Friday, September 17, 2010

The Sea of Love

"We want more Israelis to realize that there is nothing to be scared of.   We want more people to refuse to accept the ideology that keeps us apart – and to just refuse to be enemies."

"It is more beautiful than on TV, the colour is amazing."


  1. I didn't think this story was koolaid because I know the Palestinians value what to us looking at the theft of their land seems like crumbs. I know Palestinians are more aware than we Americans of their plight being invaded and attacked by the most ruthless tribe of all....nothing much has been working for the Palestinians as they are relentlessly cleansed from Palestine. If Israeli women want to end permanent war on phony enemies maybe they should spread the love, and put these facts on the ground.

  2. And oh yeah, access to the sea is considered an inalienable right in almost all civilizations.

  3. What a beautiful story Mary. Thanks for posting. May the force be with those brave women who have decided to "break the law" of corrupt men to engage in their inalienable right. What is more beautiful than risking your own freedom to help the oppressed. Talk about a breath of fresh air.

    "Riki is a 63-year-old from Tel Aviv who, like the other women did not want to give her surname. She said it took her time to sign up to the trips. "I was resistant to breaking the law. But then I realised that civil action is the only way to go forward, that breaking an illegal law becomes legal."

  4. You put it nicely Deb.
    The Palestinian I know likes this kind of outreach for what it is. They can't wait to get their land back, a solution like Helen Thomas said. Some hearts sometime have to take the first steps.

  5. wow....

    i'm 47 and have been well aware(and a vocal critic) of the overwhwhelming unfairness of how we just gave the Palestinians land away.

    I use terms like Zionistas and Likudniks.

    I want to fight when someone disrespects the memory of Rachel Corrie.

    But never really smacked me in my face quite like that.

    As a man in the depths of a lifelong love affair with the ocean, to live your whole life that close and never be "allowed" to go? Even if it is just the shallow end of the Medtrn pool.

    They didn't want to shop, sight see, visit people.....they just want to go to the sea. I lost it there for a second.

  6. You got it, rebel.

  7. A heartbreaker is oft times a 'Heart Maker'.

    Viva the heart swollen with love.


  8. The young jews from the US and elsewhere we see on the street in Tel Aviv pledging allegiance to Israel have little real idea how to operate a sustainable culture in Palestine. War and graft is not going to solve their core cultural problem, as it never did in the past despite their opposite firm belief. Warning mateys, financial collapse ahead. Israel lives even further beyond its means than the US. It's time to listen to yo mamas.