Tuesday, June 8, 2010

SONS 2010 Exercise April 21, 2010


Students of history have noted the strange and statistically unlikely coincidences around 9/11 and 7/7 of simultaneous government terror exercises occuring on  the days of those attacks.       As a  tragicomedic US government moves from its underpants bomber put em on the plane crisis  into possibly new territory, it must divert investigation into the Gulf debacle into a coverup of the key moves and movers, looking far beyond the strange coincidences in the actions of GS, major US banks,  BP,  Transoceanic,  Halliburton and others.   But coincidence in possible FF is  hard to ignore, and once again, we see the US government's own preparations for a petroleum disaster running on the day of the explosion.

Could the Gulf explosion have been timed better for the Lieberman energy bill  that nobody knows about in  the Senate?   For a last ditch attempt at carbon taxation?    Could this debacle be the generated event Biden predicted for earlier in the Obama regime, although that was cast as an international event?      Or is the forthcoming falseflag attack/USrahelli war on Iran the one he had in mind?    In any case, Biden's  plea for people standing with Barry during the crisis has fallen on deaf ears.   People are becoming more and more tired of the run around, lies and environmental disaster from whatever or whoever generated the Gulf blowout and massive spill.    This event could be the bridge too far for the Obama  regime and possibly even its puppetmasters.    There is the huge new reality noted by Brzinski that the people can for the first time in history wake up and scavange their whole house of cards.     Of course, societal and environmental collapse could also bring on worse regimes to replace Obama, Emanuel and Biden, unless the people say they want a whole new ballgame.

I wouldn't want to place any bets on the outcome but it sure does not look good for us humans under this regime of environmental destruction, war, and financial looting.


  1. No doubt this spill is no "accident". I had suspicions the moment i heard Halliburton was involved. Then we find out about GS and we're off to the conspiracy races.

    People with an ounce of functioning brain left are really pissed off. I think there are more of them/us then the jackals counted on. The fluoride and chemtrails didn't quite do the job they imagined it would.

    The days ahead will be quite interesting and perhaps quite surprising. I don't mind going along for the ride but I wish I could find a safe haven for my family. I can't bear to have anything happen to any of them.

    The only problem we have, IF everyone awakened to the truth is.. how do you fight against such evil when they are in control of all the science of destruction?

  2. It's all and more Mary. I concur with it all. I can no longer validate any of these events as coincidental nor can I accept incompetence.

    Malfeasance for a purpose. From the Polish crash to Haiti to BP, it will all come to a flaming finality. The end being a population on it's knees begging for a world order and a meal.

    While we see this happening, most of the apathetics are sitting in Lazyboys, munching GMO popcorn and watching a Dennis Hopper marathon waiting for their turn at the big C.

    Of all the contingencies and war room scenarios they have reviewed, I believe a revolution is their least concern, but an unseen or unknown variable may not. That's where I can ponder some hope.

    Maybe there is intelligent life out there and possible they are planning as well. I read Mr. M's comment about nuking us and getting it over with.
    I think many have come to that desire. The life of a chinese indentured just doesn't work for me.

  3. boomerangcomesbackJune 8, 2010 at 6:36 PM

    Could a scenario be occurring like what is described in the following link?:


    Perhaps M can shed some light?

    With the HD pictures revealed today (50 days +), BP is seen for a liar from the beginning, and obstruction of justice for starters.

  4. boomerangcomesbackJune 8, 2010 at 7:34 PM

    And view this: http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=175242

  5. boomerangcomesbackJune 8, 2010 at 7:35 PM

    And view this:

  6. There is a lock-down. BP has been in charge since the beginning. This has been evident and obvious to everyone here.

    Workers have been badgered into signing nondisclosure forms and threatened with being fired and/or prosecution.

    They have crew bosses that act more like slave-masters. From what I gather the crew-bosses are getting paid $1,500 a day, to the workers $100. So I'm figuring the crew-bosses are Ex/Blackwater types. They're telling workers to stand down as huge swaths of oil wash ashore.

    The local paper, the Times-Picayune is a total waste. They're simply regurgitating news from the AP, but this is nothing new for the TP. Its one of the worst rags for the NWO in the country.

    I had inside info in the first week that what MSM was reporting was 180-degrees from what was being reported. Its just now coming out that we're facing a volcano under the sea.

    There's been low flying unmarked helicopters over the city lately, God knows what they're doing. Maybe I'm just paranoid but they seem to fly directly over my house. They're close enough that everything shakes. My poor neighbor still has flash-backs to Katrina every time these bastards come around.

    There is no doubt that they're running an experiment on us. I believe that they're trying to create a situation where they'll be calling the military in for mass evacuations.

    My thinking is that they'll create a hurricane using HAARP soon, if one doesn't happen naturally, and use that as a cover to round people up and start carting us off to FEMA camps.

    Most everyone is stunned, wondering what to do, and not knowing simply try to go about life as normal, but its not. You can cut the feeling here with a knife. People try not to talk about it, but once the subject is breached, it takes over. But its like talking about a sick relative dying in the hospital.

    Its crazy, I'm posting all the evidence I can in the TP comments section, some they delete, but much of it stays up and no one yet has called me out as wearing a tin-foil hat, but rather I'm getting comments such as; "... a few weeks ago i would have called you crazy, but now I believe what you're saying is true."

    Its kind of freaking me out the number of people thinking that this was no accident. I believe this because this is a very tight-nit community, everybody knows somebody and if something happens to anyone, everyone will know about it before the sun gets high in the sky.

    But as of yet I don't know anyone organizing any challenge, probably because they don't know what to do or that we're still in some sort of collective shock. There have been protests, but protests here have a way of turning into a costume party.

    I'm waiting to hear from one of my sources that is right in the middle of this shit, and hopefully I'll have more to say on who is being arrested, if they are, and who is doing the arresting and for what?

    All I know is the game is on. and things will most likely start to speed-up for all of us very soon. And lucky me, I get to be sitting on the tip of the spear.

  7. JG, probably we are in so deep in tyranny and ignorance it would surprise us if we ended up free and whole. That miracle could be what Puddy mentioned, an unknown variable. Such a variable would not necessarily be noticed in the crappy central planning that produces such mediocrity. Stranger things have happened in the natural world, that's for sure. The only way I see that miracle happening is for greater cognition to arise in the people so that their individual self awareness will rescue them. Right now revolution is unlikely to occur except in the minds and hearts that began it long ago.
    Cognition is one of the three requirements for life, thus without it we can predict that American society as biology will fail, and that means our democracy and republic may be lost a very long time, hell, it has been lost for a century already. This de facto failed state is due to a lack of an aware populace. So our little job is to keep the info moving out there. Kudos to you all for doin it.

  8. I've heard numerous reports of volunteers being turned away and it is clear that the government is in charge. JUST NOT OURS!

    This is the quiet govt. the black government, the corporate XE government. The invisible one that people scoff at. Twenty years of induction by foreign troops.

    People have said Puddy where are these foreign troops? Thay are here and their names are John Smith. American? Sure just like Obama. Get the drift.

    If you took a poll and asked the Oathkeeper question, you'd be very disappointed and lied to continually.

  9. The Wildcard could be Russia??

    Remember the Feb satellite of the 4000 UN vehicles??

    Remember rumors of FEMA southern buildup 09???

    Remember the coffins in Georgia 08????

    Remember the Titanic????

  10. Nothing so quick and dramatic, my friend.
    Just a mess of spores rendering every soul on the planet barren. No more kiddies.
    Could the last one on the planet be sure to turn out the lights?

  11. Remember the mass graves???

    Remember the Fema Evacuation Bus???

    Remember Remember the 5th of November???

  12. All of us outside Louisiana are not feeling the impact same as M and the locals who are shell shocked and under the boot. Having lost a good friend on 9/11, I have always felt it was my duty to look into what happened to her and who was really responsible. And now that the Gulf is suffering and the problems from this explosion spread, the number of people directly impacted by terrible loss will increase virally, and that indeed could be Puddy's 'unknown variable' or major flaw in planning by the people who did this.
    There were major US banks that dumped 90 plus per cent of their BP shares in the months and weeks preceding the explosion. Let's think about who owns the Fed: a number of banks and behind them some individuals. Think about who has really been running the US governments the last century, who sets up the whole phony show. They now stand so naked they will wish they had never tried this one. We the people will simply turn little packs of good ol American bloodhounds out and start the trackin. Good luck.
    Like Bush said from his study of goats, you can run but you cain't hide.

  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tq99snleP4E&feature=fvw

    JFK clearly knew what we are up against.

  14. You are all of course aware, aren't you, that both BP and Goldman Sachs belong to . . . Well, who else? the Rothschilds - Search and you will see.

    And if Halliburton does not also belong to them, via their lackeys of the Busches and Cheney and similar minor vermin, I will be very surprised.

    You see, our real enemies are not hard to identify, and there only a few of them. A careless brush of humanity's hand, with the best of intentions oh of course, would wipe them off the face of the planet that their presence so disfigures.

    Hmm -

  15. In case folks have no idea what Flakstopper is talking about, try read dis one--


  16. Fair enough. But, realise also, the 'power' that enables all this swinery is by means of the total fiction of 'finance' which has never had real value of any kind, and only the fictional value of those who manipulate it to deprive all others of everything they have. And that their lending of mere INK produces the planet for them, donated by the bribed and fooled - of US!

    You might also read 'The Great Red Dragon' a little book written in 1889 by L.B.Woolfolk - at http://www.biblestudysite.com/reddragon.htm
    describing exactly HOW the Rothschilds had already taken America during the previous fifty-odd years. When you have read that, you will no longer wonder at the progress of such as 'Inditex' etc.


  17. great post and comments, and links I am off to read the red dragon now thanks Flak:-) mary s and boomer.
    now what!!! bloody training run were they up to?
    whats this the 5th?? such coincidence?
    yeah suuuure.

  18. :-)
    I just read the exersize..
    15 minutes to notify any authorities? stated 4.45am.
    the bloody "accident is 4.30am. how come that no one had managed to close the bridge before 6.45am.
    who writes this shit?
    and the supposed rescued kid?
    anyone see some holes...
    he and the van fell in the river at 6.45 am, rescued at 7.45, how deep is the water? and I would suggest hypothermia would have set in well before.
    if this is how good the training info is, no wonder the real life always seems such a shitfight.
    and no wonder so many good honest service men and women go mad or leave.