Wednesday, December 15, 2010

DAMN! Are YOU Paying Attention to ME?

Who's goin down?  Youse goin down?  Go with the Metaphor.  It is time to metamorph people...into a She-Bear watching out for her cubs!  Do you get that?!  HiberNation is OVER!  Time to crawl out of our caves and confront the real world and the wild life.   While we been sleeping in the cave, some serious "exterior decorating" has been going on!  And IT is Hideous and beyond belief!  So, be aroused, and be awake, it is up to You what is to take shape...

YOU are supposed to be anesthetized.  Sleeping the somnolent peaceful sleep of the sheep.  NO?!   Well -- Here is something to get your hackles up about!

There's folks that think YOU are TOO STUPID to comprehend what's going down around YOU.  I happen to have faith that there are many people that GET IT, and are sharpening their pencils...if you know what I mean?  So --read Mr. Wiegands article below.  At least, get the gist of it.  His piece was published at, a very popular and public financial site.  I'm somewhat surprised to see it made it through the editorial net.  I think Jon Nadler there, is a "tool" of the elites, or blind.  You can figure for yourselves.  Anyways -- Great article BELOW >>>

YOU are not alone my friend -- Many Do Comprehend!  Lift your glass and smash it against the Liberty Bell!  Listen for that responsive ringing is the sound of freedom ringing outward from a well placed strike.

The Psychopath's Kettle Is Boiling

Found at:

Like the frog in the kettle, the most notorious criminal gang in the world is coming to a boil. Their games are over and paybacks reside just over the horizon.

The Elitist’s One World paradigm is wracking apart under internet exposure, astounding failures in climate change, cap and trade, profligate bond and currency printing disasters and shocking new public relations failures by pseudo authorities to explain away the obvious. These bad boyz have been caught red-handed and even Chopper Ben admitted so in recent televised hearings.

A disconnect between these elitists and the common man seems a gulf too wide. Those that would control the world with stolen money, power and politics have finally met their match. At this juncture as they continue to flail away with old tools of fear, threats and illegal seizures, the herd on the ground has begun to fight back. We would suggest the cat’s out of the proverbial bag. The shaving crème is out of the can. Particularly in the USA, a new and nasty pushback has begun with a new internet army; and this is an army of revenge with many being armed to the teeth.

The battle has begun slowly but the tide has definitely turned. The internet turned out to be a weapon more powerful than atomic bombs expanding into a massive, news monster shining very bright lights on these conspirators, their henchmen, their actions, and their other lackeys on the ground. How ironic the net was designed as a defense department security and safety device. In the end its original plan may prove to be exactly that-the savior of our American nation.

Why was it reported Goldman Sachs employees are carrying guns for protection? Why was Mr. Bernanke having cold sweats and near collapse during his recently famous 60 minutes interview when he had the gall to tell us he wasn’t printing money? Why did former Treasury Secretary Paulson order preparation of written documents exculpating him from criminal prosecution before he approved TARP and handed out billions to his banker buddies who were busted and destroyed into insolvency by their derivative adventures?

Once their confidence of power has broken-up around these Boyz, their very small but formerly powerful international army will run in fear. At this point, it’s early in their unexpected disaster. They are really quite ticked at the audacity of “The Little People” who dare to expose them and to fight back. How dare they?

Here comes a nasty surprise, mister. And, the scary part is it might go way beyond a few visible bankers and politicians. It could go much deeper into the realm of associated hangers-on many of them innocents. If this gets out of hand, it’s going to be a take no prisoners and sort ‘em out later as in the old western movies. If you think I’m nuts just watch! I understand the American people.

We’ve got some news; the common man will not only dare, but he is coming for the instigators. If I were in their shoes I would be very afraid. The world is a small place and the Bubba’s are not going to take it any more. With their hard-earned savings, pensions, jobs and homes being destroyed, some of the more radical loose cannons will get busy with revenge. We think violence is the wrong approach. Legal prosecution and humiliation in the courts is the correct method but we suspect the Bubbas are out of patience and want retribution right now; not in five years.

We have some news for this Club of One Worlder’s and their nasty tools hidden in the U.N,, World Bank, IMF, Council on Foreign Relations, the Illuminati, and the northeastern USA university establishment that spawned so many of these types. Their others including a mercenary financial collection of bankers, investment bankers and other attached hangers-on are also in the guilty pile.

History tells us when economic disasters of this magnitude visit the people, all hell is going to break loose, socially and morally with one big and very violent ending as in World War III. We’ve predicted this long ago, but now unfortunately, our prediction; our vision is coming true.

The criminal cabal of banking elites have been in charge for hundreds of years. History tells us the typical life of a nation-state is 250 years. The United States is now 234 years old. Sadly, it seems the end of the road is in sight. This does not mean however, that it’s the end of the world or the conclusion of the grand and noble experiment of my free America. It just means that we are nearing a point where we need to a renew fight to retain what we had. Is this the time for Refreshing The Tree Of Liberty? All good logic would say this is the case.

Obviously, its time to cleanse this world and flush the bowl. Thankfully we have the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights to guide us. I have confidence that while things will be very ugly for awhile, that the ending will be a good one and those espousing unbridled greed and naked power shall meet the fate of so many like those who came before them.

First comes annoyance, then comes a small worry, then comes a new fear in the night that says yes, this could get out of control. Then comes the grand finale; the denouement, the indelicate erasure of the nasties. As we wrote in a recent essay about post World War I Germany and Austria, hundreds of bankers and politicians met their maker. Read “When Money Dies” by Adam Fergusson. This book tells the true story of life on the ground for the common man and woman in Europe during those tumultuous times. I say we just repeat this history.

What Are Some Signals This Trend Has Begun?

The bad boyz games are being exposed at a faster pace and the Sheeple are standing up to them using the net and other means. They are not going to take it any more-witness the Wiki-leaks thing.

Failed wars in the Middle East have been largely exposed for the real meaning and reasons; to steal oil and hold a political presence. Further, the defense industry prospers making all the expensive stuff that gets blown-up and destroyed.

Central banker games of QE2-3-4 or whatever are not working and the herd on the street has discovered where the money is really going- into insolvent banks, politicians pockets and for pay-offs to various voting supporters.

Global warming has proven to be about as dangerous as a warm, steaming cow pile in a field. The real danger is the heat from those agitating tree-huggers, greenies and the let’s save the world from cows, horses and corporations gang. They are playing games to take taxpayer funds to fund and promote these stupid projects. Corn-ethanol is another one that should be deleted.

The morons attending the Cancun, Mexico climate change conference all agreed the US and its partners should give them $100 Billion for defeating global warming in developing nations. These disturbed children are in obvious need of some serious therapy.

Those dopes running the European Central Bank want German citizens to hand over hard -earned billions to their bankrupt neighbors who have been on vacation since the Spanish-American War. Wolfgang Schaeuble, the German Finance Minister, whom we thought had his act together has now descended into the murk of those chortling, “The Euro Won’t Fail.”

Of course it’s failing. It already has as the ECB buys crappy bonds of failing countries like Greece, Portugal, Spain, and Ireland. Iceland raised the middle digit to the Euro-Bankers and we hope the Irish do also as Mr.Cowan, “The Coward” sold out his own people. So what would those bankers do if these financial victims-nations just refused to pay?  Iceland found out. They are doing just fine thank you very much. It’s quite disagreeable and difficult for a banker cabal to sue a nation and get re-paid. It ain’t gonna happen. Too bad for the bankers.

Another situation that cannot be thwarted in our view is the American gun and weapons population and those owning them. Most western-like nations in Europe and Canada along with a few others do not have the firepower of USA citizens. Instead of retreating, this group has been expanding as they fear the implementation of rules and regulations regarding gun ownership. Nobody knows for sure the number of guns in America. We sure don’t but having traveled a bit its obvious where the hunters and squirrel shooters reside. We would suggest that when things get terminally lousy and we are not there yet but working it, this is going to be a game changer.

Should the One Worlder’s expect to take-over the USA by force using their UN army or foreign mercenaries, it would turn into Vietnam again with the good old boyz being the natives and the blue helmet crowd on the losing side of the fence.

Reports we get say those sympathizers for the One Worlder’s reside mostly on the left and right coasts of America. Since they are about 20% of the national population it would seem they are out-numbered. In an interesting test of politics and perhaps some push and shove politics, who do you think wins that one?

One very smart writer thinks the One Worlder’s might try to install a new global or international leader or Let’s-Pretend-King to rule the world. I think that one fails as his days on this earth would probably be cut short quite abruptly. Probably Bubba and his friends would just pay a vacation visit.

Another early sign the bad boyz are under siege is the newer riots in Greece and some brand new ones in Rome. These are mostly kids who are very angry about losing all their free stuff which they feel they are entitled to as they pursue higher learning? at the university. These are not to rough and generally controllable with tear gas and clubs as the kids break windows and start fires. They usually end quickly until another one breaks out.

I say it really gets nasty next summer when the very bad and poor sections of America’s largest cities start to riot over FOOD. People have to eat and while 43 million are on food stamp aid, the distribution is not moving fast enough to feed the needy. Also, while the new tax extension bill comes with another few week’s of unemployment aid payments taking some out to three years’ coverage, there are as yet too many more in critical condition receiving nothing. If you thought the Detroit race riots were interesting in 1967 and the Rodney King California riots later on, watch what happens next year.

In Summary.

Astute analysts and observers watching this stuff have agonized over the amount of unbelievable damage the bad boyz have done so far. While it seems they are unstoppable, they are not for the reasons we’ve just discussed. Further, we think the forthcoming bond market crash removes their power and money and the entire global system caves in on itself. Then watch as the patriots and freedom fighters world-wide begin to take power. This is going to be the most interesting movie ever produced.

Now, more than ever, it is important to take the immediate necessary precautions to protect yourself and your families and friends. Traders and investors should be buying precious metals and select shares right now. In our newsletter we have a great list of trading and investing ideas for you. Meanwhile, you can never go wrong buying physical precious metals and holding them for security. We’ve had a constant run of nearly ten years in gold rising 15% per year so this remains a good trade. In the last twelve months, gold rallied over 34% and is going ever faster.

It’s not going to stop any time soon. In fact, we predict those annual percentages will rise even more and this offers a chance, arriving only once in 25 years on the historical cycles.

Roger Wiegand
Editor Trader Tracks Newsletter
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  1. This seems to vibrate in sympathy like a tuning fork to what we have been saying here.
    The astute see the obvious. And what was said in the article is painfully obvious.
    It could start getting cranky even earlier than this next summer.
    The pukes in DC seem to want to rush it along some...getting real pushy they are.
    And it's true, Bubba has a short fuse.

    Great article Boom, thanks.

  2. I'd give my left nut for one semi-safe decent-yielding mutual fund recommendation.

    The news tells me I'm suppose to have a million fiats saved before I can retire.


    The peeps are angry. Yes, indeed. But, if they were gonna start putting banksters in da ground, doncha think they woulda started already? Is everyone gonna take it out on the school board? I wanna see some of these mentioned criminals get some people's justice.

  3. Obtuse. Don't be Obtuse. Be wise and shrewd...

    Forget your paper dreams. They fly away like so much confetti upon a NY New Year's Day parade. No one with a brain these days is gonna sit and look at a digital number residing at their "bank" (sic), or stroke their stock certificate (virtual), and figure they've got something physical to rest their head upon. I can't make it any simpler than this. Cheers!

  4. Glad youse likes it. An individual either "gets it" or doesn't. The info is swirling around like a tornado -- can't miss it if you are paying attention.

  5. COTO people should know this:

    Don't "follow the easy instructions" to join in 'Anonymous' hacking attacks.

    They would have you download and run LOIC, or Low Orbit Ion Cannon.

    What's true about LOIC is that there's no proxy for anonymity. The attacks are done from your own IP address. Translation: it's traceable. That's why we're seeing in the news that young people are getting arrested for the hack attacks.

    The overall group 'Anonymous' makes like it's nothing, because if 9,000 people are attacking and a HANDFUL are arrested, so what? (The overall attack proceeds.) But a handful of people fall into the clutches of the state, and an even larger number (that's not reported) may be searching for a new internet provider after being banned by their ISP.

    It's not very safe to participate. (But, if you're picked up, you could deny knowledge. It's plausible that your computer was infected by malware, that ran the attack remotely as part of a botnet. The internet is a wooly world. Even without participating, you could have downloaded a trojan and your computer could be a compromised zombie - or an attacker - even right now.)

  6. Thanks for the heads up John.

    It is obvious that prosecution for many things 'computer' are compromised by the very points you make here.

    Particularly un-savvy computer illeterates should be shielded automatically from prosecution. "Ignorance of the law is no excuse", but this cannot fairly translat to "Ignorance of technology is no excuse under the law"--that is unjust and an oxymoron.

    I visited a wikileaks mirror site and have wondered what cookies may have been lurking in the background. I still have no idea--although I have scanned with every tool I have access to.

    Yes it is wacky digitalus snake dancing in the post modern world.


  7. Totally agree there John. But also getting off the TIME MAGAZINE NWO POSTER BOYS FACEBOOK and getting further off the grid is essential.

    Boomer was in an absolute clear headed moment there on this entry. Good stuff Boom.

    But I must reiterate that the goal is to end fiat and they are effecting this tRIAd
    Senor Obtuse should mutually escape his funds and delve into hard assets. PM's Sovels, Axes, Seeds, Patent Land RE and go offshore if he has more that 100k in this mess.

    Pensions, IRA's, TB's, Stocks, Commodities,or futures on paper are numbered for the coming transition. When it comes, poor and middle class will know no difference in their portfolio's and when the grid and paperless mark comes, most will have to join for personal sustainability. Theres no resource shortages, no asset shortage, no wealth ceilings. Just a fiat fabrication and corporate-UN backed rendition of R.O.W. as they desire.

    Everyone of these Committee admins have their seeds, PM's and dumb bunker condo's accomodations in the books and yet they will tell you they are confident in the Markets. Rebounds? As fake as the last Rolex someone tried to sell you.

  8. Do not download the zips or torrents from these mirrored site. "AT YOUR RISK"

  9. Luckily when I got to the mirror, I didn't access any of the buttons. My intuition hit me right then and I skeedaddled.

  10. Glad you appreciate the piece P.D. And as always; your comments and information represent "value". Cheers!

  11. I discovered I have a wobbly fan--bad bearings in the one that cools the motherboard.
    Will get it replaced. Don't know how long it will take. But if I'm out for a couple days that is the sitch.

    Boola boola cacapoola........\\ll//

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    --[][][]--[][][]--On Your
    --[][][]--[][][]--Profile If
    --[][][]--[][][]--You Believe
    --[][][]--[][][]--9/11 Was
    --[][][]--[][][]--INSIDE JOB

  13. I don't know what that means John, but it is down right perty.

  14. -[][][]-[][][]- \\ll//

  15. 911 ...hmmm

    "... in view of the law of natural selection
    it was agreed that a nation or world of people
    who will not use their intelligence
    are no better than animals who do not have intelligence.
    Such people are beasts of burden
    and steaks on the table by choice and consent."

    Set two cups on a table,
    take an ice cube from a tray in the freezer
    and place it in one of the cups,
    set an egg timer for 30 minutes.

    When the timer goes off
    take another ice cube from the same tray in the freezer
    and place it in the second empty cup.

    Which ice cube will melt first ?

    The first on of course.

    So why was it
    that the first tower hit
    was the last to collapse,
    and the second tower hit
    was the first to collapse ?

    purrrrr ...



  16. twin towers....very good mr,O


  17. here is another financial guy who REALLY gets...he is aware who did 9-11, and why we are in a currency battle with china and what the outcome will be for precious is his latest dispatch.

    His handle on the site is jim willie CB, and have a gander at his archived articles on the site as well.

  18. Good one Brad, I've followed Market Oracle for some time...yep they're hep.

    "It is worse. It lost its vitality entirely. With its financial engineering backfire, the nation is broken from a sequence of repeated asset bubbles & busts. With its wartime economy, the nation seeks new enemies and prefers exports of weapons to productive goods. The nation is like a Sherman Tank sinking in a sea of quicksand with credit cards as banners flown, all overdrawn and canceled. The globe has come full circle from a century ago. The export of opium by Britain to China back then, the US monopoly on narcotics nowadays. Uncle Sam prefers selling contraband to legitimate industry."~Jim Willie