Saturday, December 11, 2010


to the committee, with love ~ Puddy

1. Gas prices rise substantially over the next three months and stablelize at those high prices through summer.

2. Food prices go the same route in April. Produce especially thanks to the weather from HAAPOLOGISTS and other CHEMTRAIL tomfoolery. Crop yields will fall significantly. We will be competing for food with world shortages and the consumer will be paying higher prices to offset bids from US foreign Aid countries. Deaths will exceed previous years.

3.5% expected to 4.5%

Guess what were feeding the third world with. No explanation as to why the feeding program will continue this trend-E-U-G-E-N-I-C-S

3. Due to the fraud that is global warming and the delay in healthcare, Copenhagen and finance reform bill, we will se no job creation plans this year by administration or Congress. The public will go ballistic. A commercial real estate bubble is likely. Elections are foremost in Obama camp.

No jobs bill thus far. What a no-brainer this one was. I apologize.

4. Foreign terror will occur in India and Indonesia and most likely by aircraft.

Mangalore India 5/22/10 – 160 dead Boeing 737 – NATO HAARP or  COMMITTEE TERROR ATTACK.

5. Domestic terror attempt will occur in LA, Denver, Las Vegas or western city and it will likely involve an entertainment venue or event.

HMTD is made by mixing a liquid solution of hydrogen peroxide and hexamine with citric acid or sulfuric acid. The explosive was found in the dwelling of terrorism suspects who in 2006 plotted to detonate liquid explosives on at least 10 airplanes traveling from the United Kingdom to the United States and Canada.

Read more:

The Committee changed their plans for the event? Never let a good cancellation go without an ALPHA-T media blitz

6. There will be another big push by media, SPLC and ADL to identify another militia group in the country involved with a campaign for government assault linked to antisemitic and racial white power. This will all be carried out with CIA and MOSSAD operatives working out of Atlanta and Dallas.

HUTAREE raids took place in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio – SPLC and FBI false sting operation by Mossad Jewish agents

7. This years hurricane season will be more active than the previous two and the pacific will see some serious typhonic activity. A major quake in Mediterranean, likely Greece or Turkey.

Turkey earthquake kills 51; 6.0 Magnitude - I am so mad I missed this Haiti quake. I knew the Greeks financial earthquake would have been the big one but this Turkey quake paled to the shallow plate attack on the poor people of Haiti.

8. Karzai and McChrystal & Co. don’t jive and Karzai will fall this year. Either willingly or horizontally.

Oooops! I never thought about McChrystal not a team player. I can't imagine Karzai staying in with this news:
(*****Wildcard****) Either Geithner or Bernanke will resign

I am holding out with the revelations of the trillions un accounted for by the Fed and Rand and Ron Paul, maybe Rep. Darryl Issa may stir the pot. I'll hold out for something drastic before years end. Wiki-Sneaks

I'm not looking forward to 2011 predictions comrades.


  1. screw you guys I'm going home.

    Oh. I AM home...he he he.

    I predict that bad stuff will happen in 2011. Probly starting even before Chripus.


  2. Note, the hurricane season was a blow out. Wernt it.


  3. On the contrary, my homeboy

    2010 Hurricane Season "Strange"
    Storms were numerous, but U.S. had "hurricane repellent," expert says.

    Very Active but HAARPOLOGY was directed to spare us so that Gulf Operation might go faster. The Miami boys got my predictions this year for those as well.

  4. Okay smarty pants. {grin}

  5. “hurricane repellent,” THAT's a good one, no cats running around outside the bag...but XQsis anyway. Xspurts...luv'em.


  6. Perhaps in the home stretch "amazing grace" will save the wretches.....

  7. Why thank you kind sir :)

  8. Masterful. I love the piccolo.

  9. I guess that's a penny whistle. Beautiful. Thanks!