Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Let them eat ...


  1. Not many know this, but the 'added animal protein' in all your foods is WORMS!

  2. Nice collage Mr. M

    Wish we could get them on billboards

    Maggots will be a staple in diets. Grubs will be too costly. Only the richest poor will be able to afford.

    At least that's the buuuuzzzzz I hear. Soylent Green is around the corner.

  3. Check out the "grey goo" soon to appear on your plate:

  4. OH, yummy ...

    I swear, I feel that even the good intentioned will one day create a substance that will wipe us out.

    If I were emperor of the world I would pass a decree that there would be no science that could mess with any of God's creations. Study them yes, but to start messing around with DNA, I just can't help but feel that when we do that we're venturing into territory we're not supposed to be into.

    I know there are some good arguments for doing this, preventing birth defects, altering genetically passed on deceases and such, and perhaps there could be limits on what one could do.

    But piss on it, hard to think mankind will ever start to do anything positive and sensible that wouldn't get crushed by his arrogance.

    I watched a film about GM foods the other day, and rats wouldn't eat the GM corn. Many of the animals that ate it got sick almost immediately, and many died.

    But, that's okay, because Monsanto said its okay for human consumption.

    I wonder what the execs at Monsanto eat? Think they eat their own food?

    One can only hope they do.

  5. Good god laudy, that's disgusting. Of course they are already bombarding us with dna altering particles through chemtrailing. Morgellons does indeed exist.

  6. M... great cartoon strip and yea that's where we're headed or actually already are. And no, I do not think Monsanto eats their own crap. They eat only the most pristine organic fruits and veggies. Bet on it.