Monday, October 4, 2010

More Pieces to the Puzzle

Certainly seems more plausible than the Warren Commission Report


  1. I went through all of the video interviews with Johnson's X-mistress. It was quite compelling that Johnson was in on the hit. The 'party' at Murcheson's house the night before was a strategic meeting for the hit. But it had 'systemic' backing...all the way up to 'The Crown' [City of London]>> no group can rogue out on the Boss on this level.

    "It is the meloncholy law of human societies
    to be compelled sometimes to choose a great evil
    in order to ward off a greater evil."
    -Lyndon Baines Johnson

    The prints from Dallas and Wallace match on 14 unique points. What's more intriguing is that a recent documentary on the subject obtained the analysis of a fingerprint expert who had done this type of work for 35 years. Upon his examination he found a correlation of 34 points. There's no doubt -- it's Wallace.

    Later, in 1961, Wallace again was implicated in another murder for Johnson."


  2. Sure is slow around here these past few days...


  3. Sons of Israel! The hour of our ultimate victory is near. We stand on the threshold to the command of the world. That which we could only dream of before us is about to be realized. Only quite recently feeble and powerless, we can now, thanks to the world's catastrophe, raise our heads with pride. We must, however, be careful. It can surely be prophesied that, after we have marched over ruined and broken altars and thrones, we shall advance further on the same indicated path. The authority of the, to us, alien religions and doctrines of faith we have through very successful propaganda, subject to a merciless criticism and mockery. We have brought the culture, civilization, traditions and thrones of the Christian Nations to stagger. We have done everything to bring the Russian people under the yoke of the Jewish power, and ultimately compelled them to fall on their knees before us.
    (The Central Committee of the Petersburg Branch of the Israelite International League).

    The origin of Full Spectrum Dominance.


  4. Is there such a thing as "off topic" here at COTO?

    I dont believe, just saw the Dem candidate for Ohio senate seat (CSPAN live)
    talkin' bout terra.

    He sez we need more use of drones.

    Thanks for letting me record this. I'm just fucking gobsmacked(i know i shouldn't be)

    Both my parents were born and raised in Ohio, I lived there from ages 5-10, and my Mom was hard core Catholic/Democrat/Union.

    I have seen the falseness of all 3, but damn....we have all written that we feel sick. Evocative hyperbole usually. I really feel sick.

    The moron's name is Fisher.

    I have not wanted to bitch slap someone so badly in a very long time.

    My Mom was the national president of "Youth For Stevenson".

    I'm sure Mary Ann and Adlai are somewhere, very ashamed.

    Need to clarify: Unions did many great things in the past. In theory I am for the concept, being the proud socialist I am. Now they are obviously co-opted, corrupt and do more harm than good.

  5. Is there such a thing as “off topic” here at COTO? is as free a forum as exists.


  6. Camus,

    Yea...this phony 'war on terror' bullshit is enough to make ya groan on a daily basis.

    Everyday it is more 'in your face' like a rubber halloween mask.

    It is a 'revolting' situation, no doubt.


  7. Camus, I know that sick feeling. At least you can lay claim to Dennis Kucinich in Ohio.

    More use of drones? He's a sick sick man like the rest of our "representatives"(?).

    I have always been a supporter of unions but yea they too have been "corporatized" and really hold little power anymore anyway. THe working people (what's left of us) are on our own. Power to the People! UNITE

  8. I would have liked more than what this series exposed on LBJ who was definitely involved in the hit. One other connection of LBJ was with NASA and, I think it was Albert Thomas of Texas, who was the person LBJ winked at on the airplane going back to Warshington. There is a photo of Thomas looking daggers at JFK who is kind of shocked or perplexed, at a dinner the night previous to the assassination.
    Very little is said about the involvement of George H. W. Bush of the CIA who organized the Bay of Pigs fiasco and was monitoring Oswald. He also called in a 'cover' warning to the FBI the day of the hit. The Walker-Bush family lost a lucrative sugar mill and distillery to the Cuban revolution. They blamed Kennedy for not supporting Bay of Pigs militarily.
    The article did correctly point out how many agencies and people were involved in the assassination, but failed to discuss Israel and zionism. Here's a good general article on that-
    JFK's letter to Ben Gurion in 1963 was a big problem for Israhell as it prepared its first nuclear weapon in secret.
    There is also a good youtube by Dr. Hesham Tillawi about the problem that JFK and RFK posed to the Israeli lobby.
    LBJ ramped up military aid to Israel. He oversaw the US-Israeli falseflag on the USS Liberty that nearly caused the US to bomb Egypt, reportedly with nukes. The planes attacking the Liberty were part of a preplanned falseflag and were repainted over, just as US photo recon planes based in the Negev just prior to the 1967 war were painted over to hide US involvement. Israel went to war with full US backing and seized the West Bank and Jerusalem. Kennedy stood in the way.
    So I see the bigger picture of who LBJ was ultimately working for, the zionist financiers and warmongers. That's alot bigger fish than even the oilco crooks...but then it really is the same finance in the oil business since day one.

  9. some more OT: read last night that 25,000 human beings die from hunger EVERY DAY.

    Now, Willy, not to ignite another Cap/Commie fratricidal melee, but don't you agree that number should be, and we are abundantly able to make it, much closer to zero.

    Ever imagine how big a pile would be created if all the supermarkets in the USA put the food they throw out daily in one place?

    Sick. As a species this should be a priority, fixing this insanity.

  10. Camus I feel you nausea. COMBAT w/o CONGNIZANCE was one of my most passionate pieces.

    Drone killing is the new wave of death. Soldiers are too risky. They can still see and feel. That won't do for what the Committee needs. UN peacekeepers will be a different breed. (completely different)

    The JFK triad like 911 indicts hundreds of people. The false Flag operation requires dozens to hundreds of cointel claims.

    Any president has thousands of enemies designees, by party, by faith, by philosophy and by E.O.

    I have read so many that I take them all as identifying who had reasonable cause. JFK had a slew. For me though, it all floats to the top and the boys of the TRIPLE BAR-Z RANCH.

  11. .." don’t you agree that number should be, and we are abundantly able to make it, much closer to zero."--Camus

    Huge logistical problems here at this point.

    Agrarian societies crushed by empire...

    What can I say? It is tragedy on a lunatic scale

    Bu one thing is certain, and I'm sure you will agree; If I DID have the answers, and the influence to make waves with them, I would be assassinated post haste.


  12. I know my brothers and sisters here understand and empathise with the utter revulsion I feel toward the entire notion of drone attacks.

    However I am going to ask your indulgence to expound on my earlier comment.

    Why was I, a street wise conspiracist of the first order, so absolutely dumbfounded by this empty suit of a democrat senate aspirant cheering for MORE predator madness?

    I had to ask myself. It truly took me by suprise, my intestinal reaction was immediate and powerful.

    My peripheral ties to the Buckeye state could not account.

    My familial fond memories to the D party may have played a small role but Barry, a D, has set a record for drone strikes in a month this past month(22).

    We have become accustomed to mealy mouthed rationalizing about how because we are involved in some ill defined "war" it is okay to obliterate women, children, grandparents, puppies, goats.....sending their flesh, brains, bones splattering ......with no warning....for no reason....we have heard enough of the bullshit from our "representatives".

    In the end I have come to the conclusion what really sent me over to proverbial edge was......,,this ultra maroon was a motherfucking CANDIDATE. This was a Senatorial debate for Voinivich's open seat.

    His way of inticing citizens of Ohio to send him to the Senate was to call for increased drone attacks.

    He is from the "more liberal, progressive" party.
    Would Hitler even have been able to sound more heinous?

    Sure...I could have wrtitten in my journal, but this was more cathartic.......gracias amigos

    good night moon

  13. camusrebel,

    I am glad you shared this rather than put it in a private diary.

    I feel the same gut wrenching anger and frustration at some point every day as I spend most of the day studying the current events in this Psychocotic Society

    The 'Hard Truth' isn't called that because it is easy to take.

    Very often I have to rest my head on my fist bowing over my desk and taking a deap breath.
    I have to conjur up that "objective observer" persona with an act of pure will at times, just so I don't let it make me sick.

    I have been hassling on coto1 with a colllaborator and accessory after the fact, defender of the official conspiracy theory of 9/11.

    It is maddening to realize what a jizzdrop this traitor to liberty and justice is. It becomes outright disgusting realizing who you are talking to in such situations.

    Yes. This is all very hard. And we know it's going to get worse. The nation has one stark raving mad. And they are under increasing pressure, which will only cause deeper hysteria.

    Hold on to your souls.

  14. boomerangcomesbackOctober 5, 2010 at 7:42 PM

    I write what crosses my synapses. And so you get the following -- Cheers!:

    Walk forward into the deepening darkness knowing that the light you throw will randomly bounce off of those caught in the shadows. A small flame can start a blazing inferno, a wildfire if you will...from the smallest, driest tinder.

    "WE" are the spark upon which our flaming desire for truth and justice depends. "WE" are EVERYWHERE. Yet, "WE" are unseen. Voices crying in the wilderness. (read -- prophetic).

    Unquenchable. Because Hope cannot be quenched or defeated. Desire is a fire; waiting in smoldering patience until our fire takes flight in the winds of freedom blowing through humanity's hair.

    It is not our souls that require a refuge. The Great Woe is upon the twisted and bent.

    We are set upon an honest course. Before a following sea, our wake will be a beacon beckoning...

    WE can rest in the knowledge that we have not been puzzled by the puzzle. We do not have all the pieces, but the picture is clear. Like that "GameShow", or a crossword puzzle, we do not need "all" of the letters to discern the sentence and the meaning.

    Only fools do not discern the turning of the seasons, and the need to take stock and prepare. Most do not listen to our entreaties -- they think we are telling tales. Yet, the animals of the forests, the plains, and the great expanses go on with their business and toil, knowing the cold wind and snow will blow whether they want it to or not. Such are WE. Noses to the wind, ear to the ground, hearts in the right place.

    Spring will come -- I'll see YOU there!

  15. As it is written let it be done.

    Beautifully stated boomerangcomesback


  16. I love it when you guys run amok.

  17. We are certainly amokable in the extremis...but I bet mainstream media has us beat in a few weeks time, when the usual programming explaining the loan gunman blooms like turd blossums.



  18. boomerangcomesbackOctober 6, 2010 at 4:14 AM

    As was stated in the song, "Hotel California" by the Eagles..."They are programmed to deceive".

    Deceiving programming. Yes, the smell of turd blossoms wafting past our nostrils turns our heads around to seek the source of such a stench. Lipsticked pigs. "Obama bars", like "Oh Henry" bars...both look like a turd. Sold in bright wrapping at a store near you.

    Melts in your mouth, and gives you the shits. A nasty trick dressed as a treat.

  19. Supreme Court spouse strangles servant during sex, rare peek into U.S. leisure you have ever seen before. It's attractive. It's well-packaged. And it's an electronic cow prod.

    Is al-Qaida a franchise U.S.of terror? We wouldn't expect you to know that...we wouldn't allow you to know that. We would strangle you during sex before allowing you to know that. It's just not practical or realistic to expect to get to to know that,
    and not be strangled while being buggered with a cow prod by the Supreme Court spouse as a way to homeschool your children. You won't believe it until you see it.
    So what have you got to lose? Inc. All Rights Deserved.

  20. An open letter to all members of local Tea Parties
    from the co-founder of the Anti Communitarian League

    Every policy the Tea Party has protested is based entirely in communitarian ideology. From National Health Care to the Bank Bailout to the Stimulus Package to Stop the IRS and End the Fed, it's all communitarian. Yet the actual word, communitarianism, is missing from your protests and debates. Our entire country is being led down a communitarian path without any idea of how it's happening. So, I'd like to present it to you as a topic for discussion.
    Niki Raapana

    Communitarianism is the belief that individual and national sovereignty must be balanced against the needs of the global collective. Their entire foundation for forced social evolution rests on their Big Idea that all the world's people will be "free" after everyone gives up any claims to their personal freedom. Defined as the new "spirit" of community, Communitarians believe they are leading mankind into an advanced moral and spiritual state of being. Across the globe, communitarian gurus promote a global program designed to create one big, planned, gated community. They call it sustainable community development.