Monday, April 12, 2010




Poland and Stalin- Hard feelings between the red team and blue team never die.  This is the old world and new world at play.  What can possibly occur to have so many critical designees for the Polish Republic traveling on the same plane in a politically innocuous trip to Smolensk?

We know Kaczynski resisted Donald Tusk’s effort to adopting the euro. We know that Slawomir Skrzypek, who was also killed in the crash opposed the Rothschild based International Banking Cartel and IMF.

In 1940, Stalin ordered the assassination of Poland's military and political leaders in order to create a Communist annex state in the country infamously referred to as the Katyn massacre.  If  you can't be convinced that this was just another COMMITTEE false flag to be blamed on the terror regimes and ghosts, then please review your history.

When the news broke about the German discovery, the Polish government-in-exile asked the International Red Cross to conduct an independent investigation. (Red Cross findings later indicated that the Soviets were responsible for the massacre.) We know the Red Cross was sympathetic to the Rockefeller U.S. and Rothschild European Fascist Regimes. The Red Cross greatly aided in the smuggling of Nazi war criminals to parts unknown. The Soviets, who denied culpability and blamed the killings on German forces that had overrun the region in 1941, broke diplomatic relations with the Polish government. 

If ever in the history of the COMMITTEE TRIADS there was a deja vu, this is worthy of  the archetype.  It is absolutely nearly identical with the exception of victims and current international theatres of conflict.

As you review the material, misinfo, conspiracy and COINTEL that will rain down on the blogosphere, please consider the Triad, dialectic, and the world financial hijacking currently under way as it was back in the throes of another false flag WWII and see the timeline for what we can expect in WWIII coming to a theatre very, very close to you.

To predict that Poland's situation will transpire to a Tusk/Council adoption of the EU is a given for this observer. What's your take on this event?  If I can't garner some real corroboration,  I give up.


  1. boomerangcomesbackApril 12, 2010 at 12:34 PM

    Aside from Lockerbie, these planes of unfortunates (Wellstoned? And that Rove IT guy, etc.) seem to be on approach or leaving the airstrip and at low altitude, when...I am guessing an EMP weapon fries their electronics and they pitch into the ground promptly and fatally. Solution to problem easily accomplished.

    Heneghan foists some B.S. about the pilot shouting Alihu Akbar or whatever, but I believe him to be a DISinformation specialist.

    Its been mentioned that the Prime Minister is the mover and shaker and the Prez a figure head, but no doubt the other killed 'players' leave a space on the chessboard to be filled by the next pawn.

    I believe suspicions are certainly warranted, and ramifications may or may not become apparent in a timely fashion.

    I expect more of these types of Whackings to occur.

  2. I like the term 'Wellstoned' and heard a new one this wknd at the genocide conference: politicide - that was one expert's term for political assassination.

    Gotta say, tho, regardless of the term used, that was my 1st thought when I heard the news.

  3. I do too Boom, but there is definetely a timeline that is too similar to excuse.

    I have learned now not to be deluged by the means. If Scalar attack of avionics, fire-explosives or aircraft sabbotage were invloved I will not get into the ways and means and just focus on the time space aspects.

    I learned my lesson with the KAL 007 and 911 that it's just too much AP disinfo and cointel to muckety your mind.

    If you think my triad formula has merit you can see that multi-prongs exist.

    1. Vendetta
    2. Another IMF Risk board win
    3. False Flag for WWIII (2012?)

    When the Global Triad (Genesis) and all sub triads have run the cycle we get peace and the final solution

  4. Me too Rady. Considering all the plane down kills we have seen "Wellstoning" fits. The timeline of recent events is eerily familiar on multiple levels historically.

    “History doesn't repeat itself - at best it sometimes rhymes” ~ Mark Twain

    I'll argue that and ask Boomerang to speak about a "chorus and a refrain." This is a chorus or the closest thing to it.

  5. Patrick, as soon as I heard the news of the crash I thought of you and said to myself.. ohhh here we go. I agree. One of many to come as the house of cards really starts to tumble.

  6. Hyper Mode JG. There's so much going on right now. I am getting my keester up and making some arrangements for the weekend and next week. Were safe until Monday. After we have sent our checks to the [IRS] Illuminati Retirement Savings all bets are off.

  7. boomerangcomesbackApril 12, 2010 at 6:21 PM

    Maybe it was just THE FOG? You know…an unfortunate accident? Accidents happen. Like Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Bush II again, and Obama! And their predecessor skull & bones masonic brethren.

    Damn – its just that we know better! Just about everything major occurring has been scripted and compartmentalized. We have now seen so much of it, that the dots, the pattern forms a picture that shouts “covert operation on aisle 13!”

    I submit a number of links below for information purposes as they are important, and also because they substantiate the overall Triad multi-prong thesis Puddy is talking about. Our world and this nation are inter-connected through a matrix of pathological fornication amongst psychopaths and narcissists.

    Well, its hard to argue "not".

    How the Hell did the World ever let this group rise to the top positions of wealth and power? By ignorance and not understanding the sociopath’s “needs”. Pretty Pavlovian and basic when you get down to it. “Normals” just don’t realize the danger and laserlike focus these sickos possess.

    Christopher Story’s take can be found at

    The Dirty Business Behind the 9-11 Clean-up by Christopher Bollyn


    'Israel Did 9-11' - U.S. Military Expert Supports Bollyn Thesis

    As an aside:

    What Are They Spraying Us With?

  8. Story really doesn't offer a "who dunnit?"

    I know he's likely a blue team player but I like his info on Leo Wanta. Independents would benefit and either Russia/EU could be the Mafia or Castro for JFK, but we know better now.

    Follow the money!!! Even tho the Pentagon, Russian, Cuban, Mafiusu and CIA would want him dead, the $$Committee$$ is the sanctioning party and they could have elicited admin from any of these groups to assist tho likely CIA driven.

    OMG what a hit for Poland. They lost their constitution in that hit. They are naked prey for the IBC now.

  9. Why the hell did they all board one and the same plane?
    I know too little about the Poles to answer that except, maybe, ......
    to save money?

    I saw the news as it was only minutes old, and I decided to refrain from repeating what I was reading. I searched for clues for a few hours, gave up and went out to work the garden. It was a very long, very hard winter. Everything will be late this year. How to catch up?

    Poor Poland. Poor, poor Poland. My deepest sympathies go out, not to the country or Warsaw but to the poorest and richest of all.... the Volk of Pomeranian, Warmian-Masurian & Podlaskie. They live and die with the land, irrelevant of what Masovian says or does.

  10. I see no way out but only a trip into the abyss of the RICO that is the IBC. I hope they rally against the odds and find an alternative to EU slavery, but I am not optomistic at all.