Sunday, November 28, 2010


Note. The following photographs are from the large Irish protest of Nov. 27, 2010:


  1. Ha damn, yea. Farage seems a man after my own heart.

    And what is happening on the other side of the ocean?? The same sort of "Union" is being established--only even more covertly.

    Although not publically announced as such we now live in the North American Union.
    Soon to be crashed and spliced together with a single currency.


  2. Well, I've added the still photographs down below. The people of Ireland could be forgiven if they overthrew their government. There, the government took on a bank bailout and deposit guarantee which, as a proportion of GDP, is actually bigger (a heavier burden) than the Wall Street bailout in the U.S.

    The government has proceeded with its attitude that "bankers shouldn't receive haircuts, but everyone else should."

    The Irish prime minister even went so far as to incorporate the bright idea to cut the minimum wage.

    Hello? Cut the minimum wage? --That's not even a measure for fiscal matters of government finances. In fact, lower wages would mean lower taxes, so that maneuver goes in the opposite direction from any needed austerity to reduce the government's deficit.

    Cut the minimum wage? WTF?? --Somebody says that it's for "competitiveness." Well then why not compete with Vietnam, where the wages are even lower than China? WTF???

    Clearly, this was the prime minister, stepping outside the bounds of the fiscal problem, merely in order to deliver a punitive austerity measure as a gratuitous swing, taken at the working people of Ireland.

    It's just random belligerence to the working class! --And as I say, the people of Ireland could be forgiven if they overthrew their government.

    Also in the photos above, you can see one protester holding a sign:

    "Educate yourself: YouTube: The Money Masters"

    --That is the picture amid the protest that truly points to the root problems of Ireland. What Ireland and the world needs are politicians who don't buy into the paradigm of the Central Bankers. Ireland, and every country, should own and operate its own central bank, instead of living at the mercy of the corrupt cabal of the private banking cartel.

    Getting out of the euro is also a part of the way forward. Stay tuned....

  3. Good comments, John. Different peoples around the world are as surely having an Economic War waged against them as compared to invasion and "bombs bursting in air". These political and banker induced fraudulent finance firestorms are aimed at gutting the common man. Perhaps the Enemy and their weapons should be labeled with new nomenclature understood by the man on the street?

    The Enemy -- Bankers, financiers, the elite cabal
    The Enablers (Treasonous Spies) -- Complicit Politicians, Compromised Judicial branches
    Weapons -- Bullets = central bank fiat money. Bad Laws/Legislation = Supply Lines. Owned Media outlets = Propaganda Arms and Psyops purveyors. Bombs and Land Mines = Manipulated money pits, like stock exchanges, government administered retirement plans, unemployment departments, etc.

    There should be commonly understood descriptions for all of the war making machinery arrayed against common people everywhere. Folks know they're under fire, they just can't quite pin down who's doing the shooting and where it's coming from. The "Why" part is pretty understandable.

  4. Yea Boom

    Write us up a Lexicon of Freedom, you've made a good start.


  5. It should concern us that the just-announced Irish bailout deal still includes the cut to the minimum wage, reducing it by 1 euro / hour, from 8.65 down to 7.65. (At present exchange rates, that's a cut from $11.45 / hour down to $10.13.)

    The only good news is that the opposition party Fine Gael says that they would not lower the minimum wage, and they would not feel bound by the plan that is recently on the table. They are likely to win the next election, but the Forces of the Old (or let's say, the Forces of the Sith) are trying to force through a new budget BEFORE any election. (The people in the street are demanding an election now.)

    Meanwhile, candidates in Canada's BC election are promising to RAISE the minimum wage from Canadian $8 to $10. (That's U.S. $7.83 to US. $9.78).

    But, if the elite can get away with knocking a euro off of Ireland's minimum wage, then a precedent is established. The U.S. could be next.

    So actually, I want the Irish to fight that move and win, for the sake of working people everywhere.

    And isn't it pitiful that even when we look at the lower numbers, Canada and Ireland are both places with a better deal than America offers to its minimum wage workers! Sheesh.

  6. 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...

  7. Remember the Shock Doctrin by Naomi Kline?

    Do not doubt that it is at Amerika's doorstep, battering rams a jousting.

    The US needs to take urgent action to cut its debt in order to prevent the next financial crisis, which may start in Washington, Sheila Bair, chair of the Federal Deposits Insurance Corp. (FDIC) wrote in an editorial in the Washington Post.
    The federal debt has doubled over the past seven years, to almost $14 trillion, and the growth is a result of both the financial crisis and the government's "unwillingness over many years to make the hard choices necessary to rein in our long-term structural deficit," Bair wrote.
    There needs to be "a bipartisan national commitment" for an austerity package of both spending cuts and tax increases over many years in order to solve the problem, according to Bair.

    And, at the end of this month two million idled workers, now collecting unemployment, will be dropped from the rolls. At the end of December, another two million workers will join the ranks of those who have exhausted their unemployment benefits and a total of 4 million Americans will be without unemployment checks and face destitution.

    Yea Mr. M., it's a backcount, just like a rocket launch.

    It's enough to give ya tidbitz...


  8. I like the way Blair says, "The federal debt has doubled over the past seven years"..

    As if the 'debt' is some sort of independent entity running arount mating and having little baby 'debts', like rabbits; like it is just a fact of nature, and not the result of the policy of these very same assholes who are now going to use it as a hammer.


  9. Thanks for the pics, John.

    You guys have heard about the Scottish Highlands Games, right? You know the "pole toss"? I would like to attend the People's Heightened Awareness Games, coming to a country near You!

    To be enjoyed by all will be the "Bankers Toss", where duct taped rigid bankers will be tossed for distance and laughs.

    An Epic yet highly applauded Event is the Naked Politician bumper car clash. Nudenfokkers (i.e. Politicians presumed guilty, because well, what are the odds of them being honest and serving the people?) are strapped horizontally to the front of riding lawnmowers ,driven by drunken homeless peasants. A figure 8 course provides for hilarity and spills. Kind of a Beer & Circus using the political elite as the goofenhosen.

    These are just 2 of the Games coming to a country-side near you very soon. Sponsors are wanted. The Beer is Free. Let the suds begin.

  10. poem:

    National Security State

    The monkeys are happy to be locked in their cages
    As the tigers prowl the zoo


    What is this “Homeland” shit anyway? That's what I wanted to know on 9/11 when it was first introduced to the popular airwaves, and still want to know today.

    If this isn't a take on the German, der Fatherland then Chertoff is the most handsome man since Rob Lowe.

    I keep going back to proximate cause, 9/11...all of this is predicated on that event.
    Are they thinking we are over due for another after the squawk made over the TSA scanners?
    Watch, they will step back, make a fake 'security window' by "following the publics wishes"--and in that window--BAM a newer bigger improved Event, with all the attendant truama.


  11. Of course you are exactly right about the "Homeland" lexicon being tabled after 9/11. It is the most obvious Slap to the face of normal non-sociopath people. One day you live in America, home of the supposed brave and free...the next, your country just morphed into the Nazi Homeland.

    What's the Puddy Dunne dude got to pull out of his hat explaining this Committee pre-cog brain screw?

    The next big Event(s) oughta make exploding undershorts and tennis shoes pale in comparison I would imagine. It is probably already being put into action by the Devils that do this stuff.

  12. For some Straight Talk I suggest you read the following. It is very good -- paints a real nice picture of the shit going on. A pretty shitty picture. Bob Chapman is inciteful and pulls no punches:

    11.29.10- Protecting the Afghan Opium and Marijuana Crops, and Other Empirical Mandates
    Bob Chapman


    Then read:

  13. Number two, is that there’s a meltdown globally, it’s a currency crisis. Brought on primarily by the United States - and I love it - they criticize China for not raising the value of their Yuan while Ben Bernanke devalues our currency in front of us.

    Number three is that with this currency war you’re going to see trade wars follow.

    …Following a currency war you’re going to start seeing trade wars. Trade wars, Lew, plus currency wars, equal real wars.

    …There is no solution…
    ~Gerald Celente