Monday, June 28, 2010

Oil spill slides a globalist slick into the Supreme Court


Under the cover of deflection, the slippery slide.

When looking at the evaporating factors and percentages, please consider the same data in the confirmation of globalist world order Harvard Dean Elena Kagan. As much an unknown as the deep well and gulf disaster are having the public scratching their heads, so is the unknown of Kagan.

But for true Committee eyed COTO-ites it's all but written on her forehead.  This trend for electing and nominating the unknowns has proved a gamble it could be argued as a worse decision over the nomination of a Bork who wears his biases on his sleeve. The Sessions and Leahy's are managing this maneuver with singular synergy.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor is lying low too. I must confess the fear of the strategy being the same for the oil spill. The media spin, silence and deflection lay in both arenas until such time as these sleeping bears awake with a rapacious hunger for change under the mastery of committee directed devastation dialectic.

Policy setting is what this administration is all about. Nothing about work or brick and mortar, but just policy and paving.  Mapmakers of the committee have laid out the coordinates skillfully to make the 'change'-over a guarantee with or without constitutional adherence or the wishes of the people under a democratic process.

Using the same toolbox from the Neo-Con demolition team, the Neo-Libs globalists have picked up the One World project with barely a hiccup. Without a solid mapping of Kagan the same theme of Barry Soetero is happening again. Polls and committee shills on both isles indicate very little resistance in this slam-dunk confirmation and the efforts are more on the midterm elections where we will get additional world order anti-American sovereignty backed candidates into the District of Committee fortresses of our government.

The physics are similar in the fact that our Republic is evaporating at rapid rates, the dispersion of fascist globalism and spreading of fear is palpable and the sediment of these Committee Scum becoming more potent and toxic.


Note: Committee member, Sen. Robert Byrd dies at 92


  1. NOTABLES: Sen Chuck Schumer said Kagan was "straight out of central casting for the position"

    He couldn't have said it better for me.

  2. she sends chills down my spine.

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