Saturday, March 20, 2010

Joe Moshe update


 'At first we were told that he had been deported to Israel, but he never arrived in Israel. Then we were told that he had been locked up at the Patton state mental hospital in San Bernadino, CA. A call to that facility (909) 425-7543 will obtain a claim that they do not have him. We called the Twin Towers Correctional Facialty in Los Angeles at 213 473-6080, and reached an employee who admitted that Joseph Moshe has been held there since 8-13-2009. He is charged with "violating a court order". He has a Court Date on 01/25/2010 at Los Angeles Municipal Court (DIV 141) located at 11701 S. La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, CA.

Case No.Court NameCourt AddressCourt CityBail Amt.Fine Amt.Court DateSent. DateSent. Day(s)Disp Code
SA07201901LAX SUPERIOR DEPT D  11701 S. LA CIENEGA BLVD.  LOS ANGELESUPT .00 10/26/2009 10/26/2009 DMH  
9WA0026501LAX LA MUNI COURT DIV 141  11701 S. LA CIENEGA BLVD.  LOS ANGELESUPT .00 01/25/2010 10/26/2009 OR  
9WA0206301LAX LA MUNI COURT DIV 141  11701 S. LA CIENEGA BLVD.  LOS ANGELESUPT .00 01/25/2010 10/26/2009 OR  

Current as of 1/30/10
Booking No.: 2019293 Moshe, Joseph
Case No.: SA07201901
Court Address: 11701 S. LA CIENEGA BLVD. Court City: LOS ANGELESUPT
Bail Amount: 0 Fine Amount: .00
Court Date: 10/26/2009 Sentence Date: 10/26/2009 Number of days Sentenced: 0
Disposition Code: DMH Disposition Description: DEPARTMENT OF MENTAL HEALTH


According to this information, he has been released but questions remain. Who is Joseph Moshe, or is he Moshe Bar Joseph?  Where is Moshe Bar Joseph?

Silence only! But I am getting more on this.

March 2010 updates:  Killer Vaccines

HHS preparing to handle claims of harm from H1N1 vaccine - VaccineNewsDaily

You can't complete operation Genesis with Thimerosal and other toxins. This plays into the triad to get the masses on board. An early predictor for the nano based adjuvants which I will report to in the 2012 posting.

Vaccines don't cause autism, federal court rules VaccineNewsDaily

That will be determined at a later date and it will conclude that it does cause Autism.

Baxter presents results from Phase III study of Preflucel VaccineNewsDaily -

Preflucel is made using Baxter's Vero cell culture platform and does not contain an adjuvant or preservatives, but something far more sinister.


  1. Background:

    "Professor Moshe had called into a live radio show by Dr. A. True Ott, (explanation of Joseph Moshe’s call at 06:00) broadcast on Republic Broadcasting claiming to be a microbiologist who wanted to supply evidence to a States Attorney regarding tainted H1N1 Swine flu vaccines being produced by Baxter BioPharma Solutions. He said that Baxter’s Ukrainian lab was in fact producing a bioweapon disguised as a vaccine. He claimed that the vaccine contained an adjuvant (additive) designed to weaken the immune system, and replicated RNA from the virus responsible for the 1918 pandemic Spanish flu, causing global sickness and mass death.

    Sources tell us that Bar-Joseph Moshe made no threat against the President or the White House. He did not mention any bomb or attack. He then proceeded to inform the White House he intended to go public with this information. When he noticed men in suits in front of his house and feared that the FBI was about to detain him, he packed some belongings into his car and, him being a dual Israeli citizen, tried to reach the Israeli consulate located in close proximity to the federal building where the standoff took place. The FBI and the bomb squad prevented him from reaching it. Who is this man? His profile on says he is a plant disease expert with many publications on his name involving the genetic manipulation of virii. Photographic evidence that Moshe is who he says he is can be found here."

  2. According to a news article in Russia this week, autopsies on H1N1 victims doctors have confirmed pneumonia was not the cause of death. Cardiopulmonary insufficiency and cardiogenic shock are to blame and antibiotics should not be used.

    The virus is said to be a mixture of Para influenza and influenza A/H1N1. It penetrates the mucus membranes, and then enters directly into the lungs causing bleeding.

    Ukraine Deaths are not Pneumonia

    The Head of the Chernivtsi regional forensic bureau, Professor Victor Bachinsky PhD, makes a strong statement, “All the victims of the virus in Bukovina (22 persons aged 20 to 40 years) died not from bilateral (double) pneumonia, as previously thought, but as a result of viral distress syndrome, i.e. the total destruction of the lungs. In the Chernivtsi region 18 people have died. We studied all the history and evidence from this disease, preclinical, clinical, resuscitation. When we perform an autopsy organs and tissues have histological studies (cell analysis) and we concluded that it was not pneumonia, and has no relation to pneumonia whatsoever.”

  3. Apparently the attempted hype didn't work so they are forced to feed us the vaccine for free in our drinking water.

  4. How timely, I just finished watching The Anthrax Wars.

    If you haven't yet viewed it, welcome to Hell.

    Things are getting really strange. The same cretins that gave us 9/11, and damn near every other bit of carnage, have been accelerating their agenda. The Devil it seems is in the fast-lane, with his foot to the floor, driving his Hell bound cargo off that cliff straight into the abyss.

    And to think, vaccines and bio-warfare are just one part of their attack, there's starvation through use of GMO, Monsanto, CODEX, and of course, their old tried and true methods of so-called "conventional war", that they're always improving upon. And last but not least, they can always unplug the nuclear genie.

    Not to mention with the explosion of all of these methods overlapping, the unintended consequences, that very well could turn the whole world into some sort of perverted Dr. Moreau's Island.

    And somehow, we're supposed to survive all this, and enter into a new age of enlightenment that will reign for another 26,000 years,

    Can't wait.

  5. We know why the worst rise to the top, and why, short of a revolution, they will be given more power instead of removed.

    But the most stunning statement given recently was given by Bill Gates, where in a matter-of-fact way, he simply states that vaccines are a good way to control population.

    It amasses me that these cretins have time and again stated, either verbally or in writing, their intentions and yet are never challenged on their statements, but instead revered by the very people they're trying to kill. Brzezinski, with this book, Kissinger calling us "useless food eaters" and soldiers, "dumb animals", hell, they even put it in granite in the Georgia Guidestones, and still people don't get it.

    Recently I've been on a rant about fluoride, and when I point out all the dangers to people, they're answer is invariably, "Yeah, but the amount they put in can't do us any harm," completely bypassing the fact that there is no "safe" amount of rat poison you're supposed to ingest. They are actually trying to defend the very government that is poisoning them.

    In the ebb and flow of this life we live there are times when it seems that there is no hope, and that unfortunately for those of us that are more aware, that seems to be the case more often than not. So what are we left with but a sliver of hope, a small consolation, and one that can hardly keep one afloat in a sea of despair.

    It makes one wonder what its all for? Does it mean anything? Is it in this world that we will ever see our potential, or is there more to this journey that is clouded from our minds eye?

    I don't know about the beyond, one can only speculate about soul, and a continence of spirit or consciousness, for me there is the here and now, and the here and now isn't looking to good. Outside of the momentary joys we experience everything else seems rather bleak.

    So I guess we'll keep on keeping on and hopefully we'll be surprised, that maybe one day when someone like Gates makes a remark on stage like that one he made he's booed off the stage instead of being applauded. And that those that would speak of sending others to war, will themselves be subjected to its ravages instead.

    It's all our wish and our dream, and even if we don't get there, it's been nice to know that there were some of us that shared this dream. It makes the despair a little easier to take.

  6. sebelius should be simultaneously charged/ impeached for the H1N1 scam.

    where's the new york times on this? bastions of censorship ignoring the multibillion dollar scam just perpetrated?

    hitting us from numerous sides... not just the physical, but the political, as well.

    biotech is huge, tho... they're going to "vaccinate" us randomly, via genetically modified mosquitos... look first at this 2005 report, sterilyzing males:

    Scientists create GM mosquitoes to fight malaria - 7:30amOct 10, 2005 ... Plan to breed and sterilise millions of male insects · Leader says project almost ready for testing in wild.

    Now, freedom-hating control freaks plan to use nature's aggression to vaccinate humans...

    Genetically modified mosquitos may help fight malaria.

    Japanese scientists have developed a genetically modified mosquito that vaccinates as it bites and could help prevent the spread of malaria.
    The research team has created an insect producing a natural vaccine protein in its saliva, which is injected into the bloodstream when it bites.

    The “prototype” mosquito carries a vaccine against Leishmania, another potentially fatal parasite disease spread by sand flies, reports

    Leishmania infection can cause painful sores, fever and weight loss and if untreated may destroy the liver and spleen.

    The findings revealed that mice bitten by the vaccinating insect generated antibodies against the Leishmania organism, indicating immunisation.

    “Following bites, protective immune responses are induced, just like a conventional vaccination but with no pain and no cost,” said study leader professor Shigeto Yoshida, from Jichi Medical University in Shimotsuki, Japan.

    “What’s more, continuous exposure to bites will maintain high levels of protective immunity, through natural boosting, for a life time. So the insect shifts from being a pest to being beneficial,” Yoshida added.

    Scientists are still working on developing an effective malaria vaccine, so Yoshida’s study was very much a “proof of concept”.

    However, ethical considerations may also get in the way of using “flying vaccinators” to control malaria, he said.

    The study was published in the journal Insect Molecular Biology.

    More at : Genetically modified mosquitos may help fight malaria

    Yeah, but the amount they put in can’t do us any harm,” completely bypassing the fact that there is no “safe” amount of rat poison you’re supposed to ingest.

    You're right M. These toxins are most susceptible when stored over a long time. Hense the Lead, Mercury PCB's, DDT, Fluoride and other metals.

    It clearly explains the phenomenon of Alzheimers in the aged and why the fetus gets all the same from the mother. She will be able to survive until she ages but the fetus at the early stages cannot tolerate the volumes and Autism is the results.

    When we talk to the sheeple, the 20-50 are not feeling the effects, so they ignore the issue. Once you start talking to the over 50, they are in the throws of the dementia and denial.

    Going down this road you can clearly see the mile markers. Healthcare bill is only to deprive the Government from the loss of revenue going to private insurance but provides for the stepped up eugenics programs run through EM, Chemtrailing and PhRMA.

    We will see more reports like breast, cervical and prostrate cancer that state getting regular exams are not necessary. The Government version of healthcare will be all about vaccines and medication and never focus on whole foods, processed foods toxicity and diagnostic exams.

    Case in point: This bullshit agreement to reduce the sugar in the toxic brews known as soft drinks dispensed in schools. So they will provide more Aspertame in exchange. How frikin obvious is that BS?

    JG, I think Sebelius and Chertoff are brother and sister. She makes Tommy Thompson look like a saint. All the GMO, VACCINES, MEDS will do their job.

    Get ready for 2012 or as I will define it, NANO-GATE.

  8. Case in point: This bullshit agreement to reduce the sugar in the toxic brews known as soft drinks dispensed in schools. So they will provide more Aspertame in exchange. How frikin obvious is that BS?

    Quite obvious Patrick.. to US. Actually, they have a new name for aspartame called "amino sweet." So people that have been conscientious about avoiding aspartame probably don't know about the name change.

    Have you noticed how they are now adding aspartame to many products already containing sugar? All gum except for Beeman's and Teabury that I have bought from an old time candy store, contain aspartame. How can they explain that rationally? Oh that's right, they don't have to.

  9. I knew about AminoSweet but did not know they were adding to already sweetened products.

    This absolutely confirms it's toxicity. Fluoride, I said years ago, was the biggest scam in the history of eugenics followed by planned parenthood.

    But Aspartame and GMO corn syrup will exceed those numbers in the next decade.

  10. Patrick, do this little test next time you are waiting to check out at the supermarket. Pick up every pack of gum or mint that is not "sugarless" that you can and read the label...aspartame. The only thing there I found that didn't contain it was tic tac.

    Also, a friend of mine at work was making a Thomas' honey wheat english muffin and she said it tasted funny. I asked to see the package. It contained SUCRALOSE which is splenda. They used to label packages that had these artificial sweeteners on the front of the bag and they were ALWAYS diet products. Not anymore. This crap is in everything and unless you can taste it on first bite (which I can) or read every label, you won't even know it's in there WITH sugar as well.

    Right, the only explanation is that they are trying to first make us sick to run to big pharma for drugs and then to kill us off. Does this sound irrational to some? Really? Then YOU rationally explain why they add a sugar substitute to products that already contain sugar !!

  11. After they explain that, get them to explain why sweetners are added to many other foods- like pretzels! Everything isn't supposed to be sweet. They've gone purely crazy. Don't get me started about spaghetti sauce......If I weren't a scratch cook, guess I'd be starving.

  12. I am going to look closer at my labels. I eat organic 80% and limit the number of foods I eat.

    Regular restuarant eaters can expect a 5-10 year loss of their lives. I worked in several in my youth and some were 4 star. It would make you sick to know what goes on in the Fountainbleau in Miami as one example.

    My dates would see shows, concerts, nice hotels and clubs but rarely saw the restuarants. I always cooked for them instead. They thought it was great and so sweet. Little did they suspect my phobia.