Thursday, November 18, 2010



QE-1, QE-2, X-ray goons they walk em through,

If I had cash I would have flew,

I am old,ugly and often half-drunk,

I caint find nobody to feel My junk.

Things are different today I understand,

When a goon goes in a woman's pantie with his hand,

He might find out that she's a man !  (Ackward)



  1. Nice King. Makes one think of Napolitano and Kagan.

    Does ([QE1 + QE2] + TSA = QB7) ???????
    Me thinks so in Chetoffonomics.


  2. "Does ([QE1 + QE2] + TSA = QB7)"

    Actually, it means the Chinese are buying everything in sight with the dollars we once owned. Pretty evident here in Hawaii. And as we continue to lose our sovereignty, us WASPY Americans will be regulated to trailer parks in the midwest.

    That's the big picture folks. The TSA isn't keeping terrorists out, it's getting ready to control the US population once americans realize that they've been royally fucked-over. Assuming the dumbshits might actually do something once they 'get it.'

    Might as well as learn some chinese now. Eventually, you'll need the skills when negotiating with your landlord.

  3. Korn, it's "FLEWN", not "flew". Good rhyme though.
    If you do wanna be groped, when you go through the metal detector (and refuse the xray machine), ask nonchalantly, "Is it OK that I have a LIP BALM IN MY POCKET"
    They almost always hear the "....BOMB in my pocket" part when I pull that prank.
    Don't do it if you are carrying cannabis...they can tear your stuff apart looking for the bomb. Good luck, Korn, you know Ventura is not even trying to flew anymore.