Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NJ Legislators & ACLU Take on the TSA Naked Body Scanners

They also take on the lewd, groping body searches as well and call them what they are ..unconstitutional... cheers to my home state on this one!


  1. i watched this video this morning. what a pleasure it was. totally, cheers for new jersey, jg!! i hope others states stand up now that they see how easy it is. we need to make quick work of this idiocy.

  2. whoops - forgot to add this link:

  3. arcadia...I was thrilled as well. People are standing up against this horrible invasion of privacy and trampling on their civil liberties. This is exactly what it takes to win the battle against the police state... I say MORE MORE MORE of this !!

  4. thanks for that link arcadia and thanks to Rep Duncan as well ! I'm going to post this along with the NJ video.

  5. hopefully, this will snowball and address one issue after another. there are so many!

    i hope california legislators get up off their knees soon and stand up for the constitution. i am totally jealous of your state!

  6. Body Scanner Manufacturer Accompanies Obama on Trip to India

    November 14, 2010 in News

    OSI Systems is the owner of Rapiscan Systems which manufactures the Secure 1000, one of the most commonly used backscatter x-ray machines. And, no it is not the Deepak Chopra you’re thinking of.

    See also:

    The Chertoff Group

    Eddie Mayenschein, Transportation Security Administration, Office of Security, General Manager, narrates procedures as volunteers go through the first full body scanner installed at O'Hare International Airport , Monday, March 15, 2010, in Chicago. Federal transportation authorities demonstrated the technology to the media before starting to send passengers through the machine later today. Officials say they don't expect the body scanner which takes seconds to pass through to slow down security lines. (AP Photo/M. Spencer Green)

    OSI Systems Press Release, November 12, 2010:

    OSI Systems Chief Executive Officer Joins US Presidential Visit to India

    HAWTHORNE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– OSI Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: OSIS), a vertically-integrated provider of specialized electronic products for critical applications in the Security and Healthcare industries, today announced that Deepak Chopra, Chairman and CEO, was selected to accompany US President, Barack Obama, to Mumbai and attended the US India Business Entrepreneurship meeting, which was held by the US India Business Council (US IBC). The goal of the meeting was to promote further trade between US and India.

    Deepak Chopra, OSI Systems President and Chief Executive Officer, stated, “I am honored to be selected to play a role in this very important cause. Currently the trade between US and India is only one tenth of the amount of trade between US and China. There is substantial opportunity to improve the trade relations with India for mutual economic gain.”

    The US India Business Council is a business advocacy organization representing America’s top companies investing in India, joined by global Indian companies, with an aim to deepen trade and strengthen commercial ties.

    About OSI Systems, Inc.

    OSI Systems, Inc. is a vertically integrated designer and manufacturer of specialized electronic systems and components for critical applications in the homeland security, healthcare, defense and aerospace industries. We combine more than 30 years of electronics engineering and manufacturing experience with offices and production facilities in more than a dozen countries to implement a strategy of expansion into selective end product markets. For more information on OSI Systems Inc. or any of its subsidiary companies, visit News Filter: OSIS-G

    OSI Systems Inc
    Ajay Vashishat
    Vice President, Business Development

  7. Mr Obtuse flew to Hawaii this morning. For some reason they sent us through the old metal detector instead of one of those fancy new underpants scanners they had at the airport. Guess we looked to goofy to be terrorists. Didn't see a whole lot of people bitching about getting scanned or getting groped. Got the impression that most just wanted to get outta town with the least bit of inconvenience. Course, americans ain't the smartest tools in da shed.

    Gonna ask for a grope on the way back.

  8. My friend and I both caught the funny way that as soon as Ms. Jacob of the ACLU got on , the revolutionary talk against tyranny died off. She began pushing the phony Z team security paradigm about stopping terror neglecting to mention how US intel put underpants bomber on the plane and filmed him throughout the flight! She pretended to stand with the opponents of the radiation machines until at the end she said she thought it would be good to radiate people with probable cause. Beware the ACLU, judas goats, disinfo specialists! Just my humble opinion based on a mountain of obvious facts.....

  9. They buy off all the touchy feely new age people like Deepak Chopra that they can, guys who live in a total fiction that brings them to the bottom line fast, payday. It should be mandatory for students of history to read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to get a frikkin clue how the system works and who for.

  10. aclu president nadine strossen and executive director anthony romero are both cfr members.

    from roger baldwin, who directed the aclu for 30 years, for his college yearbook: "i am for socialism, disarmament, and ultimately, for abolishing the state itself...i seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class and sole control of those who produce wealth. communism is the goal".

    the aclu's is a fascinating but thoroughly sickening history of deception and communism.

    amnesty international, human rights watch, and the ccr are all run by cfr members too.


  11. Mary and Arcadia...once again spot on about the ACLU. BUT, let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater here. NJ for whatever reason has started the ball rolling against the Terroristic Sadism Association. Hopefully other states will follow.

    The people have to start standing up against SOMETHING and if this is the issue to start the peaceful revolution then so be it. I don't even have a horse in this race since I don't or won't fly but treating people like cattle and humiliating them to condition them to such treatment while the zionist bastards make millions off of the whole process really pisses me off !

    This illustrates the police state of Amerika in living color for all to see.

  12. We need more bright kids like this one. What a great rundown of zionist crimes and Amerika's Israel ass kissing:

  13. Thanks for that history on ACLU, Arcadia. That splains it better.

  14. hah. while the subject matter of the video is indeed gruesome, i laughed out loud several times, as pure release at hearing the truth spoken so freely.

    this kid is so dead-set against people getting away with normalizing the unthinkable and so candid, that it was almost as if i were hearing the crimes of this nation for the first time.

    i will gladly pass it on - thanks.

    on a different note:

    this is an article on ron paul's 'the american traveler dignity act'.

    while there are a few things i wish he would have addressed in a more honest manner i was happy to see his contribution to airline sanity. i do not fly either. have not for years. will not. the last time i did i was selected for 'extra security measures'. no more.

  15. my pleasure.
    exposure is good for the soul.

  16. Jerseygirl, I was so proud of the Jersey legislators and what they said prior to the ACLU coming on to deflate the momentum. At last it seems remotely possible that people could wake up in time. The revolt against TSA has legs toward overturning the deepening tyranny since 9/11. So I agree let's not throw out that baby with ACLU's dirty bathwater. You understand, I just don't wanna give up this baby to a lying nanny either.
    Excellent video below, JG! This beautiful youth always speaks wisdom about USrahell, and I like him alot.
    Brother Nathaniel tells how they are not loyal to America at all.
    That's why Netanyahu said 9/11 was good for Israel. And he was there as he was in London on 7/7 to make sure.
    I suppose each time momentum builds in the American people to free themselves from tribal tyranny and its strange new and malignant police state, we might find 'authorities standing with us' (sure) deflect the momentum back into GWOT, underpants bomber, and the right of government to ionize anyone they designate, now featured by ACLU under a technical backup of 'probably cause'.
    Although backscatter Xray radiation is a long linear energy density it is ALWAYS damaging electron voltage to cells it contacts even briefly. A long linear energy density means the radiation pierces enough to reach basal skin cells where it ionizes at the very least as a bystander effect. Remember kiddies. like they say, all ionizing radiation is harmful and there is no safe lower dose. (Reaffirmed by National Academy of Science, 2006) In fact, low level radiation is proportionally much more damaging per electron volt than higher doses because the dose response curve of biology is superlinear.
    For ACLU to reaffirm that torturing human biology with unnecessary radiation exposure on ANYONE THEY DEEM A THREAT is the takeaway "sanction" they give to criminal government is a snapshot of their real agenda.

  17. a short but chilling chertoff etal video.

    personally i am overrun on government torture of citizens. people in positions of pseudo power who abuse citizens and the constitution must be removed from their posts. there is no other way.

    anything less than that would be failure on our part to uphold the constitution.

    we need to strike while there are members of congress standing up. we have seen several videos in the past few days naming those who are openly objecting to tsa nazis. they need to be supported and encouraged by email, letter, fax, and phone relentlessly. and relentless contacting of all other congressional members, obama, tsa, airports, and attorneys willing to file class action lawsuits.

    there is a little bit of momentum that we need to turn into a tidal wave.

    i will start emailing tomorrow.