Thursday, July 22, 2010

How the Financial Takedown May Play Out

This is the 7-21-10 Newsletter by Bob Chapman at The International .

I implore you to read this in its entirety and Get It Into Your Head, as the scenario is likely to play out as described.

The best laid plans do not always work out as you and I know.  So, following your reading of this piece, consider that you do have personal power, you do not have to go-along-for-the-ride, you can throw a wrench in the works, spring the trap, etc.

Forward this to those who you think would read it, and help people become more aware.


  1. You know, I'm going to take my mom (87) to our cabin near Mt Lassen next week. It may be her last time sittin on the porch, chuggin a Newcastle, hangin with her grandson and son, seeing the swimmin hole again. Doin' nothing...doin everything. No electricity, no cell service no nothin..except everything.

    You know, I love you guys and gals here who care so f'in much every f'in day to offer the f'in warnings about the f'in 'fatties' (thanx Waldo) and their 'plans for us.


    F them.

    We're goin to the cabin (thanx Granpa)

    See ya on 8.3.
    You know?


  2. boomerangcomesbackJuly 22, 2010 at 3:17 PM

    Enjoy yourself Mikel! I climbed up Lassen in my teens with my uncle and some family members. Rolled some large rocks down the snowfield (wasn't too bright at the time). It is a pretty area.


  3. Yeah, MP. Clear the EM cobwebs and come back refreshed. Just stay clear of the Shasta underground military installation. Be safe.

  4. I envy you Mikel. Perhaps you might not want to come back. At this point, I'd love a permanent mountain getaway from it all............

  5. jg......if i didn't love having so many young kids that teach me while i teach them music, i would be there now.

    i'm far from done here. Just starting up a nonprofit music academy too, so my plan is i'm stayin' know.

    a week is all i can selfishly give myself my son and my mom.

    But yeah, like you say....not comin' back....has crossed my wig.


  6. I hear you Mikel. I won't go anywhere without my dog, two cats and my entire family and their menagerie of pets. So looks like I'm here for the long haul too.