Sunday, November 21, 2010

Chemtrail Tanker Video From Whistleblower Pilot at Cruising Altitude

YIKES!  NOW WE'RE TALKING CITIZENS OF THE WORLD -- Caught em Red-Handed!  I'm sure the PTB have a number of B.S. excuses to try and divert away from this telling video evidence.  Their explanations are only self-incriminating.  Time to lower the Boom, wouldn't you say?!


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For the first time, a breakthrough video shows the spraying nozzles and turbo fan systems of a KC-10 aircraft taking part in high altitude spraying operations… What will the chemtrails skeptics say now?

This never before seen video footage shows a McDonnell Douglas KC-10 aircraft. This sophisticated design of tankers was originally intended for military ‘air-to-air’ refueling operations. However, in this case, as clearly demonstrated by this whistleblower video, this KC-10 has been modified with spraying nozzles and turbo fans, which are clearly visible.

The video was also posted by the Italian alternative news website under their Web TV segment called Cani Sciolti – Chemtrails: La falla nel sistema or Dogs on the Loose – Chemtrails: The flaw in the system.

The Italian text captures shown in the video state the following:

A KC-10 (military refueling tanker) participating in a high altitude aerosol-spraying clandestine operation is followed by another aircraft.

This video was posted on Youtube on the 14th of July of 2010, but the trails were actually sprayed in 2008, and seen (for the first time) only now. The video might have been uploaded by a military pilot, if the user name is taken into consideration (Youtube user name of USAFFEKC10). A dog on the loose*… A flaw in the system…

• -”A dog on the loose,” or “an agile dog” in the Italian language (“Un cane sciolto”… as in a canine that’s smart, agile and flexible enough to escape from a cage or his master, and refuses to become domesticated) is an informal reference made to someone who doesn’t follow the rules, a rogue individual, or someone who’s truly free and independent.

Kudos to this brave air force pilot!.. Un cane sciolto!!!

Also, congratulations to the great work done by! Felicitazioni per il buon lavoro di!


  1. hey, I think JG uploaded the original youtube on this, where you can hear the cockpit conversation of the follower aircraft. What's interesting about it is when the pilot says "I'm gonna post this on youtube" and the co pilot laughs.

    that made me think it's psyops... but, regardless, these do look like genuine chemtrails

  2. I thought this was the original YouTube video? I could hear the cockpit audio when I first listened to it...

    Regardless -- Chemtrails are the bane of our existence, and WE know where they're coming from.

  3. no, this video has music added -- i mean the one where the pilots are talking. I just went looking for the jg video, but couldn't find it.

  4. Interesting you mention psyops. This video convinces me of nothing. Reports of chemical substances falling in various places seem more credible than any of the photographic evidence I've seen to date. I do not doubt that chemtrails are a reality. They were pretty open about the spraying of corexit over the gulf coast, and weather-modification experiments would account for some. I think there have also been admissions of spraying microbes over cities in order to study biowarfare.

    If we could get an aerodynamics specialist to tell us how what we see in this video differs from condensation trails, that would be valuable. Con trails form behind any object on an airplane that disrupts air flow, especially on the upper surface of the wing, and they can appear and disappear suddenly simply due to differences in atmospheric moisture. I would expect to see them off the wing tips, too, and they weren't there in this video, but I'm not an expert.

  5. They talk on this one Rady Just later in the video