Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hocus Pocus - Change I can't believe in

I do not intentionally try to irritate certain members when I post headers and articles surrounding Global Governance or Climate Change but I cannot pass up established scientists with this kind of action or issues.

Left-wing Env. Scientist Bails Out Of Global Warming Movement: Declares it a 'corrupt social phenomenon...strictly an imaginary problem of the 1st World middleclass'


Disclaimer: I am a lover of the environment and would love to be saddling my horse to go get groceries from my south forty. I despise excessive packaging, plastic bags and bottles. I do not buy bottled water, soda, beer or other containers other than an occasional alluminum food can. I am not a consumer as evidence by my wardobe, old Phillips TV, 1987 Harmon Karden stereo and 1997 Ford Eddie Bauer. (73,000 miles) I have more miles on my 1968 Schwinn English Racer. I will not buy from Walmart sweatshops. I will go without. My house is wood and will not see paint. I hate paint. I do not flush my toilets for 1's until bedtime.

Climate change is real. Today, yesterday, Mesozoic to the full cycle fallen reptilian new age coming, there will be climate change. The only change that AGW presents is in our pockets for the Strongmen, G'Bores and their greedy whores (no offense Al). I have done my part for population with sumZero children and have only given rebirth to several recycled dogs.


  1. I bet that nightly flush is a stinky !

  2. Not when you're as sweet as I am ;)

  3. Dunne darlin'... I'd rather have one o you than 10 o them sanctimonious lawn-mowin dom perignon bottle-recyclin sanctimonious suburbanite snoots any day. THAT said...

    Oh look ma! a LIBRUL scientist who says bla bla bla... now- what- i go out an find a CONSURVTIV scientist who says ble ble ble? THEN what? Note: Rancourt sez nada zilch zippo bupkis about any of the physics... or if he did- hair-helmet interviewer et al deleted it with (what you can see is) HEAVY editing.

    I like Rancourt. He's right about some things... especially the political and monetary hay being made by the FATs on the back of the Green Movement. You can read about him here:

    ...and speaking of wikipedia... please note their article on "Carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere:" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon_dioxide_in_Earth%27s_atmosphere
    Do you see ANY "neutrality" flag?
    Yes, anthropogenic causes are only 3% of the total... BUT...

    "This addition, about 3% of annual natural emissions as of 1997[update], is sufficient to exceed the balancing effect of sinks.[16] As a result, carbon dioxide has gradually accumulated in the atmosphere, and as of 2008[update], its concentration is 38% above pre-industrial levels.[2]"

    Well... fuck that. I no longer "debate" this issue and what makes me so fucking paleolithic pissed off I could wizz napalm is that this has turned into a "political," ie LIBRUL issue. And if the LIBRULS say so, it must be wrong. None of the mullets have studied the science anyway, so why not?

    Besides that, it's a done deal. It's IRREVERSIBLE, and I'm not going to be around long enough to say "I told you so." Besides, like the WMD in Iraq, the mullets will just give you a bunch of fucking lip because they think you're a LIBRUL and emit some silly fucking gas like "they were moved to Syria" or "it's sunspots" or pink fucking easter bunnies. Who the fuck knows... who the fuck cares?

    I agree with Rancourt when he says: "...the most destructive force on the planet is power-driven financiers and profit-driven corporations and their cartels backed by military might..."


    I DON'T agree (and neither does the majority of climate science) with his quibbling with the metrics. It's his asinine way of diverting attention toward something the mullets aren't going to believe either.

    Alex Smith says this a lot better:

  4. Waldo, respect to you bro, but I do agree wholly with what Puddy said on AGW and climate change.
    Here is where I think your AGW argument fails: you have produced evidence of rising CO2 in the atmosphere without a confirmation of causality in the major geohistoric trend which has shown in glacial cores that CO2 increases do NOT precede rising temperature, therefore there is no confirmation to your assumption that greenhouse gases increase earth's temperature. I think if you delve into the arcane science of radiant heat entrapment by CO2 you will be quite disappointed in a second major non confirmation of your theory, because CO2 does not trap heat well at all.
    I've found that in real science if you can deliver the goods with a theory or finding that is fully backed up it doesn't even need to be 'sold' by a Ph.D it can become tradable knowledge with intrinsic value. From all I have seen about greenhouse gas theory it is a sham and it does also form the basis for carbon taxation and nuclear power buildout. From an environmental standpoint I would rather not leave behind those nuclear fuel rod cooling pools. Indian Point is already leaking plutonium into the Hudson.
    Puddy, thanks for that bio, you really live right brother! Not so very different from us out here in the sticks.

  5. PD.. I like this honest scientist. He knows a scam when he sees one. Good video.

    And kudos to you for your true environmentalist ways. I feel like a fraud now. I flush after every use. I suppose your dogs don't try to drink out of the toilet like mine? (who by the way, is not recycled either :(
    I have two kids who have produced a total of 4 kids which includes a set of twins.

    I am very frugal when it comes to turning off lights and keeping my thermostat at a constant 62 during the coldest winter months. I cannot live without a/c though in the midst of three horrific heatwaves this summer. Humidity(& chemtrailing) gives me pounding headaches. Oh and my catholic school upbringing was good for something. I'm also not wasteful with paper nor any other product. The nuns taught me well. ha.

    Consume too much? Hell no. I can't afford to even if I had the desire !

  6. Mary, Excellent point about them pushing very dangerous nuclear power. Obama said that was on his agenda pre-election.

    If they were really serious about "global warming", they'd be handing out solar panels for every roof instead of talking about ridiculous carbon taxes and cap and trading which won't do a damn thing to help the environment, now wouldn't they?
    Think of the jobs that would create and the amount of energy saved. But we know how insincere they are. The bastards. It's all about the $$$. Meanwhile, they continue to chemtrail us until we are literally gasping for air. Chemtrails which are HOLDING THE HEAT IN JUST LIKE A GREENHOUSE. Ha...how ironic.

    Yep, they're real concerned about mother earth alright. Actions speak louder than taxes.

    Hey Waldo, What happened to global cooling which was the "big thing" back in the 70's?

  7. Puddy...you have Harmon Kardon:-) Niiice.
    I do the no flush thing, but seeing as all my water is 2,000gal rain and if that goes I have to mix salty bore with it , its a bigger incentive. I grew up partially in the Dry desert areas so every drop has always been precious. I divert shower water to garden in summer. I use no aicon (fan on 100F days for dogs) or powered heating, scavenge wood from the dump year round, for winter, use about 15 litres of fuel a fortnight, get 4+ years out of a set of tyres and then use the dud for tree gaurds of use them for earthberms in the yard. pre radials , people used them for making garden ornaments with some strategic cutting and bending, cant do that now:-(
    crockpot cooking saves heaps, microwave for heating rice bags for extra warmth, and coffee, I am chary of their use for food after seeing the damage they cause to the cells of what goes in.

    Now, to the chase. I called myself green till the Warmies started their insanity.
    Now the word offends me. its been Hijacked for an agenda that is NOT about the planet, but IS about power and control of the people.
    It fits the warnings on Iron mountain to a T and agenda 21.
    Prof Ian Plimer an Aussie geologist wrote a book called Heaven+Earth its big and its indepth and it more than adequately makes a farce of the Goracles puffery.
    We signed Kyoto, which acheived? not thing One for the planet, but has caused Farmers to lose their land /commit suicide.
    What makes me angriest is there is NO recognition for Low useage in Any of the useless taxes and EUcentric scams. everyone is penalised when many of us who have and do continue be frugal and mindful, get lumped into the ME gen and the powertrippers who think as long as they can pay they will have whatever they want regardless, and that! is most of the present gen. between 20 and 40.
    Kids are being scared witles at schools, and mindaltered by the media.
    theyve had 30+ years to Prove! warming and? they cannot.
    Models are NOT proof. reality is. and the reality is that the temp datasets have been "adjusted" dropped out if they are low, and ignored as the Argo Buoys are right now...because they show oceans are Cooling.
    th la Nina and the PDO are working just fine. the solar minimum continues.
    analysis of storms etc finds NO increase at all, rather a decrease over 50? years. More people Live coastal so more homes have damage, that isnt climate thats Crowding.

    one word for those who think the co2 cycle that goracle et al use
    MISCOLZ! he has been peer reviewed and his data shows the
    IPCC accepted data is shite. their calc is out, same as their glacier dates were.
    Greenpeaces ex director admitting!!!! they hyped it up to scare people and gain support Lost me forever.
    it isnt about hype and fear it IS about TRUTH, and that? is sadly lacking.
    even CSIRO here have been found to be lying, so is our BoM on temp data.

  8. Oh by the way Oz sent me this article and link. I get a lot of good scouring from down under :)

    Ditto Laurel. I was green through and through from the early age of fifteen. I was a vegan from 15 - 28 yrs.

    I was a card carrying member of PETA, Humane Farming Assoc. and WWF until I figured the scam.
    This Soros-Strong operation has been around for years.

    These orgs are corrupt, liars, thieves just as FORD CARNEGIE and MELLON are.

    United Way? Hah! UN Eugenics operation more like it. Just like an open sore on society these scabs sit on the top.

    JG, Someone taught me buyers remorse and told me at a very early age.When you shop, don't go when you are hungry or depressed.

    If I see something I want and not need, I do all my other shopping then go back again to what I wanted and most of the time I don't want it anymore. After looking at my cart I generally decline.

    Beware the impulse items at register. I had a friend in Florida, store manager for Publix Supermarket. He trained on display science.

    Strawberries on sale? Don't forget to put those little toxic shortcake cups right next to them.

    High Fructose Cereal Isle, let's get those Bananas sitting there somewhere. Aplles? Where's the Caramel and candy wraps? This ploy works for local TV news. Bait and switch and on and on. SLEEP ON IT. That kills them.

  9. Mary,

    Is it Chicken or Egg or Bacon?

    Is it GWCC, so they can spray the chemtrails? They say radar chaff (BS) but they are trying to cool the earth? Why?

    Is it nuclear, chemtrail, HAARP that for fifty years has caused the changes to ozone and atmosphere making the cyclical solar activity even more prominent.

    Is it all money only? Are the HAARP and Chemtrails to promote the rising temperatures to support this illegal ponzi scheme?

    It's always a TRIAD and even Emanuel like so many zionists can't keep their arrogant big mouths shut "NEVER WASTE A GOOD CRISIS"


  10. I could never join the court of Alex Cockburn.

    For me the science is inconclusive and after years of uncovering the SSRI scams, Fluorine lies, False Flags etc., if you are considered an intellectual then you have been propped up, sucked off and made to perform a magic act via data-lingual hocus pocus.

    We know the dangers of carbon. Hydrocarbons have caused massive instability and death. Not in the chemistry sense but certainly in the procurement sense. It has been one of the bloodiest triads ever perpetrated on all living creatures.

    THERE WILL BE BLOOD - Revelations seas to red. GENESIS 6 - How can you irradicate Islam if you can't eliminate the oil?

    BLUE FATS- False Flag, Phony Intel, Warmongering, Preemptive Invasion, Murder, including the most favorite infanticide and gynecide, and secure your ownership under spoils of war, spoil system and spoilation.

    RED FATS- False Flag, Phony Intel, Greenmongering, Constitutional Invasion, Murder, including the most favorite infanticide and gynecide, and secure your ownership under spoils of war, spoil system and spoilation.


  11. It's not MY theory. This is not my specialty. My specialty is "text" and Memetics. "Global Warming Hoax" is a robust meme because it seems contra-LIBRUL and reinforces the status quo- ie- "I can just do what I'm doing now and don't have to change anything," always popular with Authoritarians.

    C02 is a CONTRIBUTOR to greenhouse gas... cascading effect... methane release... bla bla bla. Oh yeah- "cooling in the 70s." I hear that one a lot. Here: http://www.grist.org/article/they-predicted-global-cooling-in-the-1970s/ and the rest of em: http://www.grist.org/article/series/skeptics/

    Hand out solar panels for every roof? RIGHT ON!! but of course... that would be SOCIALISM!!!

    It's a done deal... and physics don't care. OF COURSE a select group of FATs will try to use it to make money. Look at what has been done to ALL major "religions." They can even do it with non-religions... like "kommunism." But by spreading the "global warming hoax" meme, you just help the current set of FATs stay right where they are... not that the next set of FATs will be any better... but like diapers- if ye change em regularly, they don't stink so much.

    Again- because I'm old... I don't give a duck's bubble if anybody "believes" this or not. From the anecdotal evidence I've seen (teaching college classes), most young people subscribe to AGW. Many who don't go into the "military" (or have already been through it) and seek a "career" in "criminal justice." Hmmmm.

    Draw what conclusions ye will from that.

  12. There was once a cat who sat on a hot stove.

    Learning from that experience, for the remainder of his nine lives he never never sat on a hot stove again.

    He never sat on a cold one, either.

  13. Yep PD. And they have the candy and aspartame poisoned gum right there as you're checking out so the kids will drive you crazy for it on the way out....

  14. Well waldo, I think climate change is caused by man alright. But the men of the MIC and their fabulous, magical weather alterting weapons and the sun itself.

    AND. I'd maim my son or daughter before I'd let them join the military or police force. Uniforms were always a turn off for me. I prefer rebels with minds of their own to those who want to be good tin soldiers and follow orders.

    I'm not the only former dem who feels that way. Where's that leave your little assumption then?

  15. You know these vermin laugh all the way to the bank. Pitiful, just pitiful.