Monday, April 5, 2010

More Questions About Obama Hit the MSM

This video was located at, under the "politics" category.  It was being discussed on the Russ Kastle radio show at 106.3 FM in SC this Monday A.M.

Will more people wake up?

Following the flight of the Great Waldo Paper's commentary and leanings, I have edited down my tone here to a mere drone.


  1. "...his political and ideological position is one of Marxism..."

    "Credibility-" ((flusha---sucka---swirrrrrl)) ZERO. If bammo is a "Marxist," then I'm the fucking Pope of Iceland. As for the other dilly-bar tweet...

    po-tay-to po-tah-to. EVERY US "president" has been a "fraud" since the committee punched JFK's ticket back in '63... and long before that if you count the usual resume'-padding.

    As for "our brave troops" who "put their lives on the line" begs the question... for WHAT? Defending our "freedoms?" Well... THAT'S a fucking joke, right? And the kops who arrive early to "beat the crowds," and the "Agency employees" are obligated to disobey "illegal orders."

    Right... you can call your JAG rep from the brig or take a different job with the prison-industrial complex... er- ah- the Criminal "Just-Us System."

    The poor grunts have enough to worry about without hair-splitting over academic "titles."

    The video DOES make fine satire.

  2. boomerangcomesbackApril 5, 2010 at 8:23 AM

    I agree with what you're saying Waldo Paper, and your response is appreciated. My point here, is "any" questioning regarding The Committee that makes it into the mainstream is helpful for garnering the attention of the masses who are satisfied with cursory understanding of the scenario.

    After posting this I was thinking to myself that maybe revelations on the order of intellectual understanding at the level or yourself, Puddy, may be "above the heads" of folks on the ground floor so-to-speak? What do you think?

    People don't seem to understand the difference between Marxism, Communism, Fascism, Democracy, Republic, etc. Even if they read it, they can't seem to retain it in a meaningful manner (Read -- it's Too Big To Fathom).

    They're content to think False Flags of all types -- JFK, Bush I, II, Clintons, Obama, 9/11, Bail-outs, Health Care Fiasco FF, Fed Reserves -- whether political, financial and economic or other are paranoid conspiracies. So they just go back to work with their heads in the sand.

    I'm of the mind to think analogies they can grasp might be more motivating. Such as: the Bail-outs of Trillions -- essentially, that table over their in the corner that was whooping it up, eating caviar and drinking $800 bottles of champagne, drove home in limos to their mansions and fat offshore accounts and cushy jobs, just walked out laughing and sent the bill to YOUR table. While you Joe 'Merican are losing your job, your house, and your freedoms! Maybe this is too simple. I don't know. What do you guys think?

    What kind of expose do you feel "will" make an impact?

    I'm savvy to all that is discussed in this forum. Yet I would like to see some victories by the People against the Machine.

  3. boomerangcomesbackApril 5, 2010 at 8:29 AM

    I felt the disclosure in the mainstream financial halls of this bombshell last week:

    The Biggest Fraud in the World

    Listen to the audio

    ...I felt the disclosure of this Fraud might be enough to change the precious metals markets' manipulation, Fed Reserve, and other markets...but of course, the Big Scam continues unabated.

  4. Good point, boom... is there some kind of "tipping point" issue that will make the proles challenge the committee? I don't think so.

    From Monica's dress to the absurd "official story" of 9-11... the one thing the committee does best is hide the very existence of the committee. the rich shitpokes don't have to meet at Bretton Woods or form a clandestine club with secret handshakes. The committee doesn't even have to hide.

    It's like trying to convince somebody that "money" isn't real... they've never known anything else... so they can't even IMAGINE anything else. They'll believe it when the "grocery stores" won't accept their magic-bus tokens and they try to eat their wallets.

    So it becomes a babble of abstract nouns that nobody understands. If they can't see through "be afraid of the terrorists" (isn't that how "terrorism" WORKS?), they wouldn't see an elephant shitting on their birthday cake. All the proles understand is "us" against "them," and the Prince makes sure we all know that... except for his palaces and standing armies... he's just like one of us. right. with OUR palaces and standing armies.

    Even the PRINCE has to take a shit.

    and if you let the "socialists" (or tweetybirds or rubber duckies... whatever) take (even ONE of) the Prince's palaces... why... pretty soon they'll be coming for YOUR La-Z-boy and riding mower or Colts jersey... whatever. I can't explain why proles keep honking about "the gummint" when there IS NO "government" and hasn't been for quite some time (if EVER).

    NONE of the Fats will ever allow any of the popcorn proles... even a slick and dancy one like Bammo... to meddle with the "primal forces of Nature."

  5. "...fucking Pope of Iceland"!

    Waldo, you crack me up. Good to see you again. Yes, I is still alive and yes, I still has my voice. Obama a Socialist. That one cracks me up over and over again. My guess is that it's a matter of definition ....OR, the kind of socialism I've been plugging for for decades is more of a local, remotely limited kind. The kind the NWO is reputedly aiming for is a global one and has zilch to do with what I would label as such.

    Damn. One Weizen too many. Now I got myself talking to ghosts n shit.


    My regards to the fam o'er at ning. Still lovem to the max.

  6. boomerangcomesbackApril 5, 2010 at 10:23 AM

    Waldo IS making me laugh!!!

    And I already had a weizen and an ale. I'm sitting in my kid's treefort on a lounge chair with my laptop, the birds singing and the woods beyond. This is my office of choice. Great place to ponder the banalities of life.

    I hope you all have a special place to charge up! Beers to you!

  7. Good choice, Boom, good choice. Cheers to you and all others as well. Great to see you here again too. We WILL prevail, not only because we can see beyond the paradigm but because we're in the right.
    No left, no right, only right and wrong.

  8. Kops and Robbers, Ponzees and Pirates, Barkers and Clowns, Princes and Proles, Small Actors and Big Lies....and then there is THEM.

    Looks like were going to have to do that revolving thing again and it's time for the Taxman.

    For Coto, well, we will continue to be the fourth side of the eternal triangle.

  9. It was a good interview and informative. Buying gold on paper is the endeavor of an idiot at this point. How many thrusts up the pipe do these schmucks want to take. Buy Gold and hold it in your hand only.

    I bought mine at $800 and told all my readers in 2006 to do the same. Risky buying it now at the price should the committee alchemists be making it from lead or Repunsels hair. Good to have though considering Fort Knox is a parking lot.

  10. boomerangcomesbackApril 5, 2010 at 6:40 PM

    Paper promises hold no promise.

  11. No I didn't have the money to buy till later 2007. I bought the Kruggs and after shipping and insurance they about 800 each. But the folks I told in 2006 who bought at 500 send me Xmas gifts every year:)

  12. boomerangcomesbackApril 5, 2010 at 8:04 PM

    Cheers P.D. Erase your comment 'cause it ain't nobody's business what you might have been smart enough to trade paper for...

    I'm out...tomorrow's another day.

  13. Biggest fraud in the world is the existence and infliction of 'money'.

  14. Can't eat gold, Puddy. Bad for the teeth. But you acquire the use of an acre of soil . . .

  15. If anyone understands interest on ink federal reserve, mortgage deriviatives were 30-1 leveraged, then you and I agree any new committee ponzi will operate in this manner.

    Either from the inside wallstreet or outside committee manipulation I have predicted the x-factors on DOT.COM, ENRON, Mortgage and now with your help see the same formula working inside or outside the precious metals.

    Soon when things get worse, and believe me we are in NO RECOVERY here as they are barking on the MSM circuses, then commodities will go there as well.

    Storing food for these idiots will be paper buying futures in Corn, Wheat, Soybean and Porkbellies that are as toxic as the derivatives, thanks to chemtrails, GMO and criminal leveraging and accounting.

    We can expect committee based weather catastrophies, conflict and admin staged shortages
    whilst they stockpile tons of food and heirloom seeds in their private and COG bunkers.

    How would you rate UN takeover in Haiti so far? Bill Clintons NAFTA nearly starved them to death ten years ago. He's there to finish the job and then move on to Africa where he can administrate the Cecil Rhodes guide to "Happy Living"

    You've seen this video I presume

  16. Everyone needs a little gold or silver, everyone needs a little land with a roof. I have my seeds and my crossbow for food. Next it's rainwater purification and my safe house-faraday room.
    Or as holyrood likes to term "Panic Room"

    Should they use the same scalar assault they used in Kuwait Iraq to test this WMD, I'll be ready.

  17. constitutional scholar??? Hahahhahahahahaha... that's a good one !