Friday, January 28, 2011

HOTSPOTS 1/28/11

Countdown to G^6

Free Speech

Hungary (Security threat level - 2): Thousands of people took to the streets of Budapest on 27 January 2011 in another protest against a controversial media law adopted in mid-December 2010. Demonstrators gathered in front of the Parliament building, holding banners and calling for the repeal of the law, which has drawn nationwide and international criticism. There were no reports of violence during this incident.The new media law restricts media content and allows authorities to oversee and fine providers for content judged to be unbalanced, offensive or immoral. The most recent protest is the second substantial demonstration in the capital in recent weeks in response to the media law.



Italy (Security threat level - 2): As previously announced, demonstrations occurred in Italy on 28 January 2011 as part of an eight-hour strike called by the metalworkers' union FIOM to protest against productivity deals that other unions have reached with automaker Fiat. Students and temporary workers also marched in support of the striking workers. According to media reports, several thousand people rallied in Turin and Milan. Rallies were scheduled to take place in more than 20 cities nationwide, but no information is available about the gatherings in other locations. The demonstrations were largely peaceful; however, a confrontation occurred in Milan near the intersection of via Pantano and via Larga between police officers and a few hundred students. The students threw rocks, smoke bombs and other objects at police officers. There were no reports of injuries. Traffic disruptions also occurred due to the protests. The union claimed that 80 percent of workers observed the strike, while Fiat management sources put the number at 25 percent.

Spain (Security threat level - 2): Approximately 2,000 people gathered in Madrid on 27 January 2011 to protest the government's proposed pension reforms. Clashes broke out between police officers and protesters after activists set fire to trash containers in the Puerto del Sol area; eight police officers sustained injuries in the violence. Thousands of people also gathered in Barcelona as part of a general strike called by the CGT union in the autonomous community of Catalonia, but there were no reports of significant violence or arrests. However, traffic disruptions accompanied the demonstration, as protesters staged a march that blocked roads; public transportation in the city also experienced minor disruptions, because some bus and subway drivers observed a general strike. Delays occurred on the suburban R2 commuter rail line during the morning hours after activists set fire to tires on a railway.
Turkey (Security threat level - 3): Students gathered in Ankara and Istanbul on 27 January 2011 to protest the government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the ruling Justice and Development Party. Anti-riot police officers used tear gas and water cannons in Ankara to disperse the protesting students, who hurled rocks at the officers. Clashes also broke out in Istanbul, where police officers used batons to disperse demonstrators.

Analyst Comment: The protests were the latest in a series of demonstrations in recent months that have elevated tensions between students and the ruling party, the source of which may be traced to a protest in Istanbul in December 2010 that degenerated into violence. While initial protests centered on educational issues, more recent demonstrations have focused on allegations of police brutality and what is perceived as an increasingly anti-democratic stance of the ruling party that aims to stifle the opposition and limit criticism against itself. This discontent will likely prompt additional protests that could escalate in the wake of a harsh government crackdown.





United Kingdom (Security threat level - 2): Students groups are planning to stage street demonstrations in London and Manchester on 29 January 2011 to protest educational spending cuts. Organizers are calling on supporters to assemble on Malet Street near the University College of London at 1200 local time, from where activists will march to the Parliament building. In Manchester, protesters are planning to assemble at the University of Manchester beginning at 1030 local time and then march to Platt Fields Park for a rally scheduled to begin at 1330 local time. A heavy police presence is expected to accompany the demonstrations in light of violence that broke out during student protests in late 2010. Travelers should anticipate the possibility of traffic disruptions in Manchester and London on 29 January due to road closures implemented for the marches. Protests should be avoided to the extent possible due to the potential that they could turn violent.

In a separate development, an activist group known as UK Uncut is calling on activists to stage protests at businesses in London and other cities on 30 January to protest companies that the group accuses of dodging corporate taxes. In past actions the group has used social networking and text messaging to organize flash mobs to target retail establishments. The participants do not seek to cause damage but instead attempt to prevent the targeted business from operating. Targets specifically mentioned on an activist website include Boots, Tesco and Vodaphone.





Egypt (Security threat level - 3): Numerous anti-government protests materialized as planned on 28 January 2011 and are currently ongoing in various locations throughout Egypt. Opposition movements and activists had over the past several days called for demonstrations following Friday afternoon prayer services to demand political and economic changes via a government change. The Egyptian government, which has maintained a heavy security presence in Cairo and many other cities since large-scale protests occurred on 25 January, reinforced the security presence, deploying tens of thousands of police officers to the streets of numerous cities and towns. Additionally, an elite counter-terrorism unit was also deployed ahead of planned protests, though its specific objectives were not made clear.

Disruptions to several forms of communication are currently being imposed in much of Egypt, which is impeding the ability to accurately gauge the situation on the ground in the country. Internet access was reported as being completely unavailable beginning around midnight local time on 27 January, and SMS text messaging capabilities as well as phone service to both cell phones and landlines are experiencing disruptions. This is undoubtedly in an effort to prevent protesters from communicating and organizing, though the government has denied responsibility for the disruptions.

Available reports indicate that various rallies are underway in Alexandria, Cairo, Suez, el-Arish, Assiyut and Minya in defiance of a government ban. It is difficult to ascertain accurate numbers regarding protest participation, but it appears that gatherings are attracting hundreds to several thousand people. Actual turnout may be higher. Police officers remain heavily deployed at and around public squares and places of worship (mosques in particular) and there have been reports of clashes with protesters in at least Cairo and Suez. In Cairo, for instance, police officers were reported to be lining main streets in the central part of the city and using water cannons to disperse gatherings. Tear gas and rubber bullets have also been used on protesters. Significant disruptions to ground transportation are occurring in some areas, particularly in central Cairo; some reports indicate that protesters were marching on and blocking traffic along Qasr al-Nil Bridge linking Giza to Tahrir Square in Cairo. Additionally, security forces used tear gas in attempts to prevent protesters from marching over October Bridge and reaching Tahrir Square (which is one of Cairo’s busiest areas). Protests are also occurring elsewhere in the city. At least one fatality has been reported during the protests in Cairo, and figures are likely to change as more information emerges throughout the day. Many others have been arrested; reports indicate that more than 2,000 people have been arrested over the past several days.

The protests referenced above are not an exhaustive list of all incidents occurring in the country, and given levels of disruption to communications it is highly likely that anti-government protests are occurring in other locations. These events were announced in advance, and it was anticipated that some degree of violence and transportation disruptions would occur, particularly given the government’s stance of forcefully dispersing and confronting demonstrators. It is not yet known if the actual numbers of participants in demonstrations is as high as opposition groups and activists planned, and it is possible that some numbers are not being accurately reported.

Continued protest actions and associated violence are expected through the remainder of 28 January, and it is probable that incidents will continue through the overnight hours and into 29 January. However, given impediments to communications in Egypt at present, it remains difficult to gauge the seriousness of the situation and whether the government will be able to impose order and quell unrest. The situation remains unpredictable and volatile and should continue to be closely monitored. Travelers should carefully review any upcoming travel plans to the country and should consider deferring non-essential travel for the next 72 hours to allow the situation further time to clarify. Those currently in Egypt should review their personal situation and should consider sheltering in place at this time.

Jordan (Security threat level - 3): Several thousand people participated in anti-government protests throughout Jordan for the third consecutive Friday on 28 January 2011. Reports indicate that 3,500 opposition activists and trade union members gathered in Amman, the capital, to demand the ouster of Prime Minister Samir Rifai and to protest rising prices, inflation and unemployment. Meanwhile, an additional 2,500 people took part in similar protests in several other Jordanian cities, including Maan, Irbid, Ajloun and Karak. So far there have been no reports of violence, but given the size of the demonstrations, transportation was likely disrupted in the affected areas. The Jordanian government has instituted some reforms -- including reducing prices for certain commodities and increasing salaries for civil servants, military personnel and pensioners -- but the protesters believe that the measures are inadequate.


Afghanistan (Security threat level - 5): A suicide bomber detonated his explosives in the Finest Supermarket in Kabul at approximately 1430 local time (1000 UTC) on 28 January 2011, destroying the store's first floor. The market is located in the Wazir Akbar Khan district of the city, which houses a number of foreign embassies, and is frequented by foreigners. At least eight people were killed, including three foreigners, and more than 10 were injured. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack and said they were specifically targeting foreign private security contractors.


Significant: 30 January

Switzerland (Davos): Annual World Economic Forum (WEF) held in Davos from 26-30 January. Protests in other Swiss cities, including Geneva and Zurich, may occur.
India: Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination
United Kingdom (Northern Ireland): Bloody Sunday Anniversary (1972)


  1. I tuned into CNN last night in time to see the Wolf Blitzer promo before commercial regarding the new DHS terror alert grid for homegrown state terrorism.

    He was almost giddy speaking this tripe. It was surreal to see his absolute joy in this story.


    "Iranian Book Celebrating Suicide Bombers Found in Arizona Desert
    Fox News has an exclusive report on a book, found in the Arizona desert , near the Mexico border that celebrates suicide bombers. The book, “In Memory of Our Martyrs,” was spotted Tuesday by a U.S. Border Patrol agent..."

    Does this obvious bag of committee shit actually get into the heads of Sheeple?
    My God, how pathetic a ruse...........Potokian Masturbation

  2. Where did you get this info Puddy? Did you compile it?

  3. "Does this obvious bag of committee shit actually get into the heads of Sheeple?
    My God, how pathetic a ruse………..Potokian Masturbation"

    Yea...I droped my stone pipe on the carpet in my bedroom.
    Then I "found it" and reached down and picked it up.
    It was all done in a matter of seconds. But it is "true", I did find it.
    Interesting thing, putting together words in sentences.

    Now "Homegrown"...they have defamed a really good word with this one.
    They have such explosive assholes they can fly like rockets.


  4. Another Committeeee Hoot-Spot ?

    FAA warns of ongoing GPS issues in southeastern US due to Defense Department 'tests'

    Don't panic, but anyone planning on using GPS in the southeastern US for the next month or so will likely want to make sure they have a fallback option. That's according to a flight advisory just issued by the FAA, which warns pilots that their GPS signal "may be unreliable or unavailable" due to "GPS tests" that the Department of Defense will be conducting between January 20th and February 22nd. Details are fairly light beyond that, but the FAA does note that when the "tests" occur they will be active for 45 minutes, and be followed by 15 minutes of off time -- additional notices to pilots will apparently be issued at least 24 hours prior to any test. Of course, while this particular advisory is directed at pilots, it will presumably will also affect all other GPS devices, as the FAA doesn't mention any GPS issues specific to aviation. The real question, however, is just what those mysterious "GPS tests" are -- if they're, in fact, GPS tests at all...

    hoot hoot da poot~~~~~~~\\ll//

  5. I get it from my MEDEXIntel travel service so I do not fly my agents and doctors into proverbial shitstorms. TSA excluded of course.

    I am expecting to have to adopt pat-down fees from them. :(

  6. I have spoken to six locations GPS and they all confirm EMR. Dizziness, tinnitis, headaches, neuro paresthesia symptoms and some unique observations.

    My equiptment shows 6-12HZ spikes throughout the last three days when prior jumps were rare. The occurrence of spiking is random and not systematic.

    Nose bleed today after 30 minutes outdoors.


    Please note on the NTA site the ad from Rep. Paul Brown, the committee shill working the blue team.


    this is so obvious a data collection g^6 and putting it on the NTA site is for only the lamest of sheeple.

    When they come to the door, they will have 4 pages of information including your dogs that they will shoot, your religion, your politics, your arsenal, your wealth, your Gold SIlver purchases, etc etc.

    Fools are buying on credit grid. IDIOTS Can't you read the news. If you pay cash you are a terrorist. "We don't take cash here" is said all over this country.


  8. Biological weapons base reopens after scare

    The military said in a statement Thursday the amount missing was less than one fourth of a teaspoon of VX nerve agent, which affects the body's ability to carry messages through the nerves.


    Don't lose that. It's critical for the coming Bluelight Special.

  9. Nuclear Watchdog Chief Warns of Nukes Falling Into the Wrong Hands

    “Another risk is nuclear material falling into the hands of terrorists. Some people do not believe this is a real risk. But the IAEA has a database and, on average, every two days we receive information about the illicit trafficking of nuclear materials or radioactive materials and this may only be the tip of the iceberg.”

    Amano would not specify where the “loose nukes” threat lies, only saying that terrorists target the weakest link in the network."

    Someone warn France. That's the target for this BS.

  10. No DHS Spy Drones Over America Anytime Soon


    Translation: Not until we get your guns. These drones are expensive

  11. Coincednce? GPS "experiments" and weird "Thundersnow storms".......

    Four hundred thousand Washington residents were left without power after a blizzard that began on Wednesday intensified overnight, bringing so-called "Thundersnow" to the capital.

    The blizzard forced the closure of New York's JFK and Newark airports, leading to the cancellation of thousands of flights. The Long Island Rail Road, a major commuter line, also suspended services. Schools were closed and governments workers across the region were sent home early on Wednesday, with little prospect of returning on Thursday. The Statue of Liberty was closed for snow removal.
    Valley Forge weather redeux...1780s--Send Hillery out nekid to 'service' the contitental army.

  12. Yea...I was just thinking "Duck Hunters", and those baby cop drones...kaboom, "Oh I thought it wuzza duck"...yuk yuk yuk

    A game of skeet shootin' anyone?


  13. Palen aughtta drop the red dress and go green--she is oh so sexeeeeee in that pic.

  14. Yummy and good for you too! b-r-o-c-c-0-l-i !!!!

  15. And the thing you did with chittoff...looly Lol, love it doodular.


  16. Mesopotamia [ Iraq ]

    Indus Valley [ Af-Pak ]

    and now Egypt

  17. koalice,

    Yes..."now Egypt"


  18. This rising discontent will spread from the developing world to the comfort of our own homes in the West. Once the harsh realization sets in that the economy is not in ‘recovery,’ but rather in a Depression, and once our governments in the West continue on their path of closing down the democratic fa├žade and continue dismantling rights and freedoms, increasing surveillance and ‘control,’ while pushing increasingly militaristic and war-mongering foreign policies around the world (mostly in an effort to quell or crush the global awakening being experienced around the world), we in the West will come to realize that ‘We are all Tunisians.’~Marshall


  19. Another synthetic reaction for the 'Golbal Revolution" is the sudden and dramiatic rise of the ATTRITION card:

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Crude oil prices spiked Friday as anti-government protests in Egypt sparked concerns over regional stability.


  20. “Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, citizens who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily life and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom.” [John F. Kennedy]


  21. boomerangcomesbackJanuary 29, 2011 at 2:53 PM

    Have you seen this Puddy?

  22. I know what your thinking Boom...or I assume. Bluebeam...?

    No, it really is an illusion of the light and atmosphere.

    I can attest to witnessing this very phenomena personally, in probably one of the most rare and unlikely circumstance it might take place...on my deck overlooking chaparral in Alpine CA.

    A heavy cloud bank settled over the area and my house. The light from the kitchen inside acted in the same manner as the sun does in the shots taken on this story on the web.

    What is even more amazing is that if there are two or others at that spot with you--you still only see one shadow--your own. Weird huh? My X was with me and each of us could only see our own shadow though we were standing right next to each other.

    The shadow itself is remarkable in that there is a ghostly “projection” faint but like seeing yourself in a super dusty mirror, more than just shadow.


  23. boomerangcomesbackJanuary 29, 2011 at 6:39 PM

    Thanks for the explanation, Rogue1. Hope your locale warms up soon. Nice 'round here today. All the Harley Davidson owners hit the road. First decent day since some time late last year.

  24. Nice find Boomer. Hmmmm. My prediction for viral assault there is still on my radar.

    I watched "Invasion" with my neighbors this evening.

    As a remake of Sutherlands Body Snatchers I looked at this movie again with them.

    Unlike the old version;

    1. Spore/Mold (found in Carnicam Trails)
    2. CDC - (It's the FLU - Yes H3Nyour dead)
    3. They are saved by FT. Detrick (But they all got aids, ebola, anthrax and 23 other virla/bacterial illnesses)
    4. It's a Change we can believe in (no war, no famine, no mas)
    5. The RUSSIAN speaks to her (mentions NEW ORLEANS)
    6. The virus arrives by a shot down suicide shuttle (same as the Challenger Columbia)
    7. There is immunity (all COG officials are immuned)
    8. IRAQ war never stops during the crisis (Cheney immuned he has no heart or blood)
    9. Doctor tells press that for better or worse we are human again (millions dead and we live to fight another day in the middle east)

    Sheep call this a Happy Ending. Funny I never got off.

  25. It has been dry here--still cold though. We had some blue skies today. But looks like we are going to get slammed with the tip of the big one coming down on the whole north on Tues.
    Very crazy winter...


  26. I saw that flick Puddy. I thought it was doo doo.
    The great one is original the one from the 50s.
    Yummy Dana Winters....yeow.

  27. [ warrant ]

    “At present these protests
    are a youth movement –
    against corruption and rising prices.
    But the Muslim Brotherhood
    (a large but banned outfit)
    has joined the protests since yesterday.
    Eventually these protests can feed
    into Islamic fundamentalism,”
    warns A K Pasha, director
    of the Gulf Studies Programme
    in Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU).

  28. Yes and, 'Satans Gramas' are joining in on Monday {a Large but doileid cummerbund }.
    Eventually these protests can feed a murder of crows on their way to the cloud city of Olympus," warns Fookin Amon, director of Gulf Slush Funds Programme at New Cambrian's Rearmount University in Southbend, Montenegro.

    What these script writers need is a new K. Vonnigut for some inspirational hooliganista. Q-Tubs is a bit old fashion now that the kids got blueberry hill and cowboy turbans.

    Just sayin, \\ll//

  29. NEWS 30 Jan 2011:
    Conn. Guard detachment heading to Egypt --Unit will provide on-demand aviation asset to Multinational Force and Observers commander to support mission of supervising security provisions of Egypt/Israel Peace Treaty 24 Jan 2011 Connecticut National Guard Detachment 2, Company I, 185th Aviation Regiment of Groton has mobilized and will deploy to the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt, to support the Multinational Force and Observers. The unit left Connecticut Jan. 15 for Fort Benning, Ga., for further training and validation. The unit operates C-23C Sherpa aircraft and has deployed three times in the last seven years in support of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    If no one else will, the crackerjackals in the US military will take care of those pesky protesters. Have no doubts about that.