Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mediterranean Mischief



72 Hour tectonic activity


  1. Really freaky! This was on the ZDF news this evening. Not like a rumour or a "conspiracy theory", it was on the news. I'm sure these kinds of waves have occurred numerous times in the past, that they're not as uncommon as we may think they are. The difference with this one was that a passenger saw the weird wave build-up, got his Digicam out and recorded the incident AND that a cruise ship was at the wrong place at the right time to be hit by the wave. We've had some pretty shitty and weird weather here since Monday two weeks ago when winter left us to cope with the ides of March. In the Mediterranean, when opposing wave buildups clash together like this, monster waves rip things apart. The weather alone wouldn't cause for this, though, imho. Seismic activities would. Tsunamis. Perhaps. I haven't checked to see if any out of the ordinary seismic activity has been registered for the area where the wave(s) ripped but the Mediterranean area is riddled with smaller quakes on a regular basis.

    It does look as if we're in for more shakeups.

  2. Being attacked by a killer wave is one of my recurring nightmares. Except, I'm not on a cruise ship, I'm in my house which looks like an airport terminal with windows all around and people hurrying to and fro. People I seem to know in my dream but not outside of my dream for sure.(haha) I look out one of the huge windows and see a HUGE tidal wave heading directly for my "house". It crashes through the glass sending people rushing by me on white water current and sweeps me away too ....then I wake up.

    Maybe it's a premonition of things to come when NJ is swept out to sea........

  3. Listen to your dreams, for sure. Don't be alarmed though as reality will always be a bit different. Stay in touch with your dreamworld. A colleague was on one of the Aida cruise ships last week. He said the ship was tossed around by Xynthia like a cork on the waters with lots of damage. They were anchored somewhere off Portugal when the ship had to book quick as the storm approached.

  4. boomerangcomesbackMarch 4, 2010 at 11:13 AM

    Speaking of "Rogues", you will probably want to read this account following. COTO knows it is coming, and who is behind it. This article certainly deserves wider circulation. I'll leave it to Puddy if he wants to put it up here.

    Baghdad's Neutron Bomb and America's Nuclear Obama -- An Interview with Captain Eric H. May

    By Kim Petersen and B.J. Sabri

  5. Right on Boomerang. Eric May has been helping to bring attention to 9/11 2B and predicts it will target the free internet-

    Capt. May: "In his first year in office, Obama has demonstrated conclusively that he is a puppet for the war cabal. He needs another 9/11-style event to re-energize the dictatorial Homeland and the imperial Global War, which are nothing more than euphemisms for "Vaterland" and "World War.” In Ghost Troop we use an operational codename for this required next 9/11: We call it "9/11-2B” — the 9/11 that the establishment assures us is going "to be.” Just a month ago Obama’s intelligence officials were projecting 9/11-2B in 3 to 6 months. The way we look at it, that means this puppet president wants to set up such an attack before the Congressional elections of next fall. His recent emphasis on beefing up our cyber security is an indicator that 9/11-2B will entail an attack on the Internet, the sole remaining free media, and the greatest impediment to totalitarian rule of the United States."

  6. I believe the predicted quake for mediterranean is due. The HAARP hit was endothermic and superheated the coastal waters. This can create the small tsunami or rogue waves that occur.

    The fact that there was no major tectonic activity to warrant the freak wave it tell s me there was testing going on for a future strike.

    The target is Iran and possibly the pipeline region east or their intelligence sites for uranium enrichment. Thousands could die if and when they go messing around the Arabian and Med plates.

    F-king Lunatics, It's like giving children the reins of air traffic control, which by the way was their big distraction for the day. How pathetic MSM news has become and how many grunion feed on it like chum.

  7. Chemtrails and HAARP each and everyday, there's nothing more really that we can do or say.

    They're going to do whatever it is they bloody well please!

    Old McDonanld had a HAARP Ee i ee i oh! with a quake quake here, quake quake there . . . here a HAARP there a HAARP, everywhere there's HAARP HAARP Oy! F'n vey

    Im sorry, I lost myself I think I thought you were someone else

    Should we talk about the weather?

  8. I agree, Curt. Dreams can be quite prophetic but usually not to be taken literally. We really should pay attention to them. Whether they are a real portent of what's to come or just trying to reveal something about ourselves.

    As for these particular rogue waves in question, I'm with Patrick and Munich, HAARP induced.

  9. Boom,

    You need to post these articles and give us your terrific intro and summary.

    I had not seen this May before but remember the killing field article I read about the slaughter of US troops and cover up.

    I started with Bush senior and his slaughter of surrendering Iraqi's in Kuwait and went through the Clinton/Albright Killing fields in the Kosovo War.

    You are absolutely CORRECT!!!! We need to remind people on a daily basis of the string of war criminals who reside in cabinet and Pentagon, and the Puppets elected to get blowjobs from gay prostitutes while executing the orders of these genocidal lunatics.

    Don't ask me about posting anything here. I am not afraid of backlash for anything. I'll call them MF-ing Child Killers to their faces at my military tribunal.