Saturday, October 23, 2010

US turned blind eye to torture



    Mr. Assange, a 39-year-old Australian, used years of computer hacking and what friends call a near genius I.Q. to establish WikiLeaks, redefining whistle-blowing by gathering secrets in bulk, storing them beyond the reach of governments and others determined to retrieve them, then releasing them instantly, and globally.

    Australian official told him, “You play outside the rules, and you will be dealt with outside the rules.”

    What fucking rules? The rule of law? So-called “governments” are the biggest criminal syndicates on the planet.

    Fuck their rules.


  2. One of the greatest scenes in film history that Waldo. In fact a blistering great movie all 'round.

    It is called "revelation of the method" in ritual "science"--Kabballah and all that jazz.

    "1, 2. 3, 4, can I have a little whore?...

    A, B, C, D..."

    So now they take their friends to tea.

    Party that is.


  3. I love the movie "network". That scene sums up the NWO's script.

    So, do we think Assange is a real whistle blower or agent of the govt?

  4. I am still giving Assange the benefit of the doubt.

    A lot of what is being laid at his feet is the way inwhich the mainstream has used the material--not the material itself.

    A lot of assumptions are being aired...I want something more substantial before I lynch someone.