Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Take Your Soma! (or you may be subject to criminal prosecution for drug evasion)

Anyone who has read Aldous Huxley's book "Brave New World"will get the implications here.  Keep 'em dumbed down and happy.  Soma anyone?

For those that have never read the book, learn about soma here.

Then check out the links below, including videos at the end of this article.  If they don't piss you off and make you say wtf? then perhaps you've already had one too many gulps from the eugenics fountain~~~ jg

Drugs in the drinking water (nytimes)

Toxic Fluoride

Stress vaccine

Synthetic estrogen cash register receipts

Oxford Professor calls for drugging water supply

Then there's the White House science czar John P Holdren's  penchant for sterlization and depopulation

This lisping bioethicist and medical historian, Jacob Appel advocates putting lithium in our water supply to prevent suicides. How considerate of him:) Click here to watch.

Alex Jones sums it all up as only he can:


  1. Did y'all know there is an actual product on the market named SOMA?

    It is often prescribed for TMJ as it is a muscle relaxant. Muscle relaxants make you feel...well, very relaxed and laid back.

    So it has been used recreationally quite abit.
    Not quite as good as a qualude, but kinda sorta in away erotic.

    That blast from the sun is do to slam into earth around midnight. Maybe like a rainbow...maybe like a sledge hammer...only the shadow knows.

  2. Jones has been hardly able to contain himself on his own show. I've seen others getting irrational and irratic.

    I am experiencing some anxiety and anger and I watched Paul Begala , the soft twit go postal on CNN yesterday. I see it all around me. Madness and Mayhem meters are spiking like the EM freq with this little solar snippet.

    I expect some news on timids taking off on someone, or a brawl in Congress. Maybe Palin calls Barry the N' word. SOme fireworks like a little Jonestown episode could be in the wings as well. Some freaky things will be coming. That's gut talking.

  3. Yea, I am picking up on this too...even locally. People seem extra twitchy.

    I sat and listened to a guy that lives in this apartment complex tell me this long complex plan of vengence on the wicked witch of the complex who he is CERTAIN fucked up his tomato garden. Like he's gonna be 65 year old NinjaMan hot dog whoopie planting mines in the woods pathway and jeeeze...just thinking about it I can't go on. A normally fairly centered fella gone to fruitanella.

    It's past midnight and the circuitry here is okay--ZAP...Lol

    More than anything else, I feel like a good yappin' hoedown, but there's no one around here but crackerjacks butts.

    I think I have a bit of digital anxiety due to my vanishing wordpress persona nitche'

    I have a good one on al-Qaeda waiting in the wings of a snow white dove...and now she kaint fly in the ointment.

    So fuggit.

  4. Something is weird. Lots of glitchy things going on. My wireless keyboard didn't work this morning when it was fine last night. I had to reboot to get it to work. Then my yahoo mail refuses to send when I hit the button. An email I was typing to you Patrick, is still sitting there with the hourglass on waiting to go. It's been over 10 mins. I copy and pasted and sent thru google.

    Yes, everyone seems more on edge and some a bit bitchy. I've noticed this just in the past week. Everyone around me is also tired all the time regardless of how much sleep they get. (including me though I'm not sleeping much knowing what we know) Is it the drugs in the water, the emf or chemtrails or a combo of all? I think the latter.

    Well at least we are still here after the solar tsunami. That's a good thing, right???

    Soma, I need my soma..........

  5. I am as angry and upset as AJ. I just control it a little better. THAT is the only difference. But then, I've not been on the air warning people about this evil for over a decade and being called a conspiracy nut. I've only had to deal with it the past few years..........

    Yea Patrick, I expect something big to happen as well...

    Will, maybe your wordpress problems will end when my email finally "sends"......

  6. So... don't eat the food! Don't drink the water!

    The emotional Manitou becomes sick as the info-grid gets the shakies. Wait until the ELECTRICAL grid gets the wobbles. And when the water grid barfs, it will be Zombie Time!

    Lemme see... those of us who talk about "carbon" are part of the "conspiracy." silly dupes. Who would believe anything so absurd? The silly greenies have been DUPED.

    Why? Because "they" are putting GM virus in the food and water to eat our brain! Well- YEAH! EVERYBODY knows THAT! NOW... I'm not saying that it COULD NOT be true... BUT...

    Could it be possible that AJ is banging on the fear/hate button to increase clicks and eyeballs? Naaahhh... AJ is a Soldier of Truth! No ulterior motives at all! Well shucks...

    ...we "believe" what we WANT to "believe."

  7. flare only reached Class 3 we had one of them earlier this year, there will be some nice auroras but thats about it. which is a good thing :-)

  8. Alex is OTT on this one, but the fact does remain that a vaccine for stress? is a pretty daft idea, they have no way to control any unknown effects, so it managed to calm people down by hitting the serotonin receptors, what other effects will that have> I would suspect if its like Prozac you acheive a flat lifeless no tears no anger and also NO JOY in anything at all.
    when its a pill if it doesnt kill you and it doesnt work you can stop taking it.
    as a vaccine its irreversible,
    I would really suggest that its way dangerous, if it knocks out pleasure receptors, I will be expecting a rash of suicides pretty soon after. theres NO way they can tailor something like that to perfection and everyones levels of serotonin are different and receptors are also individual.
    I did like the link to that old movie though:-) I must go re watch it! xu whatever, it was fun then, too close to real now?

  9. Doesn't matter what AJ's motives are. What matters is that he's repeating what scientists and White House cabinet members are saying and the msm is saying. Clicks & eyeballs? so what? Fact is there ARE drugs in our water supply. Fact is they ARE putting out a stress vaccine. Fact is they ARE going to put lithium or should I say MORE lithium in the water to dumb us down futher. Any questions?

  10. Oz Alex is usually OTT. But I share his frustration, anger and anxiety over how things are moving so fast. I mean this shit is INSANE! They are actually talking about this stuff as if it's a perfectly feasbile way to handle people's stress and keep suicides down.

    They know the effects of everything mentioned in this post. So why are they doing it? There can be only one logical reply.

    We have to ask ourselves, who is the nut here ?? AJ or the freakin' mad scientists?

  11. uh, error..not serotonin but the glucocorticoid system, oh boy! so thats the entire krebs cycle connection. I thinkmaybe thats even worse.
    thats the adrenals kidneys and thyroid connection people.
    slow that down and you get the obese, sluggish body, the Low thyroid issues.
    wonder how long he studies his rats? and their progeny?
    usoing a herpes virus as a vector,?
    well the recent cases of unidentified? well identifiable but not looked for, DNA that was not supposed to even BE in the rotavirus vaccines for babies, I have NO faith at all in the reliability of the vaccine makers at all. they simply cannot g/tee all the viral cells are 100% dead and from whos germplasm will they source it?
    one germline they are using now is from fetal cells of an aborted baby, mother known , fater UNknown, so no genetic history at all, and they admit that lack, but continue to propagate and use those cells, for??
    a cancer vaccine! for people with the lowest auto immune response around, isnt that rather counter intelligent?

  12. hi Jersey, yeah agreed they are loopfruits.
    and only the seriously stupid will contemplate it..problem is they are legion:-)
    I saw the story and negated it as stupid. sadly the well trained fools will latch onto it.
    its the fast fix mentality. dont take the time to solve the problem paste it over with a pill whatever. same method they use for so many things, like rig safety:-)
    like investigating the prez, Cv and info:-)
    vote now , worry later.
    we are copping mountains of the same shit here as our elections near.

  13. PS anyone pick up on that wierdos comment re LITHIUM?
    they tested it!!! on Texas.
    so was that with? or without permission?
    I bet we know that answewr.
    and on whom? prisoners? mental hospital inmates? schools with a violence issue? general populace?
    who dosed the water?
    with whos permission?

  14. Speaking of elections. Will Israel and the U.S. invade Iran before november? Ray McGovern thinks so.


  15. Yes I DID oz!! He just said it as if it were nothing unusual didn't he? Actually, for the U.S. govt it ISN't unusual. They've been experimenting on innocent citizens for decades :(

    I think that lisping lunatic advocating chemically lobotomizing the population needs a visit from smackdown man !

  16. http://bigthink.com/ideas/21538

    some info on the Texas lithium issue.

  17. Question? yes. So... because Fat Al is trying to make $, "global warming" is bunk... but it doesn't matter if AJ is... because he's telling the truth. Is there an inconsistency here?

    We are probably pissing more dope into the water supply than anything "mad scientists" are dumping in to eat our brains http://www.nytimes.com/2007/04/03/science/earth/03water.html

    It's easy for me to dismiss all the "anti-government" booyah because there IS NO GOVERNMENT. This is hard to wrap the brain around when you see cops, hear fire engines and pay "taxes" all the time.

    What worries me about this video: at 11:06 on where AJ delivers his diatribe against "the social engineers" (who?) never mind...the "enemy." This rhetoric is straight out of Nazi Germany.

    This shit is more dangerous than any drug when it lands on the mullet heads who want to kill something... anything... because their life sucks and they really don't know why.

    "The Truth" may be a bit more complex. http://www.oilempire.us/peak-money.html

    I'm beginning to think AJ is a psyop.

  18. Many people think AJ is a psyop. I'm not sure. If he is, he's doing a helluva job of waking up people like me who knew nothing about the Rothschild & Rockefellers before 9/11. I do check out the govt documents or msm articles he points to for his tirades and they have always been legit so far.

    Nazi Germany? You're right. It's exactly like nazi germany. Scientists talking about lithium in drinking water. In fact, the nazis put fluoride in the water at the concentration camps. Something our "govt" has been doing for years. Now they are putting it in bottled water geared towards babies and recommending it. What's that tell ya about the eugenicists and social engineers that rule us?

    As for those cop cars and fire engines. We'll probably be hearig a lot less of those sirens since many towns are cutting them down to near invisibility. YET, our taxes WILL go up.

  19. "Question? yes. So… because Fat Al is trying to make $, “global warming” is bunk… but it doesn’t matter if AJ is… because he’s telling the truth. Is there an inconsistency here?"

    Not at all. You believe your Fat Al is telling the truth and I believe my Big mouth Al is telling the truth about global warming.(your al is fatter than my al..lol) Let's get them in a room together to debate. Oh and no massages allowed !!!

  20. I understand lithium makes your mouth water.
    Maybe they are trying to conserve the water supply...or are experimenting with catching the drool and recycling.
    Hey...they could bottle it.

  21. Will........ewwwwwwwwwww

  22. To repeat meself, I don't give a fucking fuck about Fat Al Gore. The Carbon Cycle is physics, it's Science, and it doesn't give a shit about Fat Al either. It's a done deal.

    Now, about fat AJ: I believe he is sincere and (mostly) correct. But when it comes down to "enemies' and "filth," doncha know that you can count me out. I will recognize them when they touch me, and will deal with them appropriately (or not).

    And the Truth is: when that happens, they won't be Rothschilds or Rockefellers or any of that silly-ass bullshit. They will be ordinary blokes just like you or me... getting a "paycheck" for doing what the boss told them to do. Just like you and I are doing right now.

    They will be surprised as shit when anybody punches them into Eternity for just "doing their job," just like we are now.

    When you aint got nothin-- you got nothin to loose.

  23. boomerangcomesbackAugust 4, 2010 at 4:35 PM

    Stopped by the local Walgreens Drug Store to pick up a birthday card for my brother, 'cause they have some funny ones...get this --

    On their big digital advertising signboard streetside they had this:


    WTF!!! This is about the most inane BS marketing pitch I've ever seen. Give the gift of poison Vaccines to your loved ones. Ughh.

    Fucking Surreal Sick!

  24. I know Boom! Every time I go to the drugstore there is a placard proclaiming the shot of the week. Last two I saw were for shingles and pneumonia !

    Even if I believed vaccines were anything but poisonous, you can bet I wouldn't get shot up at a freakin' drugstore where they sell funny greeting cards !

  25. Ha! I hate those crackerjack butts :)

    Willie you need to load a picture on your site. In settings load your avatar.

  26. Well how funny to read this and think we that all this stuff isn't COTO filler.

    Let's face it, The sheeple have iPADS, Lohan, Dead Jacksons (not Andrew of course) Lady GooGoo, and all that jazz.

    Maybe the sighted like us are getting a massive campaign of multi-prong new conspiracies to keep our pineals off the big picture. IRAN, THEFT, EL HAARPO BLUE BEAM ALIEN SCI-FI THEATRE?

    There's too much dumping going on. They're trying to drive us insane w/ both psycho-and-physo assaults.

    What's their real game. Could this little ditty really require we are all sedated? Only if they plan to boink us like the doctors and dentists do when we are all under the gas.

  27. Hey Boom let's sell them a marketing strategy campaign :

    The gift that keeps on Givin

    The gift that says I am a moron but that I care.

    Nothing says lovin like your brain fryin in the oven

    The gift that says I want to spend more time with you and guaranteeing it when they get Alzheimers.

  28. I have no wordpress site access...this is a weird "lucky" grab of an old angst sign from an email add I had at a shop in GA...Not HR1, just HR if you'll notice.

    My password went poop at wordpress, and I can't get beyond the message THIS EMAIL IS ALREADY ACCOUNTED FOR...

    I have my suspicions that a certained spurned lady, who has my numbers in her mac, has something to do with this...just an intuition. For some reason her name was on the drop down tab for posting on the blog???? So she could have concievably switched the password to anything. She had my gmail account on this mac as well...and she says "Big Poopie on Willy"...yea.

  29. Coto has many eyes. We can keep them on all that you mentioned and do very well. That's what separates us from the lindsey lohan and lady gaga single minded freaks.

    This is no time to have tunnel vision. We need lookouts in all directions. If we are nothing else at coto, we are excellent multi-taskers.

  30. I lost my 1....waaah

  31. Did you notice somebody got here all the way from Vietnam...wow

    And someone from Pakistan as well....

    Hey COTO goes glabal. Whatcha know 'bout that cotopillers?

  32. glabal????

    Y'all know I meant global doncha?

  33. I like Glabel better. Global is a dirty word now.

  34. And now we got glabalists from France and Canada peepin in...

    I think that's the way they say it in Masseshootshits, "glabalists...like mashmellows"

    er, "Let me say theeass abat thayet"...

    Perhaps a baby's arm holding an apple.

  35. Rumers goin' round town that the 666 antichispy is some dude named cash n'carry...

    Now don't that just be a poets bad dream?