no place for national states. It is to be one feudal plantation under the tyrannical rule of one central authority.~ww

    This means that all regions must be rearranged in the maner invisioned by the agenda. What we see in the Mid East is that very rearrangement, intent on redrawing the map in the regional vision.
    This global agenda is working this out on the American continent as we have gone into at length.

  36. The IMF or whoever bankrolls the Egyptian government deficit will demand certain austerities and concessions. Currently gov. debt is 80% of GDP and the annual deficit of around $20 billion will be used to dictate terms to whichever government forms. I think their gov. spending amounts to about $1000 per capita and of that about $350 is deficit spending. The food subsidies mean a lot to the poor. I agree with everyone that the PTB used this demonstration to spread chaos in the country releasing thugs and pulling back the police from protecting the people. The M.O. seems to be to bring the whole nation to its knees so it will accept the new terms.

  37. Demanding austerity of a nation is like asking a mother which two of her three children does she want killed and which to survive.

    NOBODY owes these muthfukking bankers a bloody red cent. "They" owe us back everything they have stolen from the rest of the world. They owe us every drop of their blue blood in buckets red.

    Get that kids thumb out of the dam and let the fukker blow.

  38. The puppet masters support dissent against their own puppets?

    Its called "political leveraging", "manufacturing dissent". Support the dictator as well as the opponents of the dictator as a means of controlling the political opposition.

    The Kifaya movement, which organized one of the first protests directed against the Mubarak regime in late 2004, is supported by the US based International Center for Non-Violent Conflict. Kifaya is a broad-based movement which has also taken a stance on Palestine and US interventionism in the region.

    In turn, Freedom House has been involved in promoting and training the Middle East North Africa Facebook and Twitter blogs:

    Freedom House fellows acquired skills in civic mobilization, leadership, and strategic planning, and benefit from networking opportunities through interaction with Washington-based donors, international organizations and the media. After returning to Egypt, the fellows received small grants to implement innovative initiatives such as advocating for political reform through Facebook and SMS messaging.

    ~Michel Chossudovsky

  39. Man...the lifeboats!