Sunday, November 14, 2010

9/11 WTC7 - Geraldo Rivera Covers Building What? Ad

Look Out.  Geraldo discussing WTC 7 on Fox?  They are allowing this information to become public.  I think we are about to be slammed with the next false flag very soon in order to shut us up and shut us down.~jg


  1. Remember when I told M that the day this goes mainstream is when they would be ready to go GENESIS without any fear.

    This is the beginning of many signals that confirm that we have days and not years remaining. Watch the internet search stats and look for the high hits sites.

    Information is becoming more visible on MSM and broader arenas. They are settling accounts as we speak.

    Who said the moneychangers would not go down? Willy was that you or Boom? You have the first signs of many more open secrets and the timeline fits for Israel, N Korea, Iran etc. to go rogue.

    When the trigger is sprung, the masses will rally without question behind the R,W & B and the time for the Black Sun council will move in. This is the final war? That is before the quiet war resolves all their problems and One World is in effect

  2. Patrick, unfortunately for most of us, you've been predicting all of this accurately. But as Rumsfeld said so eloquently (haha)

    "There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don't know we don't know."

    Perhaps the "unknown unknowns" will be our salvation......

  3. So I stop and talk to a Captain of Police who was doing guard duty at WholeFoods. And I ask him about 9/11, and he's all on board. So I ask him what he thinks is going on to happen?

    He's says prepare and hope for the best.

    He quells any talk of the people prevailing. He goes on to say that the people haven't a clue as to the weapons that are going to be used on them, and that we can forget about a mutiny from the troops, because they'll be wearing blue-helmets.

    I asked what he thought would be the timetable.

    He told me now.

    As he I was leaving he said this ; "Non hominum vitae piget." (Live life with no regrets)

  4. That's just creepy, M. The unknown unknowns.

    I have a dumb question though. Why the hell is the captain of police guarding whole foods???? That's even creepier.

  5. Good question, JG. In certain S. American countries, there are private guards stationed in just about every store, with old guns. They're there for deterrent purposes primarily. Pick-up loads of young men go by down the main street, bristling with guns. The people go about their daily business with this show of weapons all around them.

    I don't see that being allowed in the U.S., once "processing" begins. The Blue Helmets was mentioned up thread. I wonder how Americans will take "processing". Every blue helmet may provide a target for a bullet. There's a lot of bullets laying around in the U.S. How much "Help" from our 'trusted' government will be welcomed, or will the helpers meet resistance to "just doing their job"? I suppose it will play out however it does. But, I can guess being a blue helmet is going to be unhealthy. We already "get it" that being a U.S. citizen is unhealthy.

    "Change" is going to be a bitch.

  6. Actually its not uncommon here. New Orleans is somewhat different than many other cities in how the police interact with the public, they're a bit more attached to the populace because they interact so often with them because of the number of festivals and such we have all the time.

    I've had a brief chap before with this Capt. about the MICA report. He's very candid and forthcoming.

  7. change you can Bleed for?

  8. M -- I had an officer of let's say, retirement age tell me a Revolution was coming. He figured folks would just go shopping at Walmart with their semi-automatic rifles and obtain what they needed that way. He was rather matter-of-fact about it. And that was about 2 years ago. He was shopping for a larger caliber semi-auto for "personal" protection at the time.

  9. Well, one thing is for sure, we're about to find out if what we've been predicting all these years is going to as bad as we've been saying.

    Even if it falls half-way in between it's going to pretty bad. Hell, I'd be happy if only gets that bad.

    There's a strange sort of ease watching this happen, or perhaps this is just how I display panic?

    Oh, well, not much to do now but check the gear, and buy some last minute ammo.

    It would nice to be surprised and see 9/11 be the catalyst it rightfully should be, and I refuse to give up hope that it might be, and who knows? Who among us is so wise as to say that miracles can't happen?

    This exposure is what we've been fighting for - but its a victory with little celebration. We're cynics. Cynics don't celebrate.

  10. That's correct M. Cynics sit in their blind, their refuge, and watch attentively, all senses attuned...

    Its only a matter of time, aye? Till the animals make their moves and come out in the open.