Wednesday, July 7, 2010

People keep denying "Op-Swap"

WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE and HOW? Look around.

Polish Troops Train To Take On American “Terrorists”




How do you plan a UN NWO coup? Very simple in Committee TRIAD dialectic.

1. You create the fake global war on terror.
a. Send the majority of your army in bogus theatres around the world depleting the reserves in the homeland.
b. Subject them to state sponsored violence and terror to condition them to become violent, psychotic killers of other nation peoples.
c. Run a homeland media campaign of hatred towards the people who like you are fighting against the globalist/financial genocidal invaders.

2. Create a fake homeland terror campaign
a. Stage false flag events at home and develop a homeland force made up of UN foreign troops, private defense agencies, globalist corporate dictators who share the same psychosis.
b. Usher in martial law under events from EM, weather weapons, bioterror, financial collapse and civil unrest
c. Operate criminally in an open and transparent way as to create maximum anger and outrage

3. Dismantle the Republic
a. Suspend constitutional law, due process, habeas corpus and the bill of rights indefinitely
b. Continue a series of these events until such time as you can initiate the UN treaty for permanent global governance and RFID
c. Redefine enemy combatants and belligerents as those opposing the fake peace initiative
d. Initiate the UN Quiet War eugenics program (soft kill and sterilization program under the global grid)


  1. Villify white men. Make supervisors on cop shows black and the big bosses women.Make movies with women beating white men to a pulp. Etc etc.

  2. Patrick, it's so obvious now. Why doesn't everyone see it? Willful ignorance.

    My best friend of 35 years finally sees "it". Two years ago, after much arm twisting because she never really wanted to know, I finally got her to watch loose change and do her own research on 9/11. Well, she just said to me the other night, "deb, it's so clear now, you can watch national and world events unfold and everything starts to make sense just like when you're putting a huge jigsaw puzzle together and the pieces finally start to form a recognizable picture" She would never want to discuss world events. Now SHE's the one who starts the discussion!

    Ok, that's one friend down and twenty more to go! My family is already convinced, especially my sister. She's every bit the "conspiracy nut" that I am.

  3. I discuss all these things with FedEx, UPS, Lawn maintenance, Shop clerks, mechanics, etc.

    Everytime I am on the phone with a doctor I ask if he thinks the insurance companies and banks are criminal. If they say yes, I send them some email links.

    Bit by bit, I am doing my best like you Deb.

    I am going to see a Baptist preacher who my neighbor says gives similar talks about. I am going to see if he wants a regular current events list for each sermon.

    The people here are not hillbillies. They are more savvy than the grunion running the beaches in Florida. Poor Florida. They have no idea how their world is going to change.