Thursday, August 5, 2010




  1. YEA...I dig it.

    I ate some digits to watch this on wireless. Glad I did.

    Run away...yes, I am a runaway slave as well...

    Living in south Georgia, in an old plantation area, I saw first hand the indentured attitude of the people there, black and white. the 21st centruy for chryssake.

    Good on Patrick.


  2. Roger that Willie. Florida the same. He's not a liar like the irreverent Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton's
    of the committee.

    I'd like to get this message out as "the pot stir" in America is one of our biggest problems to get the sheeple to address.

  3. Wish we really had a big audience here...but we're doing what we can can.

    See this?

    Republican congressman Rep. Mike Rogers to call for treason charges for the person who leaked the documents...and the death penalty. What a psycho son-of-a-bitch.

  4. They tip their hands now so blatantly anymore.
    It's almost an admission of treason on his part.
    We should start buying the rope now.

  5. "Run away from socialism" "Run away from 'statism?'" Just whathefuck is THAT supposed to mean? "Republicans and Democrats?" Wotta loada shite.

    "...the sky's the limit on what you can achieve?" On which fukkin planet is THAT? pssst... side note: without "statism" you would STILL be in CHAINS.

    "Less govt. More freedom" Nice idea. So go up against the Lockheed-Martins and the Boeings all by yourself, and the "free market" will save you. How many F-16s have you bought lately?

    THERE IS NO "govt." The Halliburton-MIC/PIC IS (what we THINK is) the "govt." There ARE NO "elections." There IS NO "liberal" or "conservative." "Libertarian?"

    Nice idea... just about 30 years too late. Where were you, "Libertarian," 30 years ago when they began jamming "the dirty hippies" in prison for opposing the war... whoops... I mean DOOOOOPE... which was clearly AGAINST the "LAW?"

    Well, now that the "LAW" might apply to YOU, you don't like it so much, eh? Now that you're being taxed into the ground and they're shoving a microphone up your ass because you "might" be a doooper... whoops... "terrerist," you don't like it so much?

    Well, cry me a fucking river, "Libertarian."

    As to this OBVIOUS piece of "right-wing" propaganda OBVIOUSly directed at black folk... it DOES bring up some good points (except the not-so-subtle "anti-abortion" subliminal cut). WAY too complex to go into here, and THAT'S the PROBLEM.

    All this "anti-govt." rhetoric when THERE IS NO GOVT. is just plain lame.

  6. I think he said run away from all of them. Get out of the welfare, eugenics, illusionary government.

    You missed it. The minute those words come out you go deaf.

    If he's telling them to break away from statism and socialism now, you don't know what he'd say when Jeb Bush gets elected in 2012.

    He's blowing them all off and telling the world we are all racist in the eyes of the committee. When you talk to the sheeple Waldo you still have to use the illusionary definitions. I think that trailer was an excellent start. You still lean too far and it shows.

    Everything said by others in the video are fact.

  7. Scattalogical gingerbread tastes better than dog shit anyday...wuntch say?

    Don't smoke the'll give ya a headache.

    Of course we all know the etymology of the word "test"....right?

    If ya still got both of'em these things are bound to erupt.

    I don't care who says what a natural herbal remedy is best for these things.

  8. yep- it's true. I DO go deaf. It's the Indigo Montoya tic: "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

    " still have to use the illusionary definitions?" No. No I don't. My day gig is trying to teach lingual precision, that is, being aware of the DENOTATION of a given word as well as the connotation. In this case, the word(s) "statist/ statism" is/are meaningless. Especially when talking about "choosing" someone to "represent you" in the "state" to achieve a goal because they're against "...the use of states to achieve goals," it gets downright fucking Orwellian.

    "Statist" is a code-word for "big government," another useless, meaningless term. Who the fuck is FOR "big government?" Nobody. Well... unless "big government" works for THEM. Now me? I'm against fuckwads and asswipes. Well... unless I'm boiling on the toilet with a bad case of the Taco Bell scoots. THEN I could USE a few more asswipes. Sheesh.

    If we're just going to make up words, we should at least be creative and not try to hijack a word that already has a precise denotation... like "socialism."

    My OWN "connotation" of "statist" is, "...speaker has NO idea what the fuck they're talking about." Yep I go deaf. It's like listening to a barking dog: "HEY! HEY! HEY HEY HEY! HEY!" OK. Yeah. WHAT??? Is it a burglar? Is it a leaf? Another dog? What??? Most of the time, it's "somebody wants to take "my money" and give it to someone else." Bow wow wow.

    "Something different is in MY yard." Well... to ME it makes a difference if it's a burglar or a dog or a leaf. Not to my little pal. His bark sounds very much the same...unless it comes through the door... which leaves you very little time to conjure up Old Smoky.

    Yeah- suckers on the "welfare" tit... but I see little difference between them and the suckers on the "corporate" tit I've known all my life. A slave is a slave. My guess is, when Sarah Shrieking-Cow gets "elected" in 2012, he'll get paid by boss-massa to blame everything on "the Democrats."

    Whoeverthefuck THAT is.

  9. boomerangcomesbackAugust 5, 2010 at 9:12 PM

    Hey Waldo P-Man! I was scanning down the comments here and saw your retort and explanation about your day gig with regards to Precision of words and Denotation. With a quick look, I thought you said "Detonation" of the meaning of words. I did a double-take, and reread. Now I think that that's what these forked tongues do to the meaning of words, to purposefully manipulate people. I just watched "Green Zone" on video with Matt Damon, regarding the fixing of WMD"intelligence" by the Bush administration to justify the Iraqi war. So, I think the "Detonation" of words and facts by the politico-maw is an enemy of society itself. I wish their lies would blow up in their mouths and faces as soon as their lips moved.

  10. De note as to de detonation of the border:

    Eastman on Banks, Mexico, and the big poopoo at the border.

    Slimy good wanky this. All for the love of a dime.

  11. He may be taking the baby steps toward the truth but he is on a good course . To the mass of Politically Correct lingually washed and packaged definitions with which the D&C programme mold these play-doheads, my advise is run, run and run. MSM and DC is yin Printer Control Language.

    90% of these play-doheads won't even absorb statist or socialist in his message.

    So why does this tug your marxist short hairs so bad? Man cannot rule himself, therefore let's not allow him to organize or control anything too big.

  12. Ahhh Narco-Statism. A good example of this lost definition.

  13. “…you still have to use the illusionary definitions?” No. No I don’t. My day gig is trying to teach lingual precision, that is, being aware of the DENOTATION of a given word as well as the connotation.

    You have my admiration. How many under 100iq do you try to explain the PC definition and reality def? That must be like climbing Everest. Maybe your class is made up of future Haw-vud eugenists grads who can grasp the diff, but for mainstream mullet who hear the Potomac Criminal syndicate on the bube-tube courtesy of mother whore and big bro media productions, they need to heed the warnings to run.

    Once we get that done we'll get them to you for decontamination and reprogramming.

  14. And to think...just yesterday I was purple with rage.

    Now today I am green with envy.

  15. I think really--like me--you like to use poopoo words.

    C'mom, admit it skullguy.

  16. It has a good beat and I can dance to it. I give it a 95 :)

  17. Really it ain't all that difficult. "Abstractions." Comes from the Latin-- meaning "drag" (as in, "tractor") "away" (as in "absent"). Abstract. The opposite of "concrete" (from a word meaning "song"--ie, you can HEAR-sense- it). You "drag it away" from the concrete.

    It tugs on my "Marxist short hairs" to hear people fling-about the word "statist" who probably don't know what "state" means.

    When words can mean anything you THINK or WANT them to mean, it reinforces the "postmodern paradigm," and hoo-boy... such PeeCee there it will give you SUCH a buzz-saw headache... "relativism" until out yer nose ya blow big CHUNKS.

    "Get the fuck away from the FAT FUCKS." I agree. And throwing in bullshit bigwords so ya sound "smart" ain't helpin shit.

    Really-- most of the black folk I talk to are much more hip to Bammo than us wheet-folks give them credit. They KNOW he's an "Uncle-Tom House-Nagger." Howthefuck ELSE could he get "elected?" Remember... THEY have been living with this "gummint-stick-its-maglight-up-yo-ass" for generations. Tell THEM about "the gummint robbing yer liburty" and they'll fucking laugh at you. Yeah? So what ELSE is new?

    And the bullshit hoo-yah about "welfare checks" is just that. It's a myth wheat-breds like to believe... but the truth is... anybody (black OR white) who isn't flat-ass fucking desperate would never even CONSIDER fucking with that stoopid bureaucracy and humiliation. As COTO knows, the REAL "welfare queens" are running Fortune-500 companies.

    The black folk have been dealing with kops (black AND white) cracking skulls in their neighborhood all their lives. So I don't know... BUT... I imagine some brutha smackin on about "resist statism... resist socialism" must be pretty fucking funny to them. Mebbe I'll ask some of 'em if I get the chance. Doubt it tho. Gots too menny udder fish in mah pan.

    I SAY: this nigra only sound COTO to US. In REALITY- he ain't sayin' SHIT that NOBODY don't already KNOW.

  18. Waldo has me sparkly eyes with his lingo sayin' you.

  19. I agree let's get him to discontinue STATISM and start calling it "TOO BIG TO SUCCEED"