Monday, November 1, 2010

The Secret of Oz

This  lengthy documentary has some good insights on the gold standard,  fiat money,  silver,  and the serial  history of  assassinating US Presidents who stood up to the private central bankers.

Long and repetitive, but definitely a good lesson,  it makes crystal clear that the first thing we must do if we ever want freedom is to arrest the Federal Reserve in its tracks and take back control of our own money.


  1. While people will mass and rally over left/right politics they ignore the most basic reality that without controlling the issuance of currency, they are not even close to controlling their political destiny. End the Fed! Jail the traitors! Repudiate their 'authority'. That's a long, fine American tradition from day one....and we have been fighting these crooks ever since.

  2. Oh yes this is highly recomended. A very thorough look at what money is and isn't, how it really works, and how we are getting it rectal by this system.
    Fascinating history.

    At what point in history did the "average person" understand what was really going on?

    At no point in history.


  3. 30 to one for for the fiat worshippers. I'm flakking here on this farce. Better to bail than to abet.

  4. Tonight the debt of every person in the US is $44,236.15

    The National debt is s$13,714,820,300 and counting $ thousands by the second.

    Nov. 2, 2010

  5. Whaddya think of the tally sticks in the video, Puddy?

  6. I love it Mary. I enjoy our comments about these things like books. (OZ, Gullivers Travels, Alice in Wonderland etc.) The programming worked so well that they carried it over to television and set up Holyrood-Media Productions.

    The Tulips, Tally Sticks, Thalers, Ringgits and all this other druzism is a prophesy and code being played out on a time-dimension plane from the true Master Wizards who are still unknown to humankind.

    Our animal friends may have better sight, hearing or senses to this dark power. It is not history happenstance but scripted from the original code pre-templar. The purpose of humankind, like that of all other creation, is to sustain this plane. For humankind, this occurs through active participation in the box of committee creation. As Zoroaster begins the construct, all others have come to contribute to this pyramid.

    We are providing the blood, bones and their "split tally's" to build this empire of imaginary substance and being sheilded from the supreme power, the super conscience, the pineal connection to all understanding and we deprived of the true enlightenment are fulfilling theirs.

    As Boomerang, Kornisking and I perceive, this program has got to be turned off and our paths have got to change. The system is illusionary, false and yet it is impossible to change. So we must change individually. For the masses we may awaken some more but it is not going to happen for those who do not make the effort or hold to the course and challenge their comfort zones.

    We all seem to be focused lately on these symbols, markers and rituals. As we approach this illuminati Mayan marker, I hope this means we are preparing our inner fortress for more wizardry.

    Thanks for posting this great look at one of their best forgeries.

  7. So what you're saying is it's a dream state of affairs with symbolic representatives of the actual serving as current to carry the program forward. The Federal Reserve notes carry us into a new order for the ages, Novus Ordo Seclorum, beamed from the top of the pyramid. Pyramids are a good symbol of ponzi schemes, of quantitative easing. A new order, hell, we get nothing but new orders everyday, do this, don't do that. And we are damn Fed up with it.

  8. Yes Mary. I wholeheartedly agree with Flakman on the illusion of birth contract, finance, servitude and take it well beyond this to many other committee majik triks. We all pretty much agree on elections, WOT, Food, PhRMA, disease, mind-control and other empire induced stimuli. What we don't know is what they have done to keep this chaos and majik killing our people's ability to see the light.

    We can blame ourselves as much as the Ponzers and Committee hackers. If we constantly lay down to their commands, crimes and programming, nothing else that happens will mean a thing.

    "There's more than one way to skin a cat" Now who want's to really skin a cat in anyway? They do and they can skin it in a number of ways. Thay have the numbers, code, science, alchemy, finance, army and a blind legion.

    We have a brain beyond straw, a lions heart and a soul that can't be tried. All that's left is to muster the courage and exercise it. What one man does on a cross can ripple tsunami's accross the land. I liked Randy Weaver and other tax protesters and it's in my opinion the best tool we have and the one they fear the most.

    It explains, Lincoln, Jackson, Lindbergh, Lindbergh, Kennedy, Weaver and a host of others who paid the price for messin with their moolah.

  9. I remember seeing my birthcertificate, around the time I was ten or eleven. My mom had it out for some reason. It was the official copy, it had my footprints in ink in little boxes at the bottom.

    I remember thinking, 'I didn't do that, they did that'.
    I remember seeing it as if they had forged my signature to some if I was being coerced into something.
    I didn't have a name for what. These were just odd feelings of some inner dismay.

    I had the same feelings about school the whole time I was there, from about the 6th grade forward--that they were all lying... about 'somethng'. Like I say, these were all vague unnamed feelings.
    I began naming them at around 16. I have constucted quite a lexicon now.

    So, I can say it up front here, fuck the totalitarian state. They got my name, they can look up my number.


  10. A world of shadows, projected onto the walls of our cave.