Monday, March 15, 2010

What can I say? COTO was just in my DNA.

[Pattyboy and Jannie 1958]

That dream. That damn dream. Why did I have that recurring dream? I was just a little tater tot then.

Finding myself not making the choice of the left door and stumbling into that clandestine meeting. The cryptic conversation goes silent, the shock and the multiple hearts beating in bass confusion and the five  focusing on me without expression and without motion. 

What was the meaning?  I guess the inevitable COTO gene was mapping my future.  I guess it was just out of my control. 

"When the toddler does something and there are consequences for his action, civilization begins." ~ Alicia F. Lieberman


  1. Ahhhh how cute are you?! I have a similar picture somewhere around here with the little box with the big number on it next to Santa.

    That dream of yours is wild. How old were you when you first had it?

  2. About four year old. Funny that you asked if my brother shared my politics and views. He sent that the other day to me in an email that said "Pats first conspiracy theory"

    He knows how I feel about the st. nick scam.

    It would be great if everybody posted a childhood photo that really exemplifies themselves. I'd like to see yours Deb:)

    Think we could rope Claudia too?

  3. Stock up on food, take cover and don't take no shit off anybody.

  4. Santa is an anagram for Satan ;) In any event, this Santa looks like Chester the Molester...