Monday, February 8, 2010

The Green Police,

THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME -  I didn't watch the Super Bowl.  Instead, I was listening to the Jason Bermas show.  Someone called in, while the game was still on, with an audio clip of this ad.  How many moronic people watched this disgusting commercial and thought it was funny?  Or worse yet said, Yea! Save the Earth!  ????


  1. I didn't watch it either because it's always fixed.

    But I was told by my spies that the commercials were either selling sex, green scams, GMO fast food, Coca-eCola or doing a futuristic Avatar type brain washing.

    I was reading Israel and missile laden ships to the Persian Gulf have arrived and Saudi forces building for a strike on Iran.,Item,403653927.html

    As I mentioned in the Pipeline Dreams Article, these oil infrastructures are at risk and the Persian Gulf is key strategic location. Yemen was just a FF to initiate the move.

    Also reading about the EMPIRE BUILDING involved with the NBC - COMCAST merger. This in essence will provide the consolidation/control of

    1. Ind Mil Complex (GE)
    2. Programming-Propaganda (NBC)
    3. Distribution - Monopoly Process (COMCAST)

    One more step in the consolidating and monopolizing of all Corporate ownership under the COMMITTEE.

    While the propaganda focuses on Comcast buying 51% of NBC as a merger that couls hurt consumers, they don't see the fact it is the other way around. The COMMITTEE now has the COMCAST distribution in the hands of the administrators.

    Many of the final loose connections are being sealed currently. It's at rapid pace and under stealth operations.

  2. Who played the half-time show?

    That's right, the Who.

    Google who, no capitol letters.

    Who are you? I really wanna know.

    Facebook wants ta know.

    Green police and jack boots hissin by my window, like the waves down on the beach

    The Shape of Things to Come

  3. I've been calling Audi dealerships all day giving them an earful.

    Got on C-SPAN today too. Gave them hell for poo-pooing 9/11.

    the beat goes on.

  4. if6turnedouttobeneinFebruary 8, 2010 at 3:04 PM

    Were you Harold today? Didn't sound like your voice, but the criteria and delivery was a spot on match.

    How's the Super partying in the Quarter going?

    Can't remember if I'd asked you before M, were you in LA in 1971 during The Celebration of Life Fest?

  5. Comcast's purchase is just in time for the shutdown of the internet as we know it. The worldwide web will become increasingly smaller as they drop the net on our freedom to surf to whatever alternative news site we choose. Alex Jones' sites have already been blocked in several countries as have progressive sites such as Think Progress.''

    BTW Patrick, I was wondering about Murtha's sudden death as well. He had a tendency to be outspoken. Could have been the death of him or perhaps it was just his age and complications of gall bladder surgery........hmmmm indeed.

  6. I remember this song Munich. It's true, nothing can change the shape of things to come unless WE stop it. There are a lot of us now screaming NO.

    Check this video out courtesy of We Are Change Colorado.. a constitutional atty refusing to be full body scanned or searched on his way into the courthouse:

  7. Good for you M! What did the audi dealers say about the ad?

  8. There is rumor in circles and corroborated by some I watch that his involvement with National Security was quite deep.

    Whether the Haditha incident, or Iraq invasion and several other contigencies that furthered the illegal invasion and mass murder of Iraqi's and empirical placement of the WOT in the ME, the fact was Pelosi and key Dems were in the loop and failed to do their diligence.

    For the COTO-ites, it's just COMMITTEE business and MENDING FENCES. But for the rest of the people, it's a botched surgery on a senior who was a player in pork.

    I think he was well versed in the CIA/MOSSAD black ops and saw the imaginary Al-qaida in the real sunlight.


  9. Didn't get to speak to many, mostly answering machines. The one women that answered the phone was all cheery though, with a "Hi, we're having a wonderful Audi day!", which I immediately went about ruining for her.

    To her credit she never broke character and continued on her cheery way (must be blond).

    C-SPAN was better, there must have been a half-dozen excellent calls about 9/11. It's going to get harder and harder for them to keep a lid on this and not to eventually have a Steven Jones, David Ray Griffin, Richard Gage or Alex Jones on eventually. Either that or they'll start hard screening callers, or have some other method to stop the truth from butting in.

  10. And... talking about 9/11 as an 'inside job' will lead to a felony in SC.......

    The Faux U.S. Gov ... the U.S. Corp. and its minions is beginning to pull out all of the stops...

    Very bad times a comin'. We will be tested.