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From The Controversy of Zion
by Douglas Reed


Elliott Roosevelt, who went with his father to the conference, said that practically everyone was drunk". As to dinner in the evening, Mr. Charles E. Bohlen, who was present as Assistant Secretary of State and interpreter to President Roosevelt, says of one such meal that "Marshal Stalin acted as host. The atmosphere of the dinner was most cordial, and forty-five toasts in all were drunk".

On top of all this, the dying President Roosevelt arrived at Yalta as the signatory of the "Morgenthau Plan", drafted by a Soviet agent in his own Treasury Department (Mr. Harry Dexter White); and was accompanied by another Soviet agent, later exposed and convicted, Mr. Alger Hiss of his State Department, who at this vital moment was the president's special adviser about "political affairs".

In effect, therefore, the Soviet government was represented on two sides of the three-sided table, and the outcome of the conference was the logical result. Up to the very eve of the meeting Mr. Churchill continued his effort to save something of Central Europe and the Balkans from the fate to which they were abandoned at Yalta.

When he met President Roosevelt at Malta, on the way to Yalta, he once more proposed some operation from the Mediterranean; General Marshall, in the tone of his threat of 1942, then "announced that if the British plan were approved . . . he would recommend to Eisenhower that he had no choice but to be relieved of his command" (Mr. Sherwood).

The supreme test of Western honor at Yalta lay in the treatment of Poland. The invasion of Poland by the Soviet and Nazi states in partnership had begun the Second War; it was clearly the country chiefly covered by Mr. Roosevelt's and Mr. Churchill's declaration of 1941 (the Atlantic Charter) that "sovereign rights and self-government" must be "restored to those who have been forcibly deprived of them".

At the time of the Yalta Conference, when the European war had only ten weeks to run, Poland had in fact been abandoned to the revolution; that was implicit in the desertion of the Warsaw Poles and as explicit as it could be in Mr. Roosevelt's order to General Eisenhower to subordinate his plan of advance to Soviet wishes. This meant that Poland, and with it all the European countries east and south-east of Berlin, would in fact be annexed to the Soviet, or incorporated in the area of the revolution.

Poland was to be "compensated", were to pass alike from Nazi enslavement into Communist enslavement, and that the Allied armies were to be held back to ensure this.

Mr. Churchill was left alone to make the last protest on behalf of the original "principles" and objects of the Second World War: "This is what we went to war against Germany for: that Poland should be free and sovereign. Everyone here knows the result to us, unprepared as we were, and that it nearly cost us our life as a nation. Great Britain had no material interest in Poland. Her interest is only one of honor because we drew the sword for Poland against Hitler's brutal attack.

Thus the deed was done, and instead of freedom of speech and worship, freedom from want and fear, the peoples of Eastern Europe were abandoned to the secret police and concentration regime which Hitler had first introduced there on the night of the Reichstag fire.

It would seem that nothing worse than this could be done, and yet one even worse thing was done. Under the "Protocol on German Reparations" the basic device of Soviet terrorism, slave labor, was approved and extended to the conquered peoples, for this document authorized "the three governments" to obtain reparation from Germany in the form of "the use of German labor".

All the statements cited above, with the one exception, are taken from the official publication, "The Conferences at Malta and Yalta, 1945", issued by the American State Department on March 16, 1955.

The newspapers next morning broke out in headlines, of which one in the Montreal Star is typical: "World Capitals Dismayed, Shocked over Disclosures of Yalta Secrets". This was nonsense; by 1955 the masses were apathetic about such things, having been brought by control of the press to the condition of impotent confusion foretold in the Protocols of 1905.

This history of the Yalta papers shows that, ten years after the Second World War, power was still in the hands of the essentially "foreign group" which during the war had been able to divert supplies, military operations and State policy to the purpose of "extending" the revolution.

They were still able to override the public undertakings of presidents and to frustrate the will of Congress; they still held the reins. This meant that the infestation of the American government and its departments by agents of the revolution, which began with Mr. Roosevelt's first presidency in 1933, had not been remedied in 1955, despite many exposures; and that, as this was the case, American energies in any third war could in the same way be diverted to promote the overriding plan for a communized world-society (Lenin's third stage in the process).

Once more the embroiled masses would fight to bring about results, the direct opposites of the causes held out to them at any new "Pearl Harbor".

In the sequence to the Hiss affair a mass of disclosures followed, which showed American government departments to have been riddled with Soviet agents at all levels. The literature of this period and subject is now too great even to summarize here, but it is conclusive, and much of it is official, though reluctant.

Before Mr. Harry Dexter White received this last appointment (publicly announced by Mr. Roosevelt's successor, Mr. Harry Truman, on January 23, 1946), the F.B.I. had several times given warning at the White House about Mr. White's secret activities, the last time in a special message to the President's personal military aide on November 8, 1945, in which Mr. White was specifically named as a Soviet agent and spy.

After the President's public announcement of Mr. White's new appointment, the head of the F.B.I, Mr. J. Edgar Hoover, sent a further strong warning (February 1, 1946), saying that White, if his appointment were confirmed, "would have the power to influence in a great degree deliberations on all international financial arrangements".

Despite this, Mr. White's appointment was confirmed on May 1, 1946, (this history was made public by the Attorney General of the United States, Mr. Herbert Brownell junior, on November 17, 1953); Mr. Truman's reply made no reference to the warning of November 1945 and stated that he allowed White's appointment to stand after consideration of the warning of February 1946).

In April 1947 (by which time the exposure of Mr. Hiss was drawing near) Mr. White resigned "for reasons of health". In August of 1948, when the proof of his guilt was conclusive and was about to be made public, he was called before the Un-American Activities Committee of Congress and denied ever having been a member of the conspiracy.

He was then privately confronted with some of the most damning evidence (now all on record) and three days later was found dead, receiving Jewish burial. No autopsy report is on record and the circumstances of his death remain as mysterious as his identity.

Nearly seven years later (January 3, 1955) the Internal Security Committee of the United States Congress reported:

"1. Alger Hiss, Harry Dexter White, and their confederates in the Communist underground in
Government, had power to exercise profound influence on American policy and the policies of international organizations during World War II and the years immediately thereafter; (this is the vital, and supremely dangerous "confusion-period" to which I earlier alluded; the later years of a war and the early years of its aftermath);

"2. They had power to exercise profound influence on the creation and operation of the United Nations and its specialized agencies;

"3. This power was not limited to their officially designated authority. It was inherent in their
access to and influence over higher officials, and the opportunities they had to present or withhold information on which the policies of their superiors might be based;

"4. Hiss, White and a considerable number of their colleagues who helped make American
foreign policy and the policies of international organizations during crucial years, have been exposed as secret Communist agents".

This might appear to record the good ending to a bad story, for at earlier times the discovery and publication of such a state of affairs by a parliamentary authority would have meant, first, impeachment proceedings and the like, and second, remedial action.

In fact, as I can testify (for I was in America during many of these years) the remedial effect was very small, if any. The chief reason for this was, that the entire process of investigation and disclosure was accompanied by a most violent press campaign against the investigators and discloser's, not against the culprits and the conspiracy.

Thus the American voter found that the apparent choice between candidates, at a presidential election, gave him no true choice at all in the matter of combating sedition. With this censure motion,of McCarthy approved by the President of the day, all the investigations and exposures ended in sand.

From that moment the agents of the conspiracy were implicitly left free to resume the burrowing process which resulted in the state of affairs represented, during the Second War, chiefly by Messrs. Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White. It is this which makes the policy of America an incalculable and dangerous explosive force in any future war.


  1. We are reminded at Yalta, as we are continually reminded today:

    The Protocols of 1905 foretold: "We shall have a sure triumph over our opponent since they will not have at their disposition organs of the press in which they can give full and final expression to their views".

  2. But remember please that both 'the communists' and the plutocratic financial powers represent only one single interest, which is that of . . . ?

    Yes, them again.

    What fun these bastards must have had over the years, manipulating our idiofied herd worldwide.

    Once you realise they are there, and you appreciate their all-embracing influence via the fiction of their 'money', it becomes a different world.

    But easy to undo.

  3. Yes Flak, I thought that would be fairly obvious from the title of the book this is taken from, and my addendum comment afterwards.

    This book, The CONTROVESY OF ZION by Douglas Reed, is in my estimation one of the most important historical documents available to the people of America.
    It is available on PDF absolutely free on the web.

    Another book of equal importance is AMERICA'S SECRET ESTABLISHMENT: SKULL AND BONES, by Antony Sutton, also available on PDF the same way.

    These books provide the ground upon which the distruction of the American Republic has taken place. Sutton provides the documentry evidence of the establishment of the Hegelian Dialectic as the technical political mechanism used to turn the American mind to cotton candy.

    Any serious student of Liberty needs to grasp the messages therein.


  4. I know I should Not be..
    everytime I read info like this I am staggered at the duplicity and deviousness of the supposed men of repute and respect that people elected and believed.
    and how long they manage to get away with it.

    yeah I know..Not One thing! has changed since either..
    read Gates today saying wikileaks undermines "trust" of american mil.
    what the F!! rock does he live under?
    NO ONE in their right mind Trusts American Mil.
    No one wants your stategic advice, your pollies and your Bases. or your wars and police actions etc etc.
    or the crappy planes they just dudded the Aus forces with, multimillions, they either dont exist? or dont work, and we idiots prepaid for the:-(
    you still treat "allies" badly

  5. Well, with their dud planes, they have your money and you are no competition for them, just in case you should ever find a responsible person who would say them nay.

    And once again, the manufacturers, U.S. or elsewhere, are 'international' to a man. That's what access to the Rothschild 'Trusts' means.

  6. boomerangcomesbackJuly 30, 2010 at 6:21 AM

    Thanks for the primer Willy. Surely, the stain of sedition and treason permeates the underwear of virtually ALL of America's Administration agents. To one degree or another, they are turned to do the bidding of the Controllers.

    So, thinking men and women, consider the equation, and is always an Onion. This monstrous Thing we call our government. As such, it will make your eyes sting, and bring you to tears to peel back to the layers. And, no truth resides in the middle either. Truth lies broken, battered and bruised. DOA along the road to ruin.

    With a corrupted press organ, our eyes good and well "put out", we are left to a simple conclusion for evaluation and decision making -- The Truth will always reside 180 degrees from the "story" circulated. When politicians or corporate agents open their mouths, Lies fall out with the stench of their breath. Nothing is Ever as it seems.

    The rottenness and duplicity residing in government structure render it useless to the people. A veritable Curse and Pox upon them.

  7. boomerangcomesbackJuly 30, 2010 at 6:50 AM

    Read this at American Thinker:

    COTO continues to delve into this Matrix we call Reality, but which is a "figment" itself. Reality is where the Truth resides. Reality is where it hides, peeking out at us briefly, leading us on to "forbidden" knowledge.

    Truth is a sword, and we must find it, and swing it until the Matrix bleeds out and decomposes.

  8. Yalta,is that like Yentl ?

  9. Good reply Boomer,

    The truth being a 180 from the official's as simple as the guy that is going to coldcock you saying "look over there".


  10. American Thinker...yes excellent article, good catch Boom.

    I just want to remind all; The Declaration of Independence is NOT a quaint historical document. The principals therein are the very ones in need of revival this very day.

    When in the course of human events it becomes necessary--F'ing DO IT.

  11. boomerangcomesbackJuly 30, 2010 at 2:52 PM

    Yalta -- like Malta. Seat of the Black Pope. A most despicable demon.

    C'mon Korn. It's a vegetable like Korn. Behold -- the gentle lentil. It reaps not, as it is sown. Untold mysteries reside in it's inner power...that of the great flatulence to unfold! Frrrrrrttttacious. Gracious, excuse me.

    Deeeeep...wasn't it?...

  12. Thank you Patrick for the Yalta photo.

    I just found one too...I had thought I had that in my pics, but that musta been my burned super computer.

  13. Well...but, how much wood would a wood chuck chuck if we built it out of kavlar?

    Huh??? Never thought of THAT now didja.

  14. That's JG's picture.

    Dexter White the zionist largely responsible for our entry into WWII via P Harbor and Japan was directly in opposing dialectic to the Bush Hitler Vatican.

    Then when Hitler met with Zionists and planned the Israeli state and diaspora return to hell under the planned Holocaust.

    One fish two fish red fish blue fish. ~ Suess

  15. Takes two to tango.

    Thanx for the pic Joizy.