Saturday, June 5, 2010



For Immediate Release: May 31, 2010 For Further Information: Dori Ullman (612) 414-9528

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Michael Cavlan, independent candidate for House of Representatives in Minnesota's 5th district has proudly accepted the endorsement of nationaly acclaimed "peace mom" Cindy Sheehan.

Cindy Sheehan's son, Casey Sheehan was killed in action in Iraq on March 4th, 2004. Cindy became famous after setting up "Camp Casey" in Crawford, Texas in an attempt to ask then president George Bush why her son died. President Bush never met with the now famous "peace mom."

Cavlan promises the people of the 5th district that "Unlike some, there will be no bait and switch with me. When I promise not to provide any of your money for these wars, I mean it. I will not follow the dictates of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi or White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel.

"I will follow the will and the dictates of 'We The People' in Minnesota's 5th district." Mr Cavlan further states "It is time for the peace community to come to terms with the sad but undeniable reality that the Democratic Party, as an institution is an inexorable part of the war machine. We may not like it but we must deal with it." ###


  1. Grrrr

    Will have to re do.

    bottom line

    Cindy Sheehan just endorsed our campaign.

    I use the term "our" very deliberately

  2. Huge Michael. I have offered some help and will repeat it again.

    Taking back our country, one seat a time.

    Fixed the post. :)

  3. Puddy

    thank you so very much.

    Yeah, it is huge. We realize that if we win this thing that it can and will change the entire discussion nationwide.

    We know that and take that responsibility very seriously.

    Oh and COTO, please feel free to spread far and wide.

  4. Congratualtions!

    PS- I tried to enlarge the font without success. Maybe someone else can manage it?

  5. If it's an official document or manifesto,

    "When I promise not provide" - should be 'to provide'

    "the peace community to come to term with the sad" - should be 'to terms with'

    But, Bejaze, congratulations anyway.

  6. Congrats Irish! That's a big endorsement in my book.

    Other than spreading the word, is there anything else I can help with?

  7. I aint that far away Michael me lad... and would be glad to do anything... lick stamps, stuff envelopes... and o course I've packaged a few political campaigns back in me prior life as a marketing dork.

    Good on ye flak for catching those typo-dinks in the blade.

    "Independent" is as good a bucket as any right now... because there is only one party- the money party- and the puks and dums are just flimsy masks. Is there an active Green contingent in the 5th district? With Minneapolis there should be... but I don't know if that toiny "party" fits your philosophy.

    Congratulations on such a fine endorsement. I would have been at Camp Casey, but at the time I didn't even have money for gas. The Uni gigs have picked up a bit... but still grinding poverty compared to the old corporate days... to which I could not go back even if I wanted to... which I do not. Even so, I was a good enough spin doctor to sell "mortgage-backed securities" (may dog forgive me... I was a whore).

    I had a Scar-Face moment... wow... thees ees so fokking evil... and jumped off the wheel forever. To this day, I am trying to atone for the evil shit I did as a korporat puke. Working on your campaign, boyo, would buy me outta a few years in Purgatory methinks. I also know how to wash plates and stack dishes.

    The COTO voice WILL be heard!


  8. boomerangcomesbackJune 5, 2010 at 5:55 PM

    Cheers, and great work Michael! This is BIG NEWS!

  9. Best of luck Michael. It's an honor for you to have Cindy's endorsement. Let's hope the people in your district want some real change and are sick of the two party system.
    Awhile back a truther friend ran for mayor of our county. I used to sit in the back at candidate forums and watch people's reactions. Some laughed at what he said like he was crazy, and yet two years later everything he predicted has come true.
    Now people don't laugh so loud and don't seem so proud. My truther friend ended up with one percent of the vote. Hope you can do alot better, Michael. Obviously the way the economy is headed, the US can't afford the wars much longer. If it wants to save itself a future it better get out of the phony GWOT fast. Sun Tzu was not joking.

  10. well done Michael, hard work and honesty deserve a reward!
    may you prosper, and give em hell:-)