Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Commie judge guts Arizona 1070 bill

Was there any doubt?  From Fox news

A federal judge on Wednesday granted a partial injunction requested by the federal government on the controversial Arizona immigration law, SB 1070.  U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton has blocked the portion of the law that requires police officers to determine the immigration status of a person detained or arrested. 

She also struck down the section of law that makes it a crime if someone fails to carry immigration registration papers and the provision that makes it a crime for an illegal immigrant to seek or perform work.

In all, Bolton struck down four sections of the law, the ones that opponents called the most controversial parts. Bolton said she was putting those sections on hold until the courts resolve the issues.

Opponents say the law will lead to racial profiling and is trumped by federal immigration law.


  1. THis is the political trigger. One of a dozen going now. Major division. The information today says 70 dems jumped on Afghanistan withdrawl but Obama is trying to retain the Neo-Cons in this mess.

    Barry must be shitting burritos right about now.

  2. "Susan Bolton has blocked the portion of the law that requires police officers to determine the immigration status of a person detained or arrested."

    What exactly is wrong with this part of the bill? Do we not have to produce identification when we are confronted by the police? I don't get it. What bs.

    I had to get my driver's license renewed on Monday. My picture is on the freakin' soon to be expired license. YET, I as a natural born American citizen had to produce 6 pts worth of identification to get my new license.

    What is wrong with this picture?

  3. Legal analysis... for anybody who's interested:

  4. Just wear a sombrero when you drive and you'll never be stopped for anything. The police won't risk a suit because they've violated your "illegal rights."

    Better yet, quit complying with all US law. The law really only exists for suckers who have yet to figure out how to exploit the system. The criminal path is the road to fulfillment and happiness.

  5. this is nuts.
    in aus if you are here without a current Visa or just plain illegally, and it matters not what! race you are, you are in the hands of the Federal Police, placed in a secure immigration detention centre and deported.
    only mob not needing visa are the Kiwis as far as I know, even pommies have to have a visa.

  6. Right Oz. Every country has laws regarding illegal immigration and they all enforce them. That is except for this one when it comes to our borders.

    I work with a man from India. He just became a U.S. citizen last year. He didn't butt in line, waited his turn and isn't demanding we speak his native tongue.

    I don't like racial profiling and don't want it. But I'm sick of the special treatment given to those that cross the mexican border into the u.s. Why are citizens treated like aliens that need to show ID everywhere (even in freakin' BJ's) and illegal immigrants treated with kid gloves?

    Some of us know the answer, Mr Obtuse. Btw, I do love your wry sense of humor.

  7. In Mexico any foreigner that voices any political opinion,such as protesting a proposed law or endorsing a candidate is IMMEDIATELY deported. Foreign influence in politics is strictly forbidden,the immigration chief in Acuna warned Me when I got temporary status in Mexico. Five years is the limit for foreign legal residents in Mexico,then no more permission is granted.

  8. ummm... the Indian fellow's "native tongue" IS English. There are more English-speakers in India (where it IS an "official language") than the US... thanks to the East India Company. In fact... there are more English-speakers in China than the US.

    I don't know if MY folk (the 1880 Germans) came here "illegally" or not. Their "documentation" is very sketchy... and conditions were more porous then- for much of the same reason(s): cheap labor. However, because of their prior conditions in Europe-- they organized... and the "48ers" brought a lot of those "radical" ideas- like opposing knucklin' under to the FATs. I guess today they would be called "Marxists," because that was the year (1848) the Manifesto was published.

    You can't stop what's coming. The best you can do is understand it... adapt and improvise. This has very little to do with "foreigners" taking "our" "rights" (or "jobs"), although the FATs would very much like you to think so.

    As to "foreign influence in politics," Capitalist stooge judges ruled on "Citizens United vs. FEC

    ...without a peep from anybody in the "illegal invasion" gang.

  9. From an article by Jim Kunstler titled "My Tea Party", Kunstler talks briefly about the immigration issue--legal and illegal.

    "My tea party would reduce legal immigration to a tiny trickle and get serious about enforcing sanctions against people who are here without permission. A New York Times editorial last week expressed the Democratic-progressive view in typically tortured style, saying of the recent Arizona law: makes a crime out of being a foreigner in the state without papers -- in most cases a civil violation of federal law. This is an invitation to racial profiling, an impediment to effective policing and a usurpation of federal authority....

    The fine distinction they want to apply in this matter between civil and criminal law is the same as NPR's house style of referring to illegal immigrants as "undocumented" - leaving the impression that the only problem for these people is a some bureaucratic glitch rather than a transgression of law. The truth is that neither party really wants to do anything about the extraordinary influx of Mexican nationals because they want to pander to a growing segment of Hispanic voters (or secondarily want to maintain the pool of cheap labor for US businesses). My party does not believe in unbounded multi-culturalism. My party also views the lawlessness of the current situation to be corrosive of the rule-of-law generally. My party views the global population overshoot problem as a condition that requires a more rigorous defense of US territory, sovereign resources, and even whatever remains of American common culture."

  10. What-hoot-hello? Kunstler has always been one of my favorites! Begorra, lad! Yer a National Green!

    Well on yer way to becoming an International(e) Green!

    We gotta start locally... 'tis true!

    "We all are in this together... oh I know it seems easy to say... but I won't use the word, "forever." It's enough just to say "someday."


  11. Headed for trouble, I is. Phoenix, late August. We'll see.

  12. I remember your prediction TF. It may be there before anywhere else. I'm looking at Denver or LA.
    I'm holding my breath as well.

  13. Any guesses on how it will manifest in Phoenix, Denver or LA?

  14. Nope! Well, maybe. Sure, anyone can guess. Water is a big thing out there. A few drops of the wrong stuff in the water and the whole damned county falls over dead. Naw, that won't work anymore what, with everybody drinking bottled water. My nephew, one of my nephews who lives in the valley said the neighbourhood is headed for a civil war between Latinos and Whites. That could get real ugly real quick when the Blacks chose sides. I saw a small version back in 77. Lay that on large scale, add Sheriff Joe A. and your set for a real mess. The National Guard is absent so they'd have to revert to some other form of "order".

    Anyone's guess is as good as mine is. I got caught up looking at the trinity site for a few hours. Don't know why. It caught my eye as I was looking at the route to take from Az. to Ks. White Sands and all. Sens Roswell, that dump.

  15. What's the trinity site? Headed for the hornet's nest you are Mr Forrest. Stay safe.

  16. Trinity is where Mr Oppenhiemer and his crew set off the first nuklar weapon. Glass parking lot.