Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The Constitution, the money, the pledge, the traditions and freedoms are just illusions anymore. Justice is dead. No effort is being made to disguise the absense further. The NWO clearly rejects Nationalism and Common Law and faith, yet use it liberally when inducing us into war and taking sides or campaigning for enlistment.

Regardless to your views on US customs, it's laws, faith or lack of it, doesn't it really annoy you that they are such hipocrites?


  1. Annoyed,infuriated,depressed,frustrated,de-humanized,alienated,betrayed and just plain POed. Man that mind-control works.But the fat lady has not sung yet.

  2. Not even surprised.
    We're not living in the same world we thought we were in.
    Obviously, things have been progressively changing for many years now. I've always said that we don't really enjoy freedom, just the illusion of freedom. We're as free as the establishment wants us to be but I'll take the illusions we had 45 yrs ago over what we have now any time.
    The elite doesn't care one ioda what we feel or how free we think we are, in fact, they are constantly sending out messages that the party's over and we can kiss their asses.
    NO,, we can't!

  3. Ah yes. They aren't even trying to be sneaky anymore. Today Obama announced there will be cuts in domestic spending where the funding is needed most ..naturally. The defense budget and homeland security, of course, are excluded from the cost cutting. Gotta keep those war fires burnin' and the amerikan slaves in line at all costs.

    Annoyed? I am so outraged and pissed off I can hardly type.

  4. Sadly, there are many people of Idaho who voted for change and change is what they're getting.

    By the way, look at the Chemtrails in the Fox Noise backround.

    I don't know if any of you are keeping track, I know Jersey Girl is, but high in the stratosphere they're building a layer of cloud cover, and we hardly ever see a completely blue skied day.

    Owning the Weather must be an exciting feeling.