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A child, when born, is like an empty pot. What it will become as a person depends what is put into it. The materials forming the pot may or may not be a bit bent, but the total of it and the substance it will then contain will still depend what is put in. If good in, then good out.

All very obvious? Of course, but see where it leads, to whom, and what this inevitably means has to be done.

We can chatter-on about the baby's brain cells being the same ones that will last it as a person all its life, with or without additional developing neurons, but we can take that for granted and generally accept that the person is formed of what material it gathers from others and from what it makes of what it witnesses and experiences.

We can also accept that subsequent particular training, merely as part of that experience, can lead a person to do good or ill, according to the nature of the training, obviously.

Though some little children, boys especially, from whatever cause, at a certain age can demonstrate a basic ill-will, people in general are not evilly inclined, and mostly are co-operative and, given the opportunity, benevolent. And the young are learning machines, with an appetite to acquire knowledge and practical abilities.

We do not seem to have said anything but the obvious here. So now, let's look at the world today.

Here we see whole sections of the immature of most nations trained to control others, to kill them on order as necessary, and in all cases marshall them and us politically and socially. A select few are trained to manage the rest. Others are trained in business to acquire wealth from others and for others, some to investigate, to design, to produce things some of which are good, useful or saleable, and others that are bad for all.

The tools to enable this training are basic education to enable the infant's acceptance of the principles of a basic obligatory syllabus, further education to confer abilities to absorb specialist information, discipline as in business and particularly mindlessly to obey orders in the military and other services and - overall, and controlling all these other aspects - the fiction of money made necessary and thus thereafter self-generating in a money-orientated world.

And all this undeniably is accomplished.

But we might ask who are training the trainers, and for whom? In whose interest is devised that carefully-calculated methodical training to de-sensitise and brutalise, that then enables the military wilfully to kill women and children, and torture innocent fellow-humans, and utilise the array of so-costly weaponry to eliminate populations and warp any survivors? In reality, even in whose interest are all the people learning about their local currencies and about using them, and then in whose interests working? - Certainly not in their own. Work to enable subsistence would occupy only a month or two per year, so for whom is all the extra work done?

We think we are working for our families, or to realise personal hopes, aspirations or even ambitions. In reality, we are mindless cogs supporting and enabling the secret plans of others, of whom and which we supposedly know and suspect nothing. The entire world now seems to hinge on the apparent health of some abstract entity called their 'economy'. So who is it that orders 'the economy' and all 'the work' of the world, and why, or don't you know about these things? And who is it that now, after its careful infliction over two centuries, can order and manage the deliberate trashing of such a system?

I was reading Nick Cook's 'The Hunt for Zero Point' the other day. I was struck by the callous indifference of the invisible overlords, in that the originators and assistants in devising advances in new methods of energy production, when their work was done were liquidated and 'disappeared', with all trace of their existence and of their work erased. - Interesting. As with the other 'slave-workers', they were worked to death and then 'wasted'. But this erasure was not conducted from motives of personal or national security; this was part of policy on behalf of invisible entities instigating, overshadowing and directing such wars. It was interesting that by previous plan the information of technical advance was then shuffled abroad to where it could be further processed and advanced in what would then become recent 'black-ops', which seemingly do not exist, except that we know that they do. Yes, the animals were being used and discarded; only the result mattered. This single-minded inhuman contempt for the humans seemed familiar.

So, where does this go today, and in whose interest? We should therefore ask the whereabouts of all the miners and technicians who have worked on producing the underground cities. Are they also all 'disappeared', perhaps at the end of what becomes their final shift integrated untraceably into the glazed walls of those thousands of miles of tunnels?

Then who is directing all this process of war and technical 'advancement'?

"There are no wars unless my sons want them." She should not have said that, should she. Most indiscreet, but then she was probably holding a glass at the time.

And ask yourself who has the resources and the overall international influence successfully to engender the scenario of the last two centuries and then manage such situations to produce the present result.

Ask whose ambition it is to become 'advanced' in the use of all the energy of the solar system, then of the galaxy, then of Universe.

So I know only of two families with the resources to control all sides in the wars they commission, the greed to control all the energy of the planet, as we presently see, the insatiable ambition and the presumptuous effrontery, how about you? The surnames of both mine start with 'R'. How about yours? - Agreed?

- Yes, farmed, all of us. Now we know whom Orwell was or, if he did not know, should have been talking about.

But murder, even in the pursuit of such ambition, as equally in their promoted wars, pogroms and holocausts, and in their projected mass eliminations, still rates as crime, even on such a scale of magnitude.

Then in the case of both families and all their accomplices, in the obvious absence of any sane alternative, please explain why both those families - for the sake of the safety of us all on the planet - should not also read 'Deceased: R.I.P'. And all the mechanics of their plans and those of their accomplices, our only real enemies, be collapsed to dust together with their intending perpetrators.

No, don't explain. Just realise it.

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