Thursday, March 11, 2010

Markos Moulitsas Isn't Fit to Shine Dennis Kucinich's Shoes

The dailykos kid, that little CIA agent that couldn't, went on MSNBC's "Countdown" and proceeded to bash Dennis Kucinich for standing up for the people by rejecting the latest giveaway to the insurance industry, the so called "health care" bill.  He doesn't like it that  Dennis wants REAL reform.  Kucinich stands for single payer, which will benefit average Americans and not fat cat insurance industry ceos.   In contrast,  Markos thinks any change is better than none.  Even if it means people, that can't afford to buy insurance now, will be forced to buy it or suffer the consequences through fines or, who knows, possible jail time.

The "kos" calls Kucinich's politics "Ralph Nader-esque."   That is an extreme compliment in my book since I voted for both men for president.  Go REAL progressives! I want those guys on my team!  The problem is the kos is neither a progressive nor a man of the people like Dennis or Ralph.  He is a slimey little selllout who if he decided to run for office, would have his tiny little pockets lined with corporate cash.   He's one of THEM not US.

How dare  he have the nerve to bash two men that have always put the interests of the people first and foremost and refused to take one red cent from the corporate warlords.  But then who wants men of integrity and honesty in positions of power anyway, right?  It's more like.."vote the party line, fools, or get the hell outta the way."  That's what really counts.

Side note - Markos is afraid of the truth about 9/11.  He refuses to allow discussion of the subject on his website.  Many have been banned for trying.  That, to me, speaks volumes about this guy  and his basic feelings about the First Amendment.  Hmmm, on second thought, that would make him a better fit for today's "bill of rights shredding congress" after all,  now wouldn't it?  Run Markos Run!

Well, I've said my piece.  Watch the video that made my brown eyes see red.


  1. Wow I can see the steam coming out of your ears all the way from Hawaii! :)

    And you are 100% right, when I saw a blurb this am Sen. Durbin acknowledges some of those 41 will be asked to vote against public option. saying that the Dems will be requiring senators to vote against the Public Option even tho they've signed on to support it, it was obvious that anything they call solidarity is really just the newest sell-out. Screw 'em.

  2. "Realpolitik." Go-along-to-get-along. Welcome to the Wiemar Republic.

    Can you GUESS what's coming next?

  3. Quit acting like you were deceived. It's been known for some time that KOS is nothing more than another tool of the Hegelian Dialect. They'll loose out because of this, no one believes the bull-shit anymore.

    For shits and giggles I listened to a radio program today that labeled itself "real progressive radio", and they were giving talks on 9/11 from poet's, artist's and professor's points of views of that day.

    Well, as it would be, these pseudo-intellectual snobs where spewing all this crap, pondering on why "they would hate us so much, as to attack us" crap. Not once drawing reference to anything that touched on reality.

    Are we in a lot of trouble?

    You bet.

    But I can't believe that the powers-that-be will be able to hold this charade together much longer. Even if it takes the worst route and reaches that point that the conned simple have nothing left to be conned out of, one way or the other that point will be reached soon.

    That is, of course, unless we witness the mother of all miracles between now and then.

    In the mean time we struggle, wading through each day among a sea of ignorant, mind controlled, scared-to-death, pods of spineless cannon-fodder, who will silently line-up to be marched into camps they'll never march out of, thanking our lucky stars that it's them instead of us.

    Yeah, lucky us, we took the Red Pill.

    I take it as a badge-of-honor that I have been kicked-off near every site that calls itself "progressive". Even though I use to think myself one. Now its just another word they've perverted.

  4. if6turnedouttobeneinMarch 12, 2010 at 12:44 AM

    Undoubtedly markos Voiced Napoleon Complex(VNC) is not defined by stature or measured in abashment.

    About a wk after the levees broke in NOLA the then Lt. Gov. mitch landrieu was on air speaking to matthews, and when questioned of cost to reconstruct the city, mitch threw up a number 200 billion. mathews passed the suck dick mode over to scarborough and tried to pass it on as if it was a legitimate federal quote. Needless to say arianna, yes that bitch, took the baton and immediately(within less than 2 hr) repeated down the line as if she had legit breaking news. I luckily, being in the right place at the right time was watching in amazement just how MSM shit flowed.

    huff and you been punk'd co-creator, in her owned penned thread spewed the shit of her conspirators, leaving no doubt she's a democrat/progressive plant.

    Needless to say I tried over and over again to post to arianna's unsubstantiated claims passed on to her by her republican friends. After around 2 hrs of not seeing my post, I emailed her personally. In about 3 hrs of my claims she took the thread down only to be reinstated about 12 hrs(total time) later, minus the 200 billion quote of course.

    Now you may ask, WTF does this have to do with this thread? Well the next afternoon/evening I'd explained to amoto's crooks and liars and at marko's dko's site just what had gone down at huff and puff. Just by chance, hum dum, both happened to be monitoring their own sites at that particular time. I explained the above correspondence or non at that point in a civil way and within 10 minutes my posts were eliminated on both sites within being stated. Can't remember(I don't write nor log shit ) which had apologized to my post being erased, but one had stated it was a mistake. When I restated my post it was gone again within 5 minutes.

    As I've given instructions to my kid prop me up or tie me to a chair, just make sure my trigger finger is well oiled, so I'm at least able to do my duty in exchange for one-of-one.

  5. Just what the COMMITTEE ordered. A watered down bill.

    As the gridlock dialectic works it's magic, the triads work their way through the filters of the "bleeding hearts hyenas" and the "carnivorous neo-con vultures" until you have the synthesized version of another well manufactured ponzi scheme to reduce the power of the independent and suck the life juices up the hierarchical NWO ziggurat.

    The DailyKoz is the worst of the red team Reich filters, followed by HuffPo, OPN Spews, CommunistDreams and the Smirking Chumps.

  6. "Designed to fail" has been the operating mantra of the Dems and etc. for eons. It's amazing anyone believes anything they say anymore.

  7. kos looks every bit the smirking chimp/chump that W did. You're right Laudy. I really despise this guy and always have. I never jumped on the daily kos bandwagon. He's a disinfo agent if there ever was one.

    From what I've been reading online he's lost a ton of readers already and this little rant of his may be the death of his bogus blog.

  8. M, you know I wasn't "deceived". I just happen to see that clip on another website and was so pissed off seeing that slimey little monkey faced disinfo agent shooting off his disgusting mouth and had to post it :)


  10. LOL Patrick.... I think I love you! This is my favorite:

    He'll take you out.
    While commenting a U.S. Senate race in 2006 between Rhode Islanders, Representative James Langevin and Senator Lincoln Chafee, Moulitsas ZĂșniga drops this gem:

    Switch or die. I'd rather we didn't have to spend the money to take out Chafee if we could get him to switch. But if we must take him out, we will.

    Goddamn, I love the fostering tone of the Democratic party.

    Never in the history of mankind has a man who looks like this ever been noted as taking anything out.

    Right on !! ;)

  11. I know you weren't deceived, I know exactly where you're coming from. Few people do "pissed-off" better than you.

  12. have to add my two cents here... fuck Kos and the CIA

    you said it right, Sister: He isn't fit to shine Dennis' shoes.

    Kos is the slime beneath DK's shoes.

  13. Moulitsas is a pimp. He's left a trail, thats for certain. Little ferrets and weasels and like Laudy says "“Designed to fail” has been the operating mantra of the Dems and etc. for eons.

    The sad reality for the socialists and dems is that people will always be better off when they work their problems out without Government. We don't need them. We just need some honest accountants and a fair tax and court system. The NWO order is having a tough time depending on the dems to sell it. This forces Pelosi, Reid and the rest to force it down our throats. A flashback from childhood and mom with that damn spoon.

    Then we have to take the teeth out of the Corporatists who are making the big surge for the 2012 election. I wonder where they will find a candidate? The last batch was a lollapaloozer wasn't it?

    In reality, the truth should be seen by all now that these idiots can't be in charge and there must be a conspiracy secret order running things as these morons can't even portray intelligence any longer. I love you too.

  14. btw, someone just posted a comment at coto2 saying we need one or two generations of no government for people to realize how criminal gov has become.

    we already have anarchy - this IS anarchy. those with the most guns rule.

  15. hello COTO CREW

    Jersey, read this and just had to laugh.

    We have been kicked off of Op Ed News, Common Dreams, Daily KOS and every other sycophantic Democrat/repub apologist site.

    Because we are COTO

    It's what we do. The word is getting out there.

    Right Mr M?

    Oh and Puddy, I just about busted a gut at your Daily KUZ link.

  16. "We just need . . . . . a fair tax . . . . system"

    Get rid of the lousy financial delusion by which 'the elect' have ruled and parasitised the world for the last six thousand years, and you won't need any tax system either. Nor have rulers and parasitism to enable a few criminals to dominate the rest.

    Can you give me any good reason why we SHOULD have to have the fiction of 'finance'?

  17. M, you are the KING of "pissed off" and expressing it rationally. Your posts are what drew me to oen and led to my inevitable banning. lol..I adore you and your rants ;)

  18. Hey Irish, when you get a spare moment (haha) please post an update on what's going on in your world. What's going on with Cindy and Cynthia since you posted you were speaking with them? I visit her soapbox page and love what she wrote here:

    Golly gee, Preznit Change-O. I don't mean to be a wussy whiner, just complaining about small stuff (like our recently trash-canned 5th Amendment.) I'm getting worried about our ruling establishment's all too swift acceptance of outright torture as an open tool of national policy. This acceptance not only includes increasingly frenzied praise and championing of torture by a circle of war criminals/accomplices led by Dick Cheney - it now goes entirely across the board among our political and media elite. It has become nothing more than a topic for "debate" - debates which focus largely on the relative "effectiveness" of various torture techniques, or else mindless (and heartless) hairsplitting over the meaning of the word "torture."

    I've observed a myth that you've "ended" the practice of torture. Only it's not even close to true. Now I'm not going to use time and space here to explain why I say this. (Read the link I just provided if you want details. Follow its links too.) I'm really only wondering: "What ever happened to the America I grew up to know, love, and respect?" How have we gone from one of the most caring, optimistic, and productive countries in the history of the world - to a collapsing economy, now cowering in a militarism strangling our American way of life? Has this nation really become so fearful of the enemnity of feckless underwear bombers that we gladly rush to sacrifice all rights guaranteed by our Constitution for the sake of an illusory "safety?" Or have we just been hit too hard by too much bad news and by too much Main Stream Media? Speaking just for myself, I refuse to extinguish the spirit of America I came to love - for any reason!

    But gosh. What the *bleep* do I know anyway?

    I also see, starting Monday, she'll be camping out again, this time at the Washington monument. Wish I didn't have to work just to make ends meet. I'd love nothing more than to join her.

  19. Rady, it's SO good to see you back and posting again. I'm especially glad to hear you quit the cancer stix. That's a tough feat accomplished only by the strongest of the strong ;)

  20. Patrick, it is my secret hope that there is a powerful underground resistance working against the NWO ghouls. Lately, with the way things have been going down, I have a feeling that might actually be a reality. Fingers crossed and toes crossed.

  21. That's where the Ben Fulfords come in. I think he may have gotten a bad order of Kyuri. I advise all COTO to avoid eating Sushi and Raw Bar for the next twenty years if you want to live.

    If he has any info, it may be the biggest rippoff in the history of the planet and may require the collapse of the dollar but not before the COMMITTEE gets it converted to portable liquid assets.

    Like Flak and I agree, the 'Coke Economy' has finally hit it's wall. We never had a chance when GDP leader was healthcare and the Corp market giants were "Sugar water, Prozac and bullets" Some called it a false economy forty years ago.

    It's the Freakenomics, bankers-bankers, lobbyists and lawyers in that order, that have bowed to the COMMITTEE with an obvious and inevitable finality.

    The credit system, a debtor society and illegal tax system are mere tools and the wealth redistribution just a objective where the main purpose is not to get rich but make you poor.

    The end of slavery is replaced by the real deal now. Be owned or be free. The grunion are opting for owned.

  22. Since the 80s that miscue has been pounded into us. So are we expected to build our own personal roads, sewers, bridges and water systems? put out our own fires? build our own libraries? sew up our own wounds after performing our own surgery?

    The community is the smallest survival group, not the individual- as much as I'm an autonomy freak, I know I'm not going to survive alone. Both culture and civilization are built on shared responsibility. In groups larger than about 300 that means some form of taxation.

    The fact that our current system is rigged to syphon off wealth and send it up to the crud on top; the predatory military burden spending a $Trillion a year; the corporate decisions to send our industrial economy overseas and let us starve- those are the things we need to change. And if we do, we'll find taxation is no longer much of a problem.

  23. Replacing government with the Corporate State is hardly the answer. But it is certainly what they have in mind.

  24. love all the comments; but wtf are grunions?

  25. "Golly gee, Preznit Change-O.

    I love it! and had to send that on to my email group. We need plain speakers everywhere!

  26. "are we expected to build our own personal roads, sewers, bridges and water systems? put out our own fires? build our own libraries? sew up our own wounds after performing our own surgery?"

    No, Laudy, that's where 'organisation' comes in. You contribute your work, as surgeons, ditch-diggers, whatever you're best at and trained for.

    But, without the Rothschild vermin and their accomplices to feed and fatten and enable to eliminate you, you will have to work at least two or three months per year - If you would be so kind.

    The rest of the time? - Just live. - And that won't any longer require any fiction of non-existent finance, after we have finally abolished it.

  27. That worked ok for pastoralists before the world's population got to the first Billion.

    Degraded environment and competition for resources today mean that half of the world's population (3 Billion people) live on less than $2 a day.

    Patriarchal elitists cause alot of problems, but not all.

  28. Jersey - on topic now, the new (Dec.08) website, Daily Censored, accepted an article by me, had me upload a bio, then asked me to abbreviate the article and change the title.

    then they took the article down and left my bio up, as a writer for Daily Censored. When I asked why, they stopped communicating with me.

    here's another weirdness, when you google my name, my OEN bio page comes up. Since i haven't written for them in almost a year, and have had more article hits on pieces not on OEN, why do they still get top google rank?

    being banned from a site, I think, is only one thing they're doing. they're stealing our radical cred.

    here's another example. HuffPo wrote an article about my article, but cited a plagiarist. Their buddy got the first 25,000 hits for the first 5 days his name and site were mentioned, then I got the 5,000 hits after they fixed the article.

    Slimey ethics:

    HuffPo never acknowledged their error, even tho they changed the 2nd paragraph of the article to name me and my site.

    After a few days at HuffPo, the article caused Monsanto damage. Reuters reported stock prices dropped 3 points amid "organ damage link". That was a direct reference to my breaking work.

    then the fuckers at HuffPo wrote another article dissing my work and the work of the scientists I cited and interviewed - same HuffPo author.

    Slimey ethics.

    They censor us but use our work when it suits their needs. They steal our work if they can get away with it.

    I had another site block access to my article, charging a fee. That violates the creative commons license. They published it in their March issue and refuse to pay me, claiming poverty. To compromise, they opened up the article for free and full public access.

    oh... and that plagiarist wrote me an apology without ever putting my name at the top of the article he posted on his site, as if it were his words.

    at least with these kinds of behaviors from various "news" sites, we know who not to rely on.

  29. "Patriarchal elitists . . ."

    Them ain't patriarchal. Them's fratricidal. And for 'elitists' just read 'liars'.

  30. What is a grunion?
    California grunion are a species of marine fish found only along the coast of southern California and northern Baja California. They are justifiably famous for their unique spawning behavior. Grunion spawn completely out of the water and lay their eggs on many sandy beaches in California. Shortly after high tide, on specific nights, sections of these beaches sometimes are covered with thousands of grunion dancing about on the sand. The popularity of these grunion runs means that some nights there are more people lining the beaches than grunion in the run.

    I think you get my drift Rady. I call them moonbeams sometimes too. Just aimlessly running around and spawning then dancing on the beach until they die.

    If you've never seen the grunion run just take a trip to california and watch the human grunion run. I spent several months there to see if I might like it. I did not. And lo and behold the state may disappear right before our eyes soon.

  31. Puff Ho earns my enmity for writing an article about my article (GMOs and organ damage link) and citing a plagiarist - they wrote their article two weeks after every major blog covered it, so there is no doubt Puff Ho knew who wrote the original article.

    but, once confronted, they changed their article [5 days later] to use my name instead of the fucker who plagiarized me. Meanwhile i lost those 25,000 hits that jerk got in the first five days of the HuffPo article being posted.

    THEN, they wrote an article dissing the scientists who linked GMOs with organ damage!!!

    system guards... both Kos and PuffHo

  32. Rady- have you thought about writing an article about this? Since journalism no longer has the support of establishment print to enforce behavior, we need to do something so there are consequences! otherwise we really can believe nothing that's out there. Believe I saw something the other day about a movement for standards for jounalism in all the new formats...but can't quite remember where!

  33. Rady, I'm certainly not surprised about Huffpo. THe lefwing gatekeepers aren't worthy of your articles anyway.

    I don't understand what happened at dailycensored. What was the article you sent them about that they published and then pulled after editing?

    Laudy, I saw that article too and swore I saw it posted on coto2 but after a quick look, I don't see it there.

  34. my gmo article, JG.

    I got another one about to come out, too... but I am freakin sick of doing this for free. I need to make money; freakin bee-yotches at work turned down my promotion on flimsy ground. (they know i can do the work but are unwilling to recognize talent and skill in their own crew. wtfever.)

    I gotta start getting paid for my articles. that takes so much work, but it's better than not getting paid and having other people make money off my work.


  36. not smart to bitch about online publishers, claudia. don't wanna become a risk to publish, eh?